PAYDAY 2 The Search For Kento Trailer 中文翻譯

my name is Jill I’ve been in this country for two years now it’s not a land of warriors that I managed to find a new family here my body tells a story I would rather forget a bloody story of loss betrayal and sacrifice I have a son kento he’s out there somewhere a lot of time was passed I wonder if I find him will you remember me is he out there roaming the streets just heard i teased i strive always searching for clues to where he may be I only hope that he will be able to forgive [Music]

6 comments on “PAYDAY 2 The Search For Kento Trailer 中文翻譯”

  1. 風乃喵 says:

    幹 你都到美國兩年了才去找他喔

  2. Luimovie says:


  3. 小李 says:

    最後他好像說 FUCK YOU ME

  4. 吳冠岳 says:


  5. 豬血糕(pighp) says:



  6. 豬血糕(pighp) says:


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