PAYDAY 2 – Russian Mercenary Voicelines

Aha, this motherfuckers want a war! We’ll give them fucking war! They have a hostage. We have to slow down and start preparing for assault. It’s a boss’s order. They have a hostage! Attention everyone! Slow down! Ready! Even if full trousers piled and piled Come the fuck out of here! Fucking devil in disguise! Cook and one more time! Whoa-whoa hold the horses. Boss wants us to free the captives. We fuck them arrange! Wait! * Scream * *radio* BOSS orders a meat grinder !!! These fuckers masked pay with your life! A assholes decided to play grown-up. Bleed! Noobs! Regroup! Focus! They think we won. Ha! Yes like hell! Yes, lie here and decaying you piece of shit! The boss said leave hostages alive, beware! I will dance in them! On the bones! Boss otymeet us if we fucked up Gather! Go cry to the forum, like a little bitch. Die! I want all of them are dead! Give them hell! Ask pepper them all! Enough to beat yourself, stop beating yourself! I’m on edge, We are preparing for the next round. Damn it, it’s illegal invasion! Yes, cover me now, dammit! * Cry * Shevel pistons asshole! In place and do not try to rypnutsya! And whatever a soul all in the flow! Stay where you are, on your knees, bitch! * Cry * The boss will not tolerate our defeat. It Dozer, all aside! * Cry * Here it is a real pain! they schA regret that snooping here! Himself me here his game addition. 1-1 to the wire. Reporting. Let mommy will change your diaper! *radio* And now will cut down! We found traces of intruders. Heck! They have a hostage! Stop! We need to save the hostages before the attack! We need help, call in reinforcements! Let wash their their blood !!! Help! Here I need help! * Cry * OPEN FIRE! FIRE! URINE these bastards! * Cry * In vain they cornered here! It Dozer! The way! En … your mother … help already! They live the boss nafig do not need! *radio* Show them what’s what! Dorneshsya bitch brains vyshubu fuck! * Cry * Let us show what we can do! Boss ordered to protect these bastards. Smoke bomb, quickly! *laugh* They want more, they now receive! 1-1 in touch. Reporting. RASKHERACHIM THEM! Stand! They arrested someone. Morons! Cover me! We will, prepare to attack. Easy, they have hostages, beware. Seen the enemy forces! * Cry * Wali fuck out of here! Guys! Bulldozer! Stop! Not attack them hostage. Charged and ready to go, where are they ?! Stop! They have a hostage! It’s 1-4, I report. Here bulldozer! To the side! Recharged and back to the position! * Cry * Do you like it as well? LIKE?! There are clear signs of penetration. Say: “Hello, the pain!” Regrouped, ladies! Make sure the gun is ready for battle! Inhale, exhale and new! Wait a minute! They have a hostage! I then need fucking help! Come let go Dozer! We have wounded! Help is needed! 1-1 in touch. Reporting. We gathered together and go! Yes cover the same me, damn you tear up! Well let go Dozer! *radio* Shoot them fuck! SPLIT these cocksucker! Go and hide somewhere, you bastard! Che then finally wait? Let’s move! Yes, I have here 50,000 volts for you! 3rd 1st, reception and reported. *radio* It Dozer, all aside! I feel intruders. I need to cover! Dobey them! Beat them all! Let go the bulldozer! They or we! Bomb here! Yes! I fucking electro-man! * Cry * *radio* Run to a safe place. * Cry * Fire preparedness. * It at all? * * And this? * How do you, asshole ?! Oh, goatskins! No one will take from us! Guts! Ha! This is a war zone! Forward! We’ll show them! Who is the hell are you ?! Smokescreen! * Xs * And here’s a bulldozer! Get ready to attack! Come here, you bastards! Urine reptiles! All! You are in trouble! *radio* Cruz bastards! * Well, what is it? * Regrouping! 3rd 1st and reported. Come stand, asshole! I see the enemy! *WELL???* It seems to us to complain. I see clear signs of penetration. * Take it away * * Cry * Aim! FIRE! Gathered rags! Shoot to kill! The positions! I can do this all day! Let’s kill them to hell! Here traces of aliens. Cover me! 1-4 report. *radio* Let burn in hell! Cover me! Open a smokescreen! I see one of the asshole! And now march in the shelter. Report 1-4. Fuck! Op-op-op! Pass the buck! Come on, dumped! Ass in his hands and let’s go! I 2nd, reporting to the 1st. Ask them to heat! It was nice. 2nd 1st. Reception. Well still, freak! * Xs * I see them! Come on, guys! Nobody will leave! Yes, e-my! Come on! Wali them! We need reinforcements! Preparing for a new attack! Get out, sucker! I hope that did not hurt. *WHAT IS IT* Tayzer goes, outsiders. Do not move! Open a smokescreen! 2nd 1st and reported. Come on, get up! * Cry * Wait, Get out of here! Take positions. Check weapon. *radio* What the fuck ?! Move over! Elite tayzer goes. Direct contact! Attack! I am a third reporting to the 1st. Tayzer here! Get out of my way! Finish them off! Davie them! Well go here! Throws them dymovuhu! Grouped. And here’s a bulldozer! Bring down from here! I see one of them, let’s go! Fire, fire! Open fire on the criminal! Found breaking! For me, one by one. Keep them at gunpoint. Destroy them! Let otsosut with us! I see one of them! Come on, let’s more! Here someone else’s. Smokescreen. Get ready! Their urine! Hmm … Wiggle rolls! Opa! I see them! Take positions! *moan* I feel intruders. I do not forget me, eh? They are here! Next! *moan* Don `t move! *moan* Do not move! Take positions! Contact! Starts dymovuhu! Well it may shake! Come on, move! I charge! Come out. Ready! Smoke! Do not move! Get Fit! BLYAYAYAT! For me, one by one! Open fire on purpose! Do not move! Em… Hmm … Stop! * Cry * *moan* For help! Move! There was a stranger … *moan* Ready to jam! Fuck! Contact! Now go. Here they are! Stand! There is one! Cover me! *moan* * Cry * Regrouping! Stop! The enemy is near. Get ready! Stop! Come dismiss! Forward! Be moved. Do not move! Cover! Farther! I see the enemy! * Cry * Right now, fucking! Heck. Freeze! *moan* Tayzer! Forward! Hmm? Ready! I see the goal! Charge! * Cry * Stop! Hmm … Ready! * Cry * Stand! Hmm? Enemy! Smoke! Stop! Freeze! * Message * confirmed Ready! * Message * confirmed OU! * Next do know * Subtitles by TheSuperAlexOne

