Payday 2 Training in the safe house with a 5 year old.

No I don’t know…. Wait a second… Wait
a second. OH! Its out of bullets. Now going to go down stairs. No bullets. Hey I got to
get down! Wheeee! Bump! Bunk! There. Oh no what I going to do? The green one! Look at
the green one! Find the green one, then I going to go this way In. Going to push W going its There now I going to mush W. So so need to push F got to wait for the circle
to filled up… ooops. Going to push W. Going to get out….ehhh What the?? The kitchen! I got to go in the kitchen. ohhh.. Let me go on the stairs. C’MON! There.. Much better. Going to shoot
the fan! Going to shoot the fan! Awww yeah! Shoot the… there! I SHOOTING THE FAN! Oh
no my bad going to shoot the fan.. No YOU CAN NOT! I. I. Not very.. Going to shoot the fan. No you can not!
But you can shoot the potato? YES YOU CAN DO! YES YOU CAN DO IT!! AWW C’MON! Its out of

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  1. AndyZULUL says:

    His life is suffered with guns

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