Payday 2 – The Payday Ballad

I was a civilian,
just walking through a store. Until I found a window
half broken on the floor. I called the cops,
they came at once, and now the store’s no more. But of us, there are, bazillions
So don’t feel bad when we die Just gotta pay the fee
For every killing spree A few thousands, it ain’t much
Civilians don’t bear a grudge I am a policeman
Tomorrow I’ll retire But why is that box open
It’s best if I inquire Hid silently
In front of me A heister opens fire Once, we were all alive
Before we got real dumb and died We saw a guy zip past
Heard him break some glass One of us squealed a yell
And everything went to hell I look through a camera
Within a closed off room Until I spot a gym bag
I’m certain, this spells doom Alarm goes off
The game restarts The camera guy resumes I am a new heister
Just looking for a steal First gotta get past this guard
Shit, why did that reveal The cuffs come out
I feel real dumb Let’s read up on conceal At first, the game’s pretty hard
Before you get some skills and smart Just read up a few guides
The Long one’s a good start And feel free to ask around
We all got tips to impart Even after hours
Shit sometimes just goes wrong No need to get all angry
Just try to get along Bring guns and stuff
Go click some cops Perhaps try out Swan song Once, we were all alive
Before we got real dumb and died We thought we could zip past
But dodge can be brittle as glass Too far for an inspire yell
And everything goes to hell

54 comments on “Payday 2 – The Payday Ballad”

  1. HoleInTheSky says:

    fukin amazing 10/10

  2. Carlos Carvalho says:

    Brilliant! Bravo!

  3. 【Toastie►VG】 says:

    nice work <3

  4. Just A Cat says:

    Great video! 😀

  5. Atomic Waste says:

    Glorious! More PLEASE!

  6. majorchaos5000 says:

    I really wish the devs improved on the stealth. like not all the basics of stealth are there like distract a guard by throwing a coin or banging on a wall, and when they see a broken window, instead of calling the entire army, two cops come to investigate still giving the heister a chance to stealth it instead of throwing the keyboard out the door. they shouldn't be startled by seeing a gym bag till they see whats inside

  7. Tyrope Games says:

    This is now officially in my youtube music playlist, to be played every day, maybe even all day.

  8. Hoxtilicious says:

    LOL. Nice song 😛

  9. Axyo says:

    Holy Shit, this was awesome.

    Propably the best payday related video ive seen, really well done man.

  10. J B. says:

    u really make the best payday videos more of it pls

  11. Nep Jr. says:

    This ballad moved the deepest parts of my soul.

  12. alsnana00 says:

    Cheers once more Feldrin! Good job at it!

  13. CROATOAN says:

    This is super dope dude! You did a great job making it!

  14. PeaseMaker says:

    Oh god, this is sooo good 😀
    Good job!

  15. Sir Cracker Bulb says:


  16. Master Indigo says:

    Heheh 😀

  17. Tromboncino says:

    Awesome, I just love it!

  18. Disciple of Rage says:

    i do feel horrible when civilians die, when i kill them it is usually with a grenade and i lose half my damn payday, 🙁

  19. Boo3 says:

    Its just sooo… good. c:

  20. towergame says:

    Any music only version?
    I like the tune.

  21. THEplasmakiller says:

    How did you get a flying camera at around 1:13?

  22. zach mann says:

    This is great and you have the best payday related videos in my opinion.

  23. SoldierGamingUnite says:

    Best PAYDAY videos I've ever seen!

  24. Sleipnir says:


  25. Retro Journey Archive says:

    Just thought I'd let you know, someone reuploaded this as their own. Same description and everything.

  26. clonetrooper5002 says:

    Quick question. If you're having trouble with money from killing civvies why don't you get the cleaner perk aced? It majorly reduced the penalty

  27. LunaticPotato says:

    Hahaha brilliant xD
    Most of my thoughts when i deliberately slaught… i mean accidentally kill civillians.
    Good work 😀

  28. jgray1013 says:

    i feel like i heard the beat before somewhere

  29. Ian Blades says:

    so true

  30. Yildirim Serdy says:

    I bought the Song it's my Ringtone now

  31. Assault Gunner says:

    Let me guess..
    the song is "Ghost Riders in the Sky"

  32. Tylarcd says:

    you deserve to have 2 million subs

  33. ElInspectorRicardo says:

    What SFX mod do you use??

  34. billy millar says:

    The funny es t guy in pd2 is you sir

  35. Alex S says:

    The description is wrong, it's from visual alerts not Samantha Grey.

  36. BobotPlayz says:

    best song ever

  37. MrTurbo says:

    is it possible to get it free?

  38. Cryla says:

    Hey fel! how do you enable a damage counter?

  39. DBP66 says:

    a genius song

  40. I am a Guinea Pig says:

    With me when I stealth everything goes to hell any way it doesn't mater if some bastard sequels a yell or not

  41. Sigurd Kuhlmann Smith says:

    What rifle are you using?

  42. LVL 100 Big Boss says:

    now i feel bad for killing all those civies

  43. christian908 says:

    Their fault I told them, "Don't act dumb" and look what they did.

  44. MEMDIC Memdicovich says:

    Pub stealth in a nutshell

  45. The Gameplay Player says:

    You have a great voice. Awesome video!

  46. John Smith says:

    Reality Is Unrealistic:
    Thanks to The War on Terror, this behavior of calling the cops when spotting an unattended gym bag in a place it shouldn't be is actually the most realistic thing that happens in Payday 2, believe it or not.

  47. Izaac Goudreau Reloaded says:

    This makes no sense because of pubs

  48. Jacob Meep says:

    1000th like 🙂

  49. I am dumb but says:


  50. João Coelho says:

    Any 1 hour of this awesome song?

  51. Ethan Chieu says:

    I am a GenSec driver
    Just motoring through town
    But then I spot a heister
    A sniper of renown

    The gun goes off
    The windshield breaks
    The transport truck is down.

    "Transport: Park, Transport: Crossroads, Transport: Underpass, Transport: Downtown, Transport: Harbor

  52. Vikb says:


  53. desteoyer 257 says:

    Looks at her with a gernade launcher stands there

    Get the fuck down she gets down

  54. Jerry K says:

    "Before we got real dumb and died!"

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