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  1. Hoxtilicious says:

    There are gonna be a few (maybe like 5-15~ short-ish) voice lines which are not Sangres' in the video, blame the lack of hashlist. These lines will probably be things like Bain saying Sangres is in custody and the other heisters calling Sangres. Other that the rest of the lines are Sangres.

    Next time, I'll wait for the temp/community hashlist to be updated and then start making the video.

  2. beto3645 says:

    se supone que sangres es de el norte y se expresa como del centro :v

  3. Christian Newaye says:

    Hey Jacket ! Weirdo!

    That makes me laughs

  4. Bruno Morsucci says:

    C mamo

  5. Dis guy says:

    Here you go a little sangres fact
    His mask is a tribute to the day of the dead
    Mexican shit

  6. Sier Ignited says:

    un mexicano? xdxdxd

  7. Satan is a computer says:

    A huevo

  8. Hugo Montenegro says:

    Hola wey

  9. LAUN GPS says:

    No mames cabron

  10. Olga Baranowska says:

    Dangres is the best:)

  11. N C says:

    when does he say "pinche murkywwater" ?

  12. unfamousgamer 566170 says:

    I'm Mexican and I understand everything

  13. El Catrin C says:

    no lo e visto, pero siento en mi corazoncito latino que va a decir un " que pedo carbones "

  14. extermineitor74 says:

    Dame rep gratis

  15. BD_ DarkHyper says:

    Hola wey soy mexicano jaja

  16. LambInTheDark says:


  17. facumarti 2014 says:

    Jaja castigo 44

  18. Cyberryzer says:

    Why does he remind me of 'Galio' from 'NFSPB'

  19. 500 Subscribers with no videos says:

    Mi favorito personaje

  20. Patrícia Vampyre says:


  21. Tavish DeGroot says:

    17:13 "C'MON, MATE!".

  22. roy kennedy says:

    I can't wait to see jackets quotes referring to mister Sangres (By that I mean the safe house lines specifically as there pretty accurate or just interesting)

  23. Hatty Gops says:

    Cuidado we guard xDD

  24. Hadashiun Lewis says:

    Out of all of the characters, I really can't take Sangres that seriously most of the time! XD

  25. Irving Alexis Mercado Barranco says:

    Fuck is so racist this but sangres is My favorite character because im mexican

  26. Sarcastic slob says:

    "Het, lets open the Door"
    "GREAT JOB"…

    Didnt know he can loose his accent randomly 😉

  27. Unravel -S says:

    Jajaj todos vinimos por el 29:35

  28. Nahuel says:


  29. Virgo Maquiavelico says:

    I want now a heister from south america, like Argentina, chile, peru, etc.

  30. Virgo Maquiavelico says:


  31. Pandita19 says:

    6:17 chupacabras xd

  32. Cosfloud Leighton says:

    Americans and Mexicans frienemy
    Americanos y Mexicanos amienemigos

  33. Pandita19 says:

    20:36 virgencita xdd

  34. Lucoa says:

    "YOU HAVE HANDCUFFS? USE THEM!" ~ I love this line

  35. Casey Jones says:

    Me personaje faborito!!!!

  36. DarkRay XYZ says:

    mexican payday2 players will use this character forever XD

  37. LTShokol says:

    I feel ofended but is funny at the same time

  38. Senzu says:


    Down the stairs

  39. [BRK] Draco Solim says:

    y los tamales donde estan :v

  40. Jango Fett says:

    I suggested a Mexican once.. NICE

  41. KingOfWar TM says:

    is so funny

  42. ellis jhon says:

    1:51 Hijo de la chingada

  43. Jose Crack says:

    Arribaaa mexicoo chingada madre :VV:

  44. TheTrollzor51 says:

    How I Love My Mexican Songs to Start 6:37 to 6:41

  45. name andrei says:

    Guys can you say what is he saying in Mexican language?

