[PAYDAY 2] True Jacket [Sociopath Build]

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16 comments on “[PAYDAY 2] True Jacket [Sociopath Build]”

  1. Sweet Bacon says:


  2. ЕВРEЙ says:


  3. Ricardo Lopes says:

    Great video! Could you tell me the name of the mod that you using?

  4. Mario Mario says:


  5. Harvey says:

    Не кинешь моды которые ты в видео использовал?

  6. Mario Mario says:

    Mister Matson, do you think you can make a build like this one which doesnt require Infamy?

  7. Zecão Alfredo says:

    Good build but smg skills wouldve helped a lot

  8. YLarsT says:

    As I can see u r Russian. Nice )
    Btw more videos like this, aka montage.

  9. Richter says:

    Nice work, you used the sounds from HM2.
    I don't play Payday 2 but this was good to watch

  10. Anonymous User says:

    Jacket, you are fucking badass, ill buy your pack right now.

  11. MR MAD MIND says:

    Guys, what type of content you want to watch ? More Montages ? Or something else ?

  12. Vasya 2204 says:

    Wonderful montage, ty

  13. Dark LX3 says:

    I love the build but i would like to know the attachments for the weapons

  14. Rice Crispy says:

    I luv the build and the vid but pls tell mod

  15. Mr.Gametastic says:

    Would you have the lists of mods you used on ur gun? I would really like to know. 🙂

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