PAYDAY 2: The Bomb Heists Trailer

Die Fleischerei Scheiße. (kroatisch) Guten Tag, Madam. Guten Tag. Ich suche den Besitzer von diesem Laden. Ja? Frau Horvat? Ja, das bin ich. Also, mein Name ist Herr Zubovic. Und das ist Inspektor Kesz… Keszthelyi. Frau Horvat, sind sie mit der EFSA vertraut? Wir hatten bereits eine vollständige Inspektion dieses Jahr… Da bin ich mir sicher, Frau… Horvat, aber nicht vom EFSA. So viele Männer… Naja… Im Gegensatz zu Ihren Landesmännern… … führe ich meine Investigationen gründlich durch. Ich verstehe. Naja, kein Problem! Kommen Sie morgen wieder. Wir schließen jetzt. Ich fürchte es sieht nicht danach aus– (kroatisch) Madam, bitte, wir brauchen nur fünf Minuten. Natürlich. Bitte folgen Sie mir. Danke Ihnen. Wie lang hatten Sie gesagt? 49 Jahre. Und wie lang seit Sie übernommen haben? Sieben Jahre. Geschäft ist gut, oder? Vielleicht. Aber muss ja. Ansonsten würden wir nicht allzu viel mitbekommen, nicht von Budapest aus. Wie sieht es mit Mitarbeitern aus? Was ist mit denen? Naja, Sie haben anscheinend Probleme Leute zu finden die kompetent… …und loyal sind. Vor einiger Zeit habe ich einen alten Freund von dir getroffen. Bevor er… verstorben ist, war er recht gesprächig. Nicht wahr, Dragan? Zeig mir. Ich weiß nicht von was du… Ich sagte … zeige es mir. Lichter. Dragan… Hol Budapest ans Telefon. Niki, räum diesen Mist auf. Ich habe einen neuen Auftrag für dich in Washington DC. Du gehst heute Nacht. Bain. Es ist Zahltag. PAYDAY 2 Stellt vor: Der Fleischer Neuer Raubüberfall: Die Bombe Neues Crewmitglied: Dragan 22. Januar

100 comments on “PAYDAY 2: The Bomb Heists Trailer”

  1. Resund R says:

    1:57 does that look like generalMCbadass's logo?.. anyone?

  2. FlawlessK kade says:

    did Wes Anderson direct this??

  3. Patkány says:

    Is that place in Budapest?

  4. Vincent says:

    The time Payday 2 wasnt dying

  5. Irfan Spirtovic says:

    Dragan is a Croatian character with a Bosnian voice actor and a Serbian name

  6. Максим Королёв says:

    give song name pls

  7. PinPointPyro says:

    im expecting meme hell for this. but what is the intro song for this?

  8. Aren Sereathy says:

    Twisting the knife is meant to break the ribs it its inbetween breaking them sends them straight into the internal organs…. dam don't fuck with the butcher

  9. Oliver Watts says:

    Does anyone know exactly what song that is at the start?

  10. Yukine says:

    This takse place Zagreb wich is the capital of Croatia
    Sretan sam

  11. Peri says:

    90% wants to the music name of The Beginning of the Trailer

    5% of Hype Train

    5% complaining about this DLC trailer.

  12. Stas Twinkleton says:

    Milfs that sell weapons are my fetish.

  13. Mustang Lover says:

    Name of the song at the beginning??

  14. Agent NucaDeCocos says:

    In game at payday trivia or idk say Dragan spends a fortune on healthy food but he is smoking…

  15. perfex says:

    Dragan and Butcher are from Serbia?!?!? EDIT: Overkill Software answer if its right please.

  16. supernorm says:

    what is the name of 00:00–00:50 music?

  17. supernorm says:

    dat lion roar rifle is inside the pork

  18. Dictator1488 says:

    What is the music at the end?

  19. Артемий Румянцев says:


  20. Adam says:

    -Добрый дань, господжа.
    Добрый дань.😂😂😂

  21. Exkalibur says:

    Budapest? lol Budapest is in my county. im Hungarian! It's a small country. Itt hawe an idea 1 heist 3 day in Hungary steal all money in the Hungaria National Bank in Budapest it's good heist idea?

  22. KIKO says:

    Why did dragan light a ciggarette just to immediately throw it on the floor in disgust, like as if he didn't know the inspector dude was going to the butcher's house like what else was he expecting? It was the only fking house in the area?!

  23. Markquaad E says:

    Sometime ago i saw a picture of Dragan with a cape while cooking something (Maybe 1st day of rats without cops lol)

  24. Element Of Chaos says:

    Is it wrong that I smiled when she twisted the knife?

  25. Hasiba Beckovic says:

    And Wolf,Stay Off The Bomb

  26. Hasiba Beckovic says:

    Is This Bosnian?

  27. Cadillac tr6 beats says:

    Ооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооооо да Россия

  28. SnowyMane says:

    evo nas hrvatska

  29. BaeSooRa says:

    Just when I'm about to pick up this game, I read up on the characters and see this Croatian dude and then see the registration plate thing on his car being from my shitty ass small town?? You might think it's no big deal, but it's really shitty and really small, and I'm like W H A T

  30. The reaper says:


  31. Clap Rpc says:

    Sexy butcher

  32. XDXKID says:

    This is my investment 4:20

  33. Primary says:

    I always liked this trailer. The woman who plays the Butcher kills it lol.. "It's payday"

  34. Max Wroblewski says:

    Whoever they're hiring to do any of these (biker pack especially) knows EXACTLY what the fuck they are doing with these shots

  35. Adrian Kišak says:

    This is in Zagreb Croatia

  36. toy Bonnie bro says:

    Go like

  37. Steven Flores says:

    What is the name of the song

  38. Nightbot says:

    The Butcher real neam pls 🙂

  39. Seal Stealer says:

    Sadly, no one plays Dragan :c

  40. Sir Kat says:


  41. Luka radojičić says:

    Wasn't the guy who plays Dragan in some Swedish movie? Snabba cash or something like that?

