Payday 2 The Diamond – Smoke and Mirrors (Solo NoAsset)

Lock Picking Expert is Highly Recommended. Other ghost skills for stealth will help also. Civilians will have keycards.
Find 2 of them, tie them. With the time limit,
( 10 minutes ) it may be difficult to tie them and move them
without alerting a guard. Timelocks are 90 seconds long,
both of them. Camera loop or drop ECM to
pick this lock. Safe tiles will be shown here.
Photographic memory required. 30 seconds limit on this, act fast. The pattern of safe tiles will be
different each time you start the 30 seconds timer. Make it back to the van. Took a little time
getting to the first timelock
this time but if all spawns are in your favour,
6 minutes or so to the second timelock. Update 50 had fixed the value of the diamond.
Not a bad map to harvest I guess. (´∀`)ノシ

2 comments on “Payday 2 The Diamond – Smoke and Mirrors (Solo NoAsset)”

  1. mBlackThunder says:

    well done 😀

  2. Tired Sloth says:

    At first I thought you were doing it on normal then I noticed the titan cameras hah. Well done

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