Payday 2-Sangres’ First World Bank Speech

Hey, this is a robbery, but listen up amigos
we don’t want to hurt you if we don’t have to we want the bank’s
money not your money, huh Your money is insured by the gringo government so you won’t lose a peso Think of your families and don’t try anything stupid, okay? You stay down and be quiet and we’ll be out of here soon and you can all go home Comprendes?

7 comments on “Payday 2-Sangres’ First World Bank Speech”

  1. Vujilante says:

    ¨You don´t lose a peso¨.

  2. Ganygames 18893 says:

    If i hear this while i'm being robbed , i would laugh.

  3. Pink Pulverizer says:

    Now I wanna set Sangres as one of my preferred characters as soon as I buy this game.

  4. Tony the Tiger says:

    "Gringo Government"

  5. Buzielo says:

    Heey, this is a robbery

  6. Wolf043 says:

    Your money is ensured by the clocks ticking, people

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