[Payday 2] The Obsidian Plate Deciphered!

this originally was going to be the day three and four review but it is way off track for that so now this video is dedicated to deciphering all the information revealed by the shackle thorn heist the shackle thorn heist a single day heist that can be done either stealth or loud although lock is the contractor for the heist it is the elephant now out of Commissioner Garrett’s custody who gives us information about the events that are about to go down okay gang we’ve received a communique from the elephant he claims to want to help us seems that in the early nineteen hundreds the Kotaro members stole what he calls a family heirloom this person then bought his way onto the famous shackle for an expedition bound for Antarctica his presence according to the elephant doomed the voyage from the start the familiarity of this is not a coincidence – despite the elephant’s ke genus the ship and crew were lost until recently when the wreckage was found crushed in the ice far from the original planned route a couple of miles from the wreckage they also found a mummified corpse who looks to have died rather horrific Lee and is fled along with a collection of artifacts the items recovered are going to be auctioned in secret to a select group of decadent Society types and the elephant says that one of those items will help us with the device in the kitchen there is a lot to discuss first and foremost the heist it is a smaller medium-sized indoor map with both wild and stealth objectives playing out almost identically the heist is pretty easy and can be done fairly quickly so quickly in fact that there’s an achievement to do the heist with in five minutes it is quite the enjoyable heist as I mentioned in the previous video it is based on the orchid court mansion but as we learn from the de force twitch stream the back side of it a lot of the heist is inspired by James Bond films so after hacking a few things debating the auctioneer and opening the vault what is it that we are after well this uh black tile yeah it looks confusing but don’t fret Kenny is here to explain it all to you remember that missing hexagon piece from the scribes coffer well we got it according to the in-game trophy for completing the shackle thorne heist it is called the obsidian plate and it’s description reads some things are best forgotten at least the secrets they hold undo the world of their flesh your heart to starve the darkness staring into the abyss long enough and you won’t work with the head for near the cracks and hollows the birth is good what that means is still up for interpretation but what we do know is this piece also resonates from notes played on Scarface’s piano allow me to show you a clip from my stream of my fantastic pianist skills and when you make the obsidian plate resonate we get a whole tablet of the new language thankfully we already deciphered most of it on day one so learning the missing characters becomes a lot easier the first part of the plate reads if needs must for those who are called to remake your legacy from within again it’s not really clear what this means but I think of it as some sort of message to the person seeking Baldwin’s lament something I didn’t mention on day one is that the language whilst based on English is actually read right to left I merely flipped the text 180 degrees so it was easier to read but now that there are icons involved I thought it was best to clear it up now next we have four pyramids they are pyramid of the Sun dreaming temple Great Pyramid of Cheops and great ziggurat this helps fill out our cypher now we’re only missing four letters B J V EDX to explain this next part I have to talk briefly about how substitute deciphering works basically because we have a firm understanding of the English language we know which characters appear most often throughout the language we can then use frequency analysis to figure out the most occurring symbols in a cipher and then assume them to be English is most occurring letters then through trial and error we can eventually make words and correctly identify each corresponding symbol the problem here is that numbers are a whole other problem because you can’t make a word out of a number so it becomes very hard to learn what presents one two three and so on and so forth and with such a small sample of text literally everything on this kitchen table it would be impossible so where am I going with all this well we can actually work out what symbol represents what number and even a few more things you see the four pyramids well only three of them actually exist the Pyramid of the Sun the Great Pyramid of Cheops which is Giza and the great ziggurat which is the great ziggurat of or they also each represent a different mythos the Pyramid of the Sun is Mesoamerican the Great Pyramid of Cheops is Egyptian and the great ziggurat of or is Sumerian the text underneath each are longitude and latitude coordinates meaning we can look up the real-life coordinates and then learn what each number is represented as the whole point of bringing that up is that a lot of people might be under the impression that all four temples are relevant however as I explained three of them are used as references to help decipher the numbers and as such we can find the location of the only fictional temple the Dreaming temple which is located at 47 degrees eight minutes fifty nine point six seconds south and 126 degrees 43 minutes 0 seconds west and that is the middle of the South Pacific Ocean it is actually close to point Nemo the spot furthest away from any land mass so it might be a little anticlimactic but it at least lines up with the FBI email and it is actually the location of really AB the sunken city of Cthulhu depicted in H P Lovecraft’s books so we may have caused the dream temple to emerge but we’ve actually seen the dream temple before this one painting depicting his ship in rough seas and a pyramid with a light at its peak this is without a doubt the dream temple and this painting was introduced back with the diamond heist we have a few more things to discuss from the tablet we have a set of hieroglyphics from different mythos the first is Mesoamerican specifically Aztec and it depicts two gods Tezcatlipoca and ketse court’ll who I will hear on refer to as tears and cats there is a lot to their creation myth but to cover it quickly the five sons story describes four great ages preceding the present world each ending in a catastrophe each usually caused by either tears or cats the second are for me old classic Mesopotamia in their creation myth and a mile ish time at one of the primordial beings gave birth to the first generation of deities if you remember in the previous video I mentioned the god of the