Payday 2: Super low graphics Mods (Holiday Special)

Isn’t the holidays the best time of the
year? You get to take some time off with your family
and proceed to take part in heists as you massacre law enforcement… wait what? Welcome to a special holiday theme episode
of the LowSpecGamer. You want to play Payday 2 and enjoy some holiday
themed missions with your friends but you have been naughty and there is no new computer
waiting for you under the Christmas tree. Not to worry! Here are some easy to install mods, to get
you gaming. First we are going to use some assets mods. These are officially supported and very easy
to install. To install asset mods you need to navigate
to your pay day 2 installation directory, for steam this is located at Program Files,
Steam, Steamapps, Common, PayDay 2, go inside the assets folder and create a folder called
mod_overrides. Inside you can place the folders for each
mod. Once you open your game you can verify the
mod was installed by going to options, mods and you can even see if the mods you are using
have conflicting files with other mods you have installed using the same method. To remove a mod simply delete its folder from
mod overrides. Simple. The files for all the mods I am about to talk
about will be in the description. We are going to start with LemonCat’s Macro. This set of mods will reduce the resolution
of many, many things. For examples, faces are already blurry on
lower textures but this mod takes that to the next level. You will notice important differences on the
detail of most scenes, as well as dramatic reductions in the details of trees, grass
and many other elements. There are several folders on this mod, each
for one thing modified and you can mix and match and only reduce what you want. Then we have have another LemonCat mod, this
one is for reducing the resolution of smoke effects to the minimum, which you will notice
as the smoke being more cubic, less detailed and better for performance. Now, the next 2 mods require another
tool to be installed. In the description you will find a link for
the BLT tool, which you can simply install by copying the extracted files, a folder and
a dll into the Payday 2 installation folder. The BLT tool self updates, so it is a good
idea that you open your Payday 2 to see if the tool requires an update. If everything is properly installed you will
see a LUA mods options in the game. Once that is done you can install LUA mods
by placing the appropriate folder in the main mods folder and you can enable and disable
each mod in the options of the game. The next mod is called Low Violence. Simply put, this mod disables blood and makes
the bodies of enemies disappear as soon as they die, so the game has less decals to render
and less bodies to manage. Finally we have this no postprocessing mod
that removes several post processing effects to increase performance with surprisingly
little graphical issues. You can combine pieces of these mods to try
and get the best-experience possible. Let’s have some jolly Christmas fun. Well, this is a game that I would fully recommend
for an Intel HD computer, as you can see, with some tenacity and patience, it can be
quite playable. A little good, a little bad and a lot of violence. So, we are releasing “Low End Santa” and
then hitting him constantly to get some information of where the presents are at, because you
know, this is how we communicate in this world. Violence! Just kick the crap out of Santa and that’s
how we get presents, that’s exactly how it works, right? That’s tradition. Pear! Oh that’s fantastic, can I steal iPhones? I can totally steal iPhones Health is back up, the kit is down and we
just keep shooting. Just keep shooting at everything and- OH SHIT! That’s a lot of police men. So beautiful, ok, so this is the graphics
police, they look like Mud-men with low end textures and they disappear when they die,
isn’t that marvelous? Why did that take so l- OH SHIT! Out! Back! Back you monsters- shit. I think they’re all dead. Did I-? Oh shit! And we’re supposed to hit Santa again. In the middle of all this- Woah! Madness. I love how this game keeps giving you objectives,
like, peacefully, like “hack the pad”, “steal the jewels”. “Do all those things while, you know, a
hundred thousand police men keeps shooting at you simultaneously. Woah! Merry Christmas, motherfuckers! Say hello to my little friend! This game is so-so… I know this is supposed to be arcade-y but
the juxtaposition of realistic guns… well, as realistic as as it can get. With all this craziness happening around us,
makes for such a strange juxtaposition, how am I even talking about this when I’m getting
shot at everywhere, we all keep dying. This is insanity, I’m getting PTSD just
watching at this, the screen moves so much, there are so many bullets, so many explosions,
I don’t even know what’s going on. So in true fashion, for those who don’t
know this mission, you have to hit Santa to know where he hid the things that you need
to steal, and then you need to blow up the roof, put it all under the tree and fly – tree
and everything- to escape with all your loot. It’s a Christmas adventure, right? It’s all about giving to others and stealing
for yourself, oh shit! Oh shit! It’s like “death”, “death”, everywhere,
everywhere you turn there’s death, there’s nothing but death. Now we need to attach frames to this- ohhh…. Fuck, so many enemies! Ok. Ohhh, shit, shit, shit, shit, this is getting
worse by the second. Oh my god this is so insane! I don’t even know how I’m even supposed
to survive this. And we’re flying out with the tree! And it seems our mission might be over. Oh, I died but at least I died in the escape
zone. Yep, I died in the escape zone, that’s literally
the best place to die. Well, that worked, alright! Merry Christmas everybody. Whoever you are and no matter if you celebrate
the holidays or not, I am glad you are watching and I hope you have a good night. See you soon. Special Thank You to the Patreons, I hope
you all guys are having a good Christmas.

