Payday 2 – Stone Cold 2017 (Green Bridge)

Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund

79 comments on “Payday 2 – Stone Cold 2017 (Green Bridge)”

  1. AxelNeedsAMedicBag says:

    First co…

    Shut the fuck up! No one cares!

  2. Zoran Lazarević says:

    "Oh yes, you bet your ass I added a picture of younger-creepy looking Viklund into the video. Now he can stare into your soul as you listen to his awesomeness."

    xDDDDD good job Hox :p

  3. Hoxtilicious says:

    You should turn on annotations to um….. 'enhance' your experience…

  4. NoFlu says:

    Can't wait for Code Silver 2017 after this masterpiece….

  5. Nicezombie24 says:

    Oh yes daddy

  6. Salem says:

    Again I'd prefer remasters (like those control parts for Stone Cold and Double Cross, or Crime Wave) rather than remixes, assault part doesn't fit Green Bridge imo. At least there are drums.

    As a standalone track, it's perfect though. Some parts almost sound like HM.

  7. Hoxtilicious says:

    Stealth – Do I even have to tell you when stealth starts? Jesus christ…
    Stealth (Part 2) – 1:54
    Control – 2:59
    Anticipation – 3:13
    Assault (Intro) – 3:56
    Assault – 3:59

    Assault Loop:

  8. Omega Gaming says:

    sweet babyJesus. besides Gun Metal Grey THIS is the only other good remix

  9. Jack Sparrow says:

    Simon's legacy of remastering the old songs are his best work of today.

  10. yun215886 says:

    miss those intense drums.
    but not bad

  11. yun215886 says:

    "There is a robbery in progress!"

  12. The Dublin Banshee says:

    "Stone co-ooold, and I thought I knew you so well. Stone coooo-o-o-old. Can't break away from your spell! You put me in the deep freeze, oh baby don't you leave me-e…"

  13. heck says:

    Perfectly fine as a stand alone song, but i prefer the original version better.
    like with double cross, it just doesn't feel right without the crashing drums and hard bassline. doesn't pump me up as much.

  14. Nauotit says:


  15. M_Adhan_W says:


  16. DarthVaderReviews says:

    How dare you say that our saviour Lord Viklund looks… Creepy? For this blasphemy, you will be flayed a thousand times and forced to play Goat Simulator with the Burglar deck, heretic!

  17. CrystalComet says:

    Just was looking for this song and then found this in my sub box

  18. Linky Dinky says:

    God why is Viklund so awesome?

  19. Matty says:

    thank you for freeing me this time

  20. Heiwa Nagashima says:

    minions cosplay dlc $4,99

  21. xweert711 says:

    I did NOT expect this remake to be THIS FUCKING BRUTAL.

  22. ThatGuyEvan223 says:

    This absolutely has to be one of my favorite songs in the game

  23. RedTheYiffer Furry Filth & misc stuff says:

    the fun thing is that finding kento himself will be a paid dlc

  24. Mateo Thatcher says:


  25. kakugo wa ii says:

    What the hell is this remix?

    Seriously, it just sounds like unorganized noises and bass distortion. This is horrible to listen to.

    Wow, I am incredibly disappointed with Simon on this one, especially because Green Bridge was my FAVORITE heist from the first game. This is just bad, I'm gonna pass.

  26. Bovin Lee Phann says:

    The original Stone Cold was too boring and bland, so this is nice

  27. Simon Lifer says:

    Good Morning to all of you. Now my morning is better after listening to that c:

  28. B3AR ! says:

    Exellent… OMG its a so great remaster !

  29. EvilBobarino says:

    god tier annotations

  30. Marshmallow Tophat says:

    Haven't played the heist yet but from what I hear the part on 1:54 is actually Control, while 2:59 is Control intro.

  31. Lucas Ortega says:

    I loved the original Stone Cold, and I like how this remix turned out too, 'cause it fits Payday 2

  32. Undead Unicorn says:

    I see a lot of complaining but I quite like this remix.

  33. MedievalSock says:

    Am I seriously the only one who doesn't despise this? It's better than the last remix at least

  34. Future Engineer says:

    fuking yeah

  35. suspect1000 ? says:

    sounds kinda like drum and bass like it tho better than the original

  36. isodoublet says:

    Its shit

  37. B3AR ! says:

    I can't stop to listen it…
    😞 help me…

  38. Isaac says:

    Hmm the new ones sound slick.

