It’s already 2019. For the entire existence of the game, there was added a lot of different weapons and developers change them up to unrecognizable. Something became OP, and something went to the landfill. But the game support was stopped a long time ago. It’s means we will never see any pseudo-balances and new reskins. In this video I introduce you my top 10 best
weapons in the game, I’ll say right away “this top is just my subjective opinion and I do not impose it on anyone”. in this top I took into account main weapons only. I mean it those weapons, which you can use 90% of the time but don’t take them to kill shields only, like a judge. The tenth place is the legendary AMR-16. Unfortunately, this gun is already suffered bucause of an idiotic rebalnces. It has highest DPS in 2 weapon classes. Specifically, in tz-rifles and DMR rifles. AMR-16 can kill any enemy it meets because of its damage, rate of fire and good concealment which is enough to take play with crits but there is a one little problem – ammo pick up. AMR-16 picks up 1-4 bullets. This is good. But if you just set the DMR-kit you will stay upset and will run from 1 ammo bag to another. This is bad… cuz you have to take skills for your ammo bags and play with it only. If you still want to use it, I recommend to take crits, berserker and don’t set the DMR-kit. With 80% boost of berserker you can kill heavy unit by 2 shots. For comparison, DMR with 80% berserker’s boost kills heavy unit by 2 shots too. What we need to cut our ammo pick up off for if we can make the same result? This weapon is not for anyone, but someone can like it. This guns are more serious. I can even say, this is the powerfull game’s weapon Just immagine, 2 krinkovs with theire crazy rate of fire can turn any enemy into a slivers and even no traces of bulldozers. But it’s not so simple. The stability of this guns are nothing. Even a stability boosts can’t do anything. Also, you can forget about ammo pick up. Of course, it’s a little bit bigger than AMR-16’s, but it still little. Your main gameplay is live from 1 ammo bag to another. That’s why ammo bags will be your best friends. For those, who want to take these beasts, I recommend to take crits, but without berserker cuz you will be too strong in damage (yeah, it can be in payday). And what they are doing with the “bulletstorm” skill… Honestly, I don’t want to place contractor here cuz I didn’t play with it a long time. But the weapon is really cool and powerfull. That’s why I can’t leave it just like that. The weapon has the same damage as AMR-16 with DMR-kit, but its ammo pick up is in normal. It’s picks up 2-4 bullet from a box + you cand pierce through sheilds and walls. It’s useful when we need to kill marked enemy. Just run into the next room and shoot it. But it’s shoots in single-shot mode only, so we can’t to spray. You can use the weapon with a crits and the berserker. I recommend. Also, you can you the “graze” skill. On the 7th place is M1014 shotgun. You can use this weapon in every life’s cases. It’s good for loud-builds, killing any cop well. It’s good in concealment, so you can use builds with
crits or stealth with it. M1014 don’t even need to increase its stability, cuz it’s semi-automatic weapon. But this weapon has one big disadvantage: make some shots – reload; and reload again. M1014 can turn the game into reloding simulator. You hesitated a bit and a lot of cops are near you and you need to reload. What this weapon is doing here with its little damage? It can’t even kill a 40-hp-cop by 1 shot. But appearances are deceiving. Even this weapon with its damdage can be turned into the killing machine. You just need to use a fire shells and take crits. With these two grimm will be very powerful. Fire will burn all enemies, causing them to suffer. Even a cloakers can’t resist it. The player just need to run fast and always shoots but a bulldozers will be happy with such easy target. As people says: “Born to run – cannot be hurt!:” Here it is the cockerel-golden comb (russian), the danger of all SMGs and the most powerful and universal gun. Its advantages high ammo pick up, fast reload, high concealment and good damage. And the most important – its universality. Do you want to play in dodge build? Take it! Want to run and kill everyone with crits and expertise. Take it! Want to play with AMR-16 in ICTV? You already know what do you need. Sweet and simple. The great weapon! Another one powerful and quick-firing weapon. Unlike kobus, phalos O MY GOD! WHAT A JOKE! is the primary weapon. It’s gives ability to take 5/7 or the judge on the 2nd slot to kill shields, saving some skillpoinst. Its advantages are high ammo pick up and rate of fire, which allows kill enemies very quick, but it has bad reloading speed. However, with right skills it’s not so bad. If you like to play with crits and dodge – this weapon is fore you. One word: recommend. I think many people remember that LMGs sucks in thire characteristics. They had 40 damage! Who did play with them? But they were like that until something hit on the developer’s heads and they made LMG’s rebalance (before death sentence, by the way). With this rebalance, overkill killed DMR-rifles and if then no LMG rebalance, car-4 rifle would be here. It’s the strange decision, if I was in their place, I would worsen a shotguns. But as always overkill did everything through the ass! What I told about? Oh, yeah! KSP and KSP58, of course! Choose on of them fo the 3rd place is not right cuz they has the same characteristics. Just copy-paste KSP LMG and made ksp58 but for free. The both weapons are pretty DPSful. They have big magazine, big total ammo and high ammo pick up. LMGs don’t need to boost their ammo pick up by the skill – they do their job great without this skill. So crits and berserker are just nice additions, not the necessarily things. That’s why it’s one of the best weapons to kill EVERYTHING! Did you expect something else? It’s the most annoying weapon! Every lobby has at least 1 people with izhma and they all have the same build. People have 50 played hours in the game and sucks! I can’t kill bulldozers Kill bulldozer! It’s all over Survive! *I can’t translate this shit* *And this too LUL* WHAT THE FUCK!? It seems that the OP build don’t help them. Everyone use this weapon from preschoolers to schoolchildren. If seriously, izhma is very OP like all the rest shotguns, but izhma is special. It’s a constructor-weapon, which you can use in every cases. You can run all over the map a lit everyone with crits or take ICTV and shoot everyone or as always take anarchist. This is your choice. What do I still to say? No metter! You better know izhma cuz play with it. Finaly! We got to the end, to the 1st place! The danger of all 2016 year! Ageless classic! I happy to introduce you bows and crossbows FUCK YOU ASSHOLE! FUCK YOU FAGGOT PIECE OF SHIT SUCKER YOU WILL BE DEAD There’s don’t created weapon better than commando 101. This gun is the powerful weapon of all! Rocket Launcher with 6200 damage points, which damage by area very hard and painfully. The ideal choice for maps with GIANT count of cops, like brooklyne 10-10. If you will have a bot with reloading boost – enemies will fly to pieces, but bulldozers some fuck you! In the reality this gun destroy everything. Obviously, it wiil fuck any faggot in sapper costume. But overkill’s balance want to say us SUCK DICK, KK However, this gun for real men. Deserved first place!

