[Payday 2] The Future of the SPUF of Legend 2018

so this is what happens every time I try
to play payday 2 for the past few weeks it just kind of spins for a second and
then the game shuts itself down. I’ve been talking to somebody on the forums
who’s like an admin who’s been trying to help me out with that, but for the
time being I have not been able to play the new heist or any of the new content
the new joy character because I can’t play the game. that has also been
affecting my ability to make videos, but I don’t want to pretend that
that’s the only reason because I have gone a whole month without videos. I’m
very sorry about that and I wanted to just take a short video to explain to
you what I’ve been working on instead, and it’s- it’s less what I’m working
on and more what I’m incredibly stressed out about so I’m probably going to
unlist this video after a few days, I just wanted to give the
hardcore subscribers a little bit of an explanation as to where I’ve been. I am
finishing my master’s program I’ve been finishing my master’s program for the
past few years, I’m getting a master degree in game design and I’m graduating this
August, which is this month, and most of my free time has been spent desperately
trying to get a job because it is a tough industry to break into. it’s one of
the reasons that I have tried to stand out as much as possible by doing so much
extracurricular stuff and working on so many different projects I’ve been
working on, I think, six or seven different games all at the same time in
addition to completing this YouTube channel and then writing for the blog
and all. just because you need to do that sort of thing to stand out in the games
industry and even then I have had a very difficult time getting anybody to return my calls and actually, you know progress beyond me applying for
the job and even getting a no, I’m not even really getting responses from
anyone and that’s putting me in a bit of a bind because I have, you know, I
lease monthly so I can always just renew my lease for another month but I really
need to know how long I’m going to be here. if somebody’s going to pick me up
in a different City I’m gonna have to be ready to move over there, and so I’m just
in kind of a period of flux right now. and in addition these computer
troubles are not helping. payday 2 is not the only game that I’m having trouble
with, I think it’s something to do with my GPU because CSGO for
example does not turn on, it says that it’s running but I can’t actually play
it, and a lot of the videos I record I get garbage footage that is unusable. This payday the heist footage was actually recorded months ago, I never
planned to go live with it and…I suppose my grandmother also died two days ago which-
she was the only one that I actually knew really well, my other three
grandparents all died when I was really really young. like, this grandmother her
name was Elaine she lived to 102, she was a very very interesting headstrong- she
lived a really good life there. there really is nothing to [be sad about]
there like it’s sad that she died and I’m going to miss her, but she she really
grabbed life by the horns. but it is there’s just a lot of different things
on my plate at the moment. I’m going to try to get back into making videos- I
still can’t make payday videos until I fix this but I could definitely make
videos on other games, but for the time being I’m really trying to set my future
in order. if I could actually land a job in the industry that I now have a
masters for and feel just a little bit more comfortable, if I could know where
I’m gonna be living one month from now, if I could do all that stuff then I’ll
definitely become more active and release videos at the speed I
used to. I enjoy making videos it’s just I’m not really able to focus on
that right now. so thank you for understanding, I hope
you’re all having a great summer and I’ll see you later!
This is aabicus with the SPUF of Legend signing off

8 comments on “[Payday 2] The Future of the SPUF of Legend 2018”

  1. uh says:

    you have heard of elf on a shelf now get ready for spuf doing surf

    now being serious:
    i hope you get better with all the stuff you are dealing with man, you deserve better!

  2. Bill Green says:

    I spent the whole video wondering what you were doing with that surfboard

  3. Stahl Sonyx says:

    hope things improve man. love your videos

  4. crossorphan says:

    don't sweat it man. your life is your life, and your happiness and well being is all you should worry about. if you gotta take a break from videos to get yourself turned the right way, then so be it. sometimes that's just what you need to do. videos aren't a requirement, and de-stressing yourself is.

  5. Potatolord says:

    I just found this channel today and ended up watching and enjoying around 2 hours of pay day videos. It appears I have discovered this gem of a channel at a rather inconvenient time. hope you do well with finding a job and I look forward to when you have the time to make more of these great videos.

  6. BLU Medic says:

    I really hope life stops kicking you in the ass and that you can get a good job.

  7. The All American Bad Boy says:

    a game design degree is a bit like an art history degree

    hope things work out, your vids are top-notch

  8. David Adu says:

    Good luck man, wish you the best!

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