  39. B3AR ! says:

    4 Dozer dislike this video

  40. Kenta says:

    The origina lwas way better to be honest. I like real instrumetns way more than these computer sounds

  41. Dennis Latic says:

    oh no when the beat dropped i had a song-gasm

  42. mun mun says:

    breach of security, get out of here
    you aren't going to be remade for another 5 months

  43. Grey Torch says:

    Rave Bridge

  44. Oraneo Watch says:

    Shit gets real at 4:00

  45. JasDavINK says:

    Hmmm. So Payday 2 now has
    First World Bank
    Panic Room
    Heat Street
    Green Bridge.
    And the only thing that's left is…. HOLY SHIT! No Mercy!.
    If they add no mercy, buying Payday 2 is like buying PDTH because of all the PDTH heists present

  46. TheL4D2Player2 says:

    I myself think that this sounds better in the actual heist, not on YT listening to it. On YT, it sounds pretty much like the release tracks. But on a heist, you are too busy trying to be alive and this just pumps more adrenaline in your body, doesn't it?

  47. 1v02P_6 says:

    bain is like "dont kill civs cost moneh" but then blows up A FUCKING BRIDGE YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITE PEOPLE WERE ON THAT BRIDGE

  48. TomAltonator says:

    Words cannot describe how many times i came to this song

  49. NateDog says:

    No Mercy. Code Silver. Everyone's anticipating.

  50. Kakio says:


  51. Kakio says:

    3:12 OW SHIT

  52. 기모띠 says:


  53. William says:

    2:06 = 2:14 kinda sounds like something from a batmanmovie

  54. HDeDeDe says:

    The vid just doubled in length right before my eyes, and now I can't scroll to the doubled part.

  55. Furious Finch says:

    For all Bain's talk of not killing civilians, we just committed an act of terrorism.

    There's a fair bet that a lot of people aren't going home to their families after Green Bridge.

  56. B3AR ! says:

    That make 1 month…

  57. slurpslurp says:


  58. airnith says:

    I was listening to this while out skating and just as the assault section started a police siren down the street started O.o

  59. Pants Halo says:


  60. Natra Exa says:

    4:15 Hardwell edit

  61. Piano Reeves says:

    501th like pls kiss me someone

  62. TENDO says:

    In my opinion, this remix of "Stone Cold" on the quiet part is simply incomparable, but here's the assault … Kill me. Where are those drums for which we loved in "Stone Cold"?? …

  63. Peter Griffin From Family Man says:

    Idk but imo the original Stone Cold was not really good
    I like this remix slightly more tbh

  64. Lucky Viper says:

    """"""NEW HEIST""""""""""

  65. Metsu 962 says:

    Reasons to play Payday 2
    1. The kick ass music
    2. See rule #1

    I give a huge credit to the artist for creating the song, but I should also give credit to the game mechanic of playing perfect parts of the song that match the current gameplay. F***ing' well done.

  66. sam scholey says:

    SMASH Dudu Dudu Dudu… oh sorry wrong stone cold

  67. HolyAarom says:

    I don't know what it is or how to describe it but those split second "pauses" during the assault really get me good.

  68. Road to Zion says:

    Praise our lord and saviour Simon Viklund

  69. Rudy Grzyb 2: Wrong Number says:

    Such a high quality anti-theft watermark…

  70. Seedaron says:

    This remake of this song is really good and fits great with payday 2 but I can see why people hate or dislike it compared to the og version. The first one was really hard hitting but the remake is pretty brutal too so there is no real winner or loser here I guess

  71. SmeefMemes says:

    Turn on captions and skip to 5:12

  72. Sokul krasnyachukov says:

    This can pass as gopnik hardbass

  73. 스드타실뉴 says:

    "Please our lord and saviour Simon Viklund"

  74. TheJaster says:

    Guys! The thermal saw!

  75. Majd Kamosh says:

    5:40 is that a cowbell?

  76. FateHasArrived YT says:

    3:56 When my brother starts playing fortnite on the PS4

    /// FORTNITE ASSAULT IN PROGRESS 💀💀💀💀💀💀/// You see it’s funny because these skulls Mark how much people he killed in fortnite, personally I think it’s funny

  77. Nonstoppugly says:

    nothing to see here folks just a clown with a rain jacket carrying a double barrel shotgun in my pants

  78. woohoo2491 says:

    "oh yeah, kento"

    -overkill, 2019

  79. Sz1kЯ/- says:

    Monday morning when you got 5 sec to get in your job.

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