11 comments on “PAYDAY 2 – TOP 10 BEST WEAPONS / ТОП 10 ЛУЧШИХ ОРУЖИЙ”

  1. S T I N E says:

    Ебать машына, не успел старый ролик выпустить, уже новый анонсируешь, респект)

  2. Ultimat Holy Warrior says:


  3. Hey / Hugo says:

    Все стволы из топа люблю и обожаю, + реп.
    Ожидал конечно увидеть АК-12, 5/7 или что то в этом духе, ну тогда нужно было делать топ с чутка большим количеством позиций.
    Не плохие попытки сделать переходы и пролётки фрикамом, навыки развиваешь по тихому)

  4. tab pro says:

    Во-первых видео отличное! Во-вторых хочется увидеть билды из этого топа ( м16, п90, акимбо акс- 74у и сонтрактор 308). Ты уже сказал с какими навыками можно использовать, но я видел твои билды у тебя превосходно получается, так что буду(будем) ждать)!

  5. Richard says:

    Спасибо за топ, автоматом лайк!

  6. Shmitz says:

    Коммент не по теме, но держу в курсе.. Masataka юзает сайлент отсосин. У меня его читер кикер кикнул, он аж с друзей удалился 😀

  7. Phu Do says:

    Akimbo goliath ???????

  8. KaRr`/ says:

    Ожидал на первом месте м308, раз сказал легенда 2016 года, вроде тогда и была легендой. Неплохо.

  9. Pretty Friend says:

    Не ожидал тебя увидеть на ютубе, но топ годный, лайк заслужено.

  10. EHOTIK inc says:

    Ля, дядя, ебать Ярик хуярит. пиу пиу, бэнк бэнк, тыщ тыщ, кароче, все оружия из топа, енто читы, атвичаю

  11. MiminusOS says:

    Братья гриммы не попалили в список 🙁 Хотя их ведь часто берут

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