[Payday 2] Tag Team perk deck and Jokers

the Ethan and Hila perk deck finally
came out! both characters are terrible but I don’t really care because all I
ever play is John wick. I’m more interested in the weapon and the perk
deck. the weapon is cool, another bow, we have plenty of those, but notably there are
no bows in the base game, so it’s kind of cool this DLC gives players the option
drop $4.99 and get a bow if they don’t have the Ultimate Edition. I mostly want
to dedicate this video to the perk deck, which is underpowered. part of the main
problem is that you have to trigger it on teammates, who are usually sprinting away
from you, and actually the easiest way to trigger it-from my experience-are jokers
and for that reason I’m hoping that, when they inevitably buff it to something
that-like, when they buff the perk deck to something respectable, they add a
functionality where Tag Team can also heal the Joker, since it’s all about
YOU healing yourself and your teammate, and my favorite joker in the game is the
bronco cop-something you can only get at the beginning of a heist because they
don’t keep respawning and they are – they’re very high-powered jokers but they have
low health and if there is a way that I could keep my bronco cop alive
throughout the heist by using tag team on him that would add a play style that
I would very much enjoy and add some much-needed functionality to the deck.
that’s all I wanted to talk about, this is aabicus with the SPUF of Legend, have
a great day! on your aide bracelets off

3 comments on “[Payday 2] Tag Team perk deck and Jokers”

  1. NanookMetaal says:

    Good vid

  2. Arif Zamri says:

    haha, nanook metaal was here 😂😂😂

  3. Snopple Flopple says:

    I agree

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