  46. hbok, directos y gameplay says:

    A Taser chingados

  47. el duki foreva says:

    Ayyy carajo

  48. el duki foreva says:

    Bye bye cloaker

  49. el duki foreva says:

    Arriba México cabrooon

  50. el duki foreva says:

    Madre de Dios look at that

  51. el duki foreva says:

    Lets go putos

  52. el duki foreva says:

    Move your ass weyes

  53. el duki foreva says:

    Lets go to work

  54. el duki foreva says:

    Pedaso de mierda

  55. el duki foreva says:

    Run correle pendejo

  56. el duki foreva says:

    Uhhhuuuu mierdaaaaa

  57. el duki foreva says:

    We are devils amigooos

  58. el duki foreva says:

    Give a apple

  59. Dr. Bedlam says:

    zannnin na Oyabun

  60. TheTrollzor51 says:

    7:13 is actual facts I've been to mexico

  61. José Miguel Tinoco García says:


  62. VladimirPootis POW :3 says:

    11:13 Vamos, pistoleros.

  63. Mister Black :3 says:

    1:38 hola wey xD

  64. ElDorito YT says:

    1:38 ola wei :v

  65. Federico Agüero says:

    when he say this 0:28

  66. Brotherhood Star Paladin says:


  67. Brotherhood Star Paladin says:

    10:51 Eyy clover no one can stop us!, they tried but they died!

  68. cricksp :D says:

    i love this character because im mexican

  69. Lord SaltSpreader says:

    Hey Jacket ! Weirdo!

  70. mente insana says:

    1:37 okay this part is so funny

  71. Yupleandrito says:

    A peso

  72. Yokko Kurama13 says:

    Valio madres el Bulldozer

  73. Vanessa Lugo says:


  74. Salvador Eduardo Ortiz zavala says:

    6:37 grito mexicano!!

  75. Sebaster111 says:

    Ya espero u. Personaje chileno djdbrnfjebbed

  76. Salvador Eduardo Ortiz zavala says:

    0:15 siempre dice eso en las misiones sigilo🤣

  77. Pablo Avila Reyna says:

    I am Mexican, the payday I always liked but when I heard the blood character pack I was a bit stereotyped the echo of how they did to the character bloods but watching the final version, this one of eggs:v

  78. Ansatsu23 says:

    It's Speedy Gonzales with a mustache and guns

  79. Dis guy says:

    "I should get a new TV"

    Sangres is not focusing

  80. Jorge Ferreyra says:

    Alguien mas cree que seria interesante un personaje argentino en payday??

  81. Kevin Barrera says:


  82. YoungXBardock - says:

    Why he speaking spanglish

  83. Skelter; Alter Baron says:

    Something about Sangres trying to imitate the cloaker noise is stupidly funny

  84. lleguemos a 100.000 subs sin subir videos says:

    chingate sniper
    look at this cabron
    In mexico wecall it chingado
    The drill is working we need to fix it

  85. percy says:

    12:44 lol XD

  86. Dr.Archipielago says:

    dice cabron y vale madres ES un mexicano de verdad

    PD: yo pense que decia "valio verga bulldozer" xddd

  87. El canal de Rodolfo Mandarinas says:

    cuandohablas español y al a vez español :v

  88. DAFIN DACK says:

    Nobody :
    Sangres: TeQuIlA

  89. nombre gracioso says:

    The style mexicano is the best hijos de la chingada

  90. some sort of youtuber says:

    5:53 YIRRO

  91. Orlando vargas YT says:

    The Best Character for me, Because I'm Mexican

  92. samuel escobar says:

    Córrele pendejo

  93. El Desconocido says:

    8:08 entendí la referencia a la invacion de Pancho Villa

  94. Luis Castañeda says:

    I love how he says manos arriba!

  95. Cyclops says:

    Omg he reminds me of that Mexican guy from GTA San! I forgot his name but you would play missions with him

  96. NotPela says:

    Pinche pendejo i want the money on my bolsa

  97. тripιcαl cιтιzeɴ [] says:

    Trump rage lol

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