100 comments on “Payday 2: Super low graphics Mods (Holiday Special)”

  1. Khanh Phan says:

    Lemoncat macro pack currently has a crashing issue on some heist so you need to remove the cubemap folder.

  2. FloodedDragon69 says:

    I cant play payday 2 anymore

  3. MaI/O says:

    WTF i hate cunts

  4. Igor Strach says:

    is this working on intel inside ?

  5. KoolGuardrailBoy says:

    you're probably the only person that i know that uses Chicago Typewriter… It's like the worst weapon in the game

  6. Reschko says:

    My issue is that i cant get above 30 fps no matter what settings im at. Vsync is disabled and the fps limiter is at 90.

  7. Alexnoao says:

    Because when I download blt and paste these files in the game because it does not open?

  8. sUiSaD says:

    low=10 fps low end=16 fps 😐

  9. Pootrick says:

    For some reason the mods folder hasn't appeared. The BLT mod works perfectly but the mods folder isn't there for me when I look in options.

  10. Lizard Hazard says:

    disabling the smoke is a life hax

  11. * br0ken * says:

    is there anyway to make it lower? i still got 20-30 fps

  12. blazing says:

    blt tool not working my game wont open

  13. Ghost Rider says:

    Why don't you look down the sights?

  14. dziecko z jutube says: ultimate guide 😀

  15. radEmma says:

    just saying, its not L U A its lua.

    its pronounced as a word.

  16. Nathan says:

    I get 30 fps just fine but after about 15 minutes of gameplay it drops to 10-15 fps, after about another 10 minutes or so it goes back up to 30. Is there anything I can do to fix it? It happens in any game regardless of intensity

  17. LinkChapatin says:

    Do left 4 dead 2 please :'v

  18. sueperben says:

    but if the bodies vanish how are you gonna answer pagers

  19. Victordanie says:

    How did your pc handle the rendering of the snowflakes of the intro??

  20. PixelMert TR says:

    My Game Doesnt Opened Now Thanks….
    R.I.P My Moneys For This Game

  21. Bruno Antunes says:

    If u want get a boost fps: use this

    If u want get a really really boost fps: buy a NASA PC, No lag

  22. Teodor Brkovic Gajin says:

    I dont see the LUA mods option in the game… HEEELP
    And allso my textures arent as blurry as yours are at the start menu screen, I can see my characters mask clearly!!!! HEEELP MEEE

  23. Bob Page says:


  24. RamaLeu says:

    so it makes bodies dissapear? how da fuk do we do stealth then?

  25. Ardon says:

    We just beat the crap out of santa until he tells us where are the presents…this is the only way to comunicate 3:33

  26. sqin rider says:

    mod #3 when you're playin in stealth for example bodies will disappear when u killed em?, and that will make it much harder

  27. Guilherme Gentini says:

    Please, help! My PAYDAY2 starts, and close! please

  28. JasonixHadMyRadness FirnalFire says:

    wtf i downloaded BLT and when i went in game it dosent fucking show the update

  29. JasonixHadMyRadness FirnalFire says:

    also , when i opened payday 2 it dosent open when i downloaded BLT

  30. Jonny Williams says:

    clover changes to houston


  31. Jon Aviv Cloydd Gamundoy says:

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  32. Mayonaise Boy says:

    thx went for 30 to 70 🙂

  33. Marko Milojković says:

    So i got a new pc, installed payday 2 on it, and some macro mod stuff is still in the game, and theres no folder for it, no mods in options in payday 2, no trace of it being in the payday 2 foldeir at all, someone help

  34. Golden Thumbs says:

    It's pronounced like "loo-ah" BTW. Not L.U.A.

  35. Chiken says:

    How can i fix the instant crash in the demo version?

  36. Nerkec says:

    What about Payday the Heist?

  37. Music From Games says:

    BLT mods don't work for me. The link in the description is outdated, I looked around and found the newest BLT, but when I try to install it it doesn't want to put the .dll file into the payday2 folder. It asks for permission from the administrator. I try installing it on the administrator profile it still asks for permission. But I can install the old, outdated one no problem, but it doesn't work. Somebody help?

  38. ReJoiningHottako says:

    Sincerely, LowSpecGamer is a terrible Payday 2 player

  39. DJ Soru says:

    >censors own swears
    >lets Bonnie drop an f bomb

    some consistency please?