  42. Dectakill says:

    I think the butcher need more missions, i love her missions

  43. silviu ciortan says:

    O shit he dead

  44. Toaster says:

    i don’t understand what anybody is saying because of that scottish fucking accent

  45. Unknown Julian says:

    we have to stop and defuse the bomb

  46. BacPlayZ says:


  47. BacPlayZ says:

    5:02 i died lmao

  48. Moooffsilim says:

    Couldn’t tell if this was a trivago ad or payday at the start

  49. Spike Slice says:

    Why are there dislikes?

  50. edbo10 says:

    damn, the actor for dragan has been through some serious shit – his brother and sister both died from drugs and he saw his brother's friend kill himself by jumping off a roof…then he was involved in a pretty big robbery.

    he really turned his life around though

  51. YØÜÑG PÏG says:

    What's song Called at intro

  52. Naming this channel Isn’t worth it says:

    4:45 OOF!!

  53. nukeman1303 says:

    Lets all be honest here.
    He made dragan waste a cigarette so he deserved to die

  54. Tavish DeGroot says:

    Omg, I have the intro music selected to play whenever a Heist is completed! This was a surprise hearing it here!

  55. TRIPLE M says:

    Hahahah tooo. Hrvatska

  56. II TRYH4RD II says:

    Mrs. Horvath's name is hungarian Horváth is a hungarian name

  57. camden is lame says:

    What is that music

  58. Gospodin Blanco says:

    Even Yuri is here. 🙂

  59. McGriffCrimeDog says:

    Music is zegrebacka

  60. Catrin Öhrn says:

    What is this Music in the betoning?

  61. Catrin Öhrn says:


  62. epic gamer man 123 gmaer boy 2009 says:

    sponsered by nissan

  63. Zombiefied says:

    i only croatians know what Greta and Dragan are talking about aka me from Croatia

  64. Zargeroo 2 says:

    This is from film

  65. BadaxeGaming says:

    nemoš me jebat isti auto ki moj i još u zagrebu, bome

  66. Drin Birn says:


  67. ИГРОман game says:

    Где же вы у нас в России такие хорошие дороги нашли????!!!!

  68. bundevaf says:

    This is my country!

  69. Bayu gaming101 says:

    yo this trailer is THE BOMB

  70. Fo Ren G says:

    Tfw when you have set Zagrebacka as your Heist Successful music and then you revisit this trailer later.

  71. Apollo1785 says:


  72. Me Schizophrenic says:

    What kind of death noise was that

  73. Branko Davidovac says:

    Where are serbian heisters in game? They have
    Kristian Golubović

  74. Scrufus says:

    Ravno iz Hrvatske

  75. GrooveSan says:

    4:00 that music fits the planning menu just perfect

  76. Beukes says:

    Cant wait for January 22nd

  77. Plasma Hydra says:

    The butcher is crazy

  78. 8bit decak says:

    congratulatons overkill two frikin serbians that you say are not serbian well fucking done.Mr,s Horvat is nadezda petrovic wow you could of fucked it up more with Dalas but no.Dragan is a serbian and the gang dont fricking say dragon they have to say Dragan.Overkill payday 3 do it better i am still loving the series so keep the work but still LEARN MORE SERBIAN!

  79. Yeasty Boy says:

    Forest is hot burning trash with cancer

  80. Mr Blonde says:

    4 year anniversary?

  81. Kaan Balcı says:

    Next on netflix

  82. your local communist says:

    dasvidanya, Dallas

  83. ghost paradox234 says:

    Hahahha pa to je trg bana jelacica nemrem vjerovat da je hrvatska u mojoj najdrazoj igrici

  84. Islam Ismail says:

    Welcome to balkans

  85. Paranoid Android says:

    Horvat may have been my 3rd grade teacher, looks similar

  86. Matthew Palma says:


  87. Subscribe To PewDiePie says:

    Whats the song name in the opening scene?

  88. nara.Reptile_TV says:

    i love Dragan nohomo he is my favourite charakter
    i like his sentences

  89. Jovan Manojlovic says:

    Odakle srbi ovde

  90. Sugar Gaming 24 says:

    Damn the graphics are so good

  91. Sleeper says:

    Jesus its close to bulgarian in some parts jesus

  92. RussianloverBTW says:

    Song name anyone?

  93. ican007 says:

    4:00 music kills it! 🔪🔫 It’s nice to see our Croatia 🇭🇷 somewhere, hope one day they will release Payday film, that would be unfuckable 👌😎🔪🔫

  94. Silk Hood says:

    No first

  95. Andro kos says:

    Ono kada ideš na video koji je sniman u Hrvatskoj ali nema hrvatskih komentara

  96. 가크릭 says:


  97. Joseph Stalin says:

    Finally something hungarian in this game 3:02

  98. Sebas Rodriguez says:

    Oh boi russian music

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