100 comments on “PAYDAY 2 – Russian Mercenary Voicelines”

  1. Auditore Axel says:

    When we are about to finish Murky Station, and the host looses connection 1:41

  2. Pegasus Osprey says:

    Are these actual Russian?

  3. Muted Gavo says:

    how to remember what the Russian Tazers look like, think Payday The Heist

  4. Krebs Fish says:

    what i heard : cyka blyat idi nahui

    ok that's racist

    ps. what's wrong with screaming guy? is he a cloaker that can't afford wululu noise device?

  5. Orangutango says:

    Oh my bloody god, the screams.

  6. The-Fiz-Alt says:

    I see what 3 of the specials are….but what special is the one with the black clothing and red stripes suppose to be?

  7. ricardo martinez says:

    Someone please do a translation please

  8. Master Prime says:

    почему клокер так истерит

  9. Neuro says:

    Да там 90% матов было бы

  10. Savoy says:

    10/10 i understand nothing

  11. Jinxed Joker says:

    cyka blyat

  12. Flávio Santos says:

    No cyka blyat, no true russian

  13. Cyppi says:

    Well now sokol can kill his own country's police….

  14. ThatGuyEvan223 says:

    what is the muffled radio voice meant to be for?

  15. Aries says:

    rush b p90 blyat

  16. A Peep says:


  17. Nicezombie24 says:


  18. Sodah says:

    oi blin

  19. droideka 1 says:

    The only thing I can't understand is that they are mercs but they still have tasers…wtf

  20. Drunkle Bodhi says:

    I imagine if payday 2 had overkill 145+, it would switch these guys out for the spetsnaz.

  21. Nicezombie24 says:


  22. Matvey Surov says:


  23. Hik H .d says:

    мой радной язык я руссский

  24. popcornelius 317 says:

    cyka blyat vodka idi nahuy putinn

  25. _Synt3rax_ : says:

    hope they ad the ak 47 in the game

  26. MagicalMuffinFarts says:


  27. Zeffs1k says:

    Ебать этоже бандосы из сталкера мать вашу 10/10

  28. bentherman 1 says:

    wow these are well made

  29. Freezing Jazzy says:


  30. ScrungoBoyè says:

    (cyka orgasm)

  31. kyxhk says:

    Do I see a slav cloaker?

  32. WoRKSde says:

    я русский…

  33. Eric Oon says:

    WTF is he talking

  34. M Apri Putra Kurniawan says:

    whos talking at 0:41 the dozer or the cloaker?

  35. Blaster Gaming says:

    me at cod 3:34

  36. volatil3 says:

    God these deep ruskies voice reminds me of S.T.A.L.K.E.R Im getting chills….

  37. Riku says:

    of course one of the mercenaries squat in the image

  38. Alex Rogalski says:

    Never noticed the squatting cloaker

  39. SneakyB4st3rd says:

    Slavic Cloaker missing that bottle of questionable liquid, adidas tracksuit and smoke. the squat is a solid 8/10 though.