sky Anu and the god of the earth and ki well time at is basically their mother well the goal of the earth and ki had a child kama duke god of the storms Maru was an extremely powerful dating and when time man went on a rampage madhu was the one who slayed her after gathering the strengths from the other day at ease after defeating her he was regarded as king of the gods ironically enough madhu quiz the name i gave myself in my own discord which you should join if you haven’t linked in the description anyway after madhu defeat a time at he forms the heavens and the earth from her divided body so far we have two creationists involving two powerful beings clashing and then the beginning of a new world which makes this last one out of place the third is Egyptian and currently there is still a bit of debate around who they are but at the moment the figures represent Bassett and Anubis that being the case there are not many myths that the guy serve on the secret red have found that involved these two deities and the themes of death and rebirth of the world so the message to take away from these hieroglyphics is still a bit vague due to the fact we can’t find a common theme between all three of these mythos so we will most likely end up revisiting this when something new comes out or if someone has a revelation moving on to the final items on the city and tablet we have another sentence that says mark of the Wachau with more coordinates looking up the coordinates on Google Maps leads you to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue aka the motherfucking White House so we don’t know what the arc of the water is but we do know what it looks like kind of another one of the paintings from the Diamonds shows three people standing in front of these weird objects in the desert if we take the shape of the Ark of the watcher and overlay it onto this painting you’ll see that it’s a perfect match so whatever this thing is it’s at the White House another part of this image involves a guy in a robe standing in front of the Ark we also have seen this image before we found it on the FBI files after Bane was taken from us sergeant Brian painter sent a copy of a crumpled piece of paper to Garrett asking if it had any importance this image had three words on it the top of it says Nebuchadnezzar the word on the forehead reads Watcher we’ve encountered the term washer a lot so we should be pretty familiar with it although we don’t know exactly what they are or what they do the final faded word on the chest reads Nephilim this is a word you most likely haven’t heard except if you watched my previous video where I used the term to name a band that segues us perfectly into a final image on the Obsidian tablet if three stick figures and the word underneath which says Nephilim better start getting familiar with that word Nephilim have many interpretations but they usually refer to as the forward the sons of gods or fallen angels the brown divers Briggs lexicon gives the meaning as Giants and that’s what we should focus on taking a look at the stick figures and comparing them to some of the paintings found throughout the game confirms the idea that these giant creatures are Nephilim and more of these references are found throughout the shackle thorn mansion one of these paintings we can heavily identify thanks to information from the shackle thorn Antarctic expedition the RSB Baldwin which we know was lost due to one of the Kotaro members stealing the Obsidian plate and boarding the vessel this image showing the ship run aground the ice with a man the original Lindenhurst revealed by Duke in the safehouse and the dogsled fleeing with a giant Nephilim in the background which we can assume he is running from we now know from shackle thorn that Lindenhurst had the astrolabe the obsidian tablet and the scribes ring that’s the one with the reflected diamond on it we also know that he died horrific we having what appears to be his heart ripped from his chest most likely from the Nephilim we saw him running from in a new painting we see the burning of the White House in 1814 and behind the building we can see a giant Nephilim which is implied to have been the cause of its destruction to give you a sense of how giant these Nephilim Tsar the White House is 21 metres tall that’s sixty nine foot four you Americans using one of the Obsidian tablet figures reveals that this particular Nephilim could be forty seven meters tall or well over 150 foot we also have images of those giant skulls and frozen corpses of Netherlands from paintings as well as the corpses of those giant creatures which we can assume to be Nephilim but they’re things and pictures are note that to us after all these could be a species long forgotten and passed however if you use certain means to get outside of the shackle thorn mansion if you go to the back and to the stairs you can trigger a lightning strike revealed by the lightning strike you can see the silhouette of a giant a Nephilim watching waiting there was another thing that was hinted at but not by the tablet but in the painting of the burning of the White House if you go carefully near the bottom left you can make out the shimmer of glasses watching this would be the dentist I haven’t really touched on him but there is a ton of stuff to suggest that he is immortal or has multiple incarnations the entire diamond trailer has his signature glowing eyes the screen at the end of Henry’s Rock and now in the shackle thorn mansion this painting of Benjamin Franklin which from certain angles who have his eyes glow the same as the dentist is the dentist’s Benjamin Franklin he could very well be the very final things from the obsidian tablet are these two constellation as icons this particular part of the veal was rewritten since it was just discovered by Moran over on the secret thread that both of these maps line up to a painting called derelict or so from the diamond heist again we’ve figured out where the imagery is from but learning what it represents is another story it’s also worth noting that one of the circles is actually the hyal triangle but what does this all mean in terms of the payday 2 story well who knows so many things are up in the air and we need a lot more information to get the answers we want and I will be there at the forefront of figuring it out so if you want to keep ahead of the game I’d appreciate it if you helped support me something as simple as a like or a sub is greatly appreciated since high-quality stuff really isn’t being supported by YouTube anymore I’ve also got the discord where you can discuss stuff and bug me as well as the twitch where I put no effort into and I can just relax and be myself and talk to you guys

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