  40. TotalSiction says:

    just wanna point this out i used your config from the outdated video and it crashes my game

  41. Valter Bianchi says:

    Just one question : can you do stealth with the low violence mod? you know,answering pagers,dead bodys…

  42. Lorenzo Vaticano says:

    I love you, finally i can play payday2 at 60 fps. <3

  43. Filthy Slytherin says:

    the no violence mod might mess up solo stealth. Its not like almost every payday player does it.(if your a dumbass, and can't tell when people are being sarcastic, IM BEING SARCASTIC)

  44. Helpless Doggo says:

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  45. Helpless Doggo says:

    this is so bullshit

  46. Lone Cyclist says:

    BLT tool didn't work for me after I copy paste it and launch the game no updates or whatsoever appeared on the menu

  47. Bulldozer says:

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  48. Miclea Mihai : Miță says:

    League Of Legends pls !

  49. Adam Elash says:

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  50. Pes And Fifa Lovers says:

    Can intel celeron with chipset work

  51. RyukoPlays says:

    thx! with help from your vids i got from 30fps to 60fps 😀

  52. Lord Sheffield says:

    I can't find the mods tab in options, please help.

  53. Nhan Dang says:

    I did created the 'mod_overrides' file but it wasn't in the game when launched it. Can anyone help me, plz T_T ?


    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 46 | what i was tryning to run this game with a geforce 8400 gs ;-;

  55. Tie Man says:

    looks like fucking roblox tbh

  56. Rapid Stab says:

    Nintendo N64 graphic mod

    jk lol

  57. Jimmy Heat says:

    how bad are you at payday 2?

  58. SKY WARD says:

    damit modworkshop is not working

  59. Gaz says:

    ¿La web de los mod parece estar fuera de linea a la fecho..Alguien tiene los archivos en cuestión?

  60. Gvido says:

    i dont have mods in options :/ help

  61. XPReflex says:

    im trying this in payday the heist

  62. Teh Best says:

    How to add mod #1

  63. Forclosure says:

    Well guys I guess this is goodbye I'm either getting a gtx 1060 6gb or rx 480 8gb depending on which one is cheaper by the time I'm going to order thank you low spec gamer for all of your help on helping me run games on my Intel hd 4400 graphics o have 12gb ram i5 4590 gtx 1060 6gb or rx 480 8gb bye

  64. SealSucker29 says:

    Thanks a lot, this has really helped me. I used to get around 20-25 frames dropping to around 15 at very bad points now I get a solid 40-50 🙂

  65. Rickkyyy says:

    I dont have the mods section on Payday 2 so the mods dont work how to I do this?

  66. SCAV says:

    If anyone is wondering, these do work on the Payday 2 PC demo! All have the same files

  67. PATANGURRO says:

    Uuuh guys, these mods don't make the game less laggy, they make it more laggy for me lol. I already watched the difference between the with the mod or without the mod.

  68. Nuno MP says:

    Dont use the low violence mod because if you use stealh the bodies disapears and you cant awser the pager.

  69. Francisco Guerrero Perez says:

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  70. Cakemanboy says:


  71. balake says:

    What's ur vram

  72. JuniorGOMG says:

    serves for dota 2 answers please

  73. Red says:

    i get 30fps with 800×600
    and 18fps with 1366×768
    pl0x kill me

  74. Jerome says:

    #3 if i play stealth this is bas think

  75. Epenko Blyat says:


  76. Dark Ryuk says:

    can this be used on payday the heist

  77. Жека_Змий says:

    5:01 Epic phrase

  78. IIgnas VVeryga says:

    Your pc is better than mine but theres one question. Can it run Crysis

  79. V e r m i l i o n says:

    Hello! I know you do not have much time so, I'm sorry, besides my English is bad, I'll try to explain it quickly

    my payday 2 does not open, try to change the configuration in several ways and achieve nothing, my graphics card is one: "Intel (R) HD graphics 530" with "2688 mb" of memory

  80. Not Freeman says:

    Are seriously playing on hard?

  81. Crazy Gamer says:

    #LowSpecGamer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz upload a video on dbxv 2

  82. Ŧгєรђ ђ๏๓є๓ค๔є ๓є๓єร says:

    3:45, as a average Payday 2 player, why???

  83. Pontagorn Sriwichai says:

    I warn dont use lemoncat mod with head heister it look like horror game xD

  84. RocketWaldo says:

    I've been stuck with low-end pc's for so long now that I have just gotten used to seeing stretched textures and rough edges.
    I used to have my expectations super high and expected to be able to run Gta 5 on ultra 120fps on a potato.
    I'd say a good 3/4 of my games can't be run within 30 fps so I guess I'm just saving my library for when I get a decent computer.
    Until then, this is my gaming experience.
    -Sincerely, a troubled peasant.

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    I have 1.3k hours dont even talk to me thanks

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  100. Empanada Cósmica says:

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