  40. Bossikorn says:

    really love russian taser

  41. IgorUseProϟϟ says:

    Аааа, я маслину поймал!

  42. I like Mipha says:

    I'm Polish but shit slav language is hard now I get when i try to tell something in polskim języku to nikt nie rozumie
    Ok I got the Zadajcie im wpierca Zadajcie im wpierdol
    Pokazecie im gdzie raki zimujot Pokażcie im gdzie raki zimują
    Boss kazal ochraniajcie Szef kazał ochraniać (Rest illegible)
    Rozkierwiać ich Rozkurwić ich

  43. yan kesler says:

    Im Russian and when i hear these lines, i just cringe so fucking much holy shit.

  44. DavidsGamesOfficial says:

    cyka blyat

  45. your fucked up punk next door says:

    were my slavs at

  46. L P says:

    Slav squat cloaker looking blyat.

  47. sHoX says:

    Boris would be proud of slav cloaker.

  48. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ says:

    Ahh blyat

  49. Михаил Мальков says:

    Stealth voicelines? Жду новые ограбления с русскими наёмниками!

  50. blazingflames32 says:

    get out of here stalker

  51. Jedi Knight says:

    The cloaker is squatting.


  52. Lauri Kivinen says:

    They missed a great opportunity by not giving cloaker an adidas tracksuit

  53. v3y10r says:

    Клокер – гопник, лол

  54. Horby Weapons Go says:

    Where was this?

  55. Seth says:

    The cloaker is my soul mate

  56. Mr.Dmitri says:

    So slav my water turned into vodka

  57. Tayo says:

    The Cloaker has like the best…

  58. ecksdee ' says:

    masleena included?

  59. drunk birb says:

    ok why is there screams fucking every 10 seconds xd

  60. Tomás Rubilar says:


  61. Inc0rrupt says:

    hey look, its tachanka

  62. Scary Spaghetti says:

    are these in the actual game?

  63. AJ Florentino says:

    Cheeki Breeki Iv Damke

  64. SilentTripmine says:

    I undertstood all because i speak russian and understand but i cant read russian

  65. Алексей Говоедов says:

    A tepyer poplach' na forume kak malen'kaya suchka!

  66. Spaghettoni Carbonari says:

    0:34 autistic screeching

  67. Gillian Daemon says:

    Guy with body armor walks in to stealth set up.

  68. eXeK says:

    the only thing I understood was burning scream

  69. BERRY Redux says:

    but wait m8
    if normal cloaker goes WULULULULULULULU
    then what goes the russian one?

  70. N C says:

    i dont understand,but i see they look more badass than the swats

  71. Random Bandit says:

    I've heard theses voice lines well the ones with out speakers. In stalker

  72. MonarchistAnglo says:

    0/10 No cyka blyat

  73. Leone Abbacchio says:

    their armor are made from stalinium

  74. Onion Ocelot says:

    So where is my Cheeki Breeki

  75. Federations of Lohs says:

    cloaker and bulldozer quotes are just Russian versions of the original y tho?

    also tazer is a bit weird

  76. DivingHawker says:

    Can you post Houston's voice lines?

  77. Никита Козанцев says:

    У них либо клокер ебанутый либо говарить не умеет и только орет .

  78. Торс Бельведерский says:

    Respect+ for Overkill for best russian voicelines, without fucking nuts. Why game devs can't take russian voice actors and make good russian textures with letters. That was fun and stuped when I saw on rocket (Трава огнетушитель) "grass firefighter". Damn I hate stuped game devs when they can't take normal russian word, sentenses and voicelines.

  79. Delontae Rich says:


  80. Acebeariously says:

    rush b?

  81. YO YEH says:


  82. jurkos4 says:

    1:41 O_o

  83. Pyro [TF2] says:

    insert soviet music

  84. BLADE RaveN says:

    Cyka Blyat

  85. HolyAarom says:


  86. The Super Alex One says:

    0:42 моя любимая фраза (БОСС ЗАКАЗЫВАЛ МЯСОРУБКУУУ)

  87. The Super Alex One says:

    hey lolnoobwut1 rus subs ready

  88. Sam Wu says:

    The russian cloaker's charging sound effect should be "Annnnnnnu cheeki breeki!"

  89. The Super Alex One says:

    I think i created eng subs lolnoobwut1. Check subs.

  90. the Lewd Pone says:

    Go cry to the from, like a bitch

  91. Corpus Crispy says:

    6:00 7u7

  92. Rhodanide says:

    The Russian cloaker sounds more like Michael P than an elite soldier.

  93. Reggix says:

    Самая лучшая озвучка 4ever.

  94. mlggolisopod z says:

    0/10 cloaker does not have vodka bottle as melee

  95. ian derrick says:

    click the closed caption button for translation

  96. Ptichque says:

    U R I N E R E P T I L E S

  97. Sumo says:


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