[PAYDAY 2] Un vistazo al h3h3 Character Pack ¿Vale la pena?

They made another crossover AAAAAAA Patch hundred and some payday 2 introduced the last paid dlc, as overkill announced in May of this year The h3h3 character pack. The content of This DLC is what you would expect of a typical character pack: a weapon, a melee weapon, a perk deck, but unlike of the rest, it’s the only character pack that brings two playable characters in place a single one. Ethan and Hila, from the YouTube channel h3h3. Let’s start with the characters: Ethan and Hila, from the youtube channel h3h3. Let us begin immediately saying that they are not voice actors. Their lines go from ok, to uhhhhhhh. The answers to the pagers are also full of references to the youtube channel, in case you’re a fan of them. I do not want to continue at this point, because this of the characters is quite subjective, more now that they are internet characters. Oh, and Hila’s armor is big. The Airbow. I think it’s the 2nd weapon created from scratch only to be put into the game, the first being the flamethrower, molding from the utility flamethrower of the bbq pack trailer. I mean, I know that flamethrowers they exist, but never one like that. As for the airbow, it’s basically a crossbow light, with a 6-bolt magazine, and 30 in total, unlike the lightweight crossbow light, with a 6-bolt magazine, and 30 in total, unlike the lightweight crossbow is that it has less ammunition, it also has 50 less damage, which prevents it from killing from a body shot to light shields and swats, and can not kill from a shot either at the head of tasers and doctors, on the one down difficulty, although this is easily arranged if you use bad basic loser. That skill that costs 1 point in bully. In death wish below it is literally a superior light crossbow. Not to mention that supports views modern, has 1 more point of concealment, and the projectile seems to fall less with the distance. Not to mention that the airbow is red with black, and that’s nice The melee weapon is the rule of two hands, from the video of “the long sword with two hands”. It’s a re-skin, and I do not say it just for the statistics, if not in the animation. Is literally the long sword of the chivalry pack, with a different model, and is equal relevant that the latter, by that I mean you keep using the katana, the piolet, the executioner, or the picota of the maincra. I was disappointed because they could have done a good melee weapon, like the knife of a thousand degrees, of the video they recorded with idubbbz, and make it like the kunai, only it has a chance to burn the enemies instead a better idea than a rule that appeared in a video that probably most of the same fans of h3h3 already forgot. The talent: The talent is called “couple”, or tag team In English, and I’ll say it right away, the talent is very uninspired. Leaving aside the cards that all the talents share, half of the cards are re-used of muscle, and they give you a total of 40% extra life. The rest of the talent revolves around fashion with the latest talent to replace the thrown by something special, and in this case is a vaper … The talent is support. To use the vaper, you have to be watching a player, and you have to be less than 10 meters away. Activating the vaper will “mark” your partner, and every death that you and your marked partner make will cure you 10 of life, and 5 of life to the marked partner. This healing only occurs while the effect of the vaper is activated, which lasts for 12 seconds, and will increase by 0.6 seconds per every enemy that you kill. The cooling is 60 seconds to use it again, but it is reduced by 2 seconds for each death you make, and another 2 seconds for each death Make your partner marked. Also, for every death you make maximum of 20, and it will last until the vaper is available again. Ok, the only thing I can say that I like about talent is that it has damage absorption, a mechanic that I find good to be honest. However, I do not consider him a good talent. I find it relatively weak. If you use the vaper can heal the MVP or the guy who is using stoic, and help him a lot, besides healing you. Or it can be the opposite case, where you are a veteran player, and you want use talent to more directly help a newer player. Nevertheless, it is quite short in relation to other talents if we want to play in difficulties high if we compare it to other talents such as “renegade”, gunsmith, anarchist, narco, hit man, or stoic. Maybe I should play with him a bit more, but My first impressions of the talent were not good at all. Is it worth buying the h3h3 character pack? If you like Ethan’s YouTube channel, Hila, and you play the payday, most likely you already bought it. However, if these two do not matter much to you, or you’re just interested in the content of the DLC, Maybe you are happy to know that you do not miss much jumping out of this pack. At most buy it in an offer if you really want to use the airbow. Something that I did not mention in this video, is that the money raised in this DLC will go directly Ethan and Hila, not for Overkill, not counting the money Valve takes. This is to help them to pay for a claim, which they have already won, and that is why it is separate from the ultimate edition. Just to clarify. And that you go, I’m mistercarlos, I hope you liked the video, remember to leave your I like it, his thumb up, his like, his … that thing the emperor did in Rome when I wanted the gladiator to continue, and his comment, and see you, to the next …

I have an idea for a talent, replace your guy for this

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    Dijiste Tula?

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    Mr.Memes Character pack when?

  7. Cuchillax says:

    hila estuvo en el servicio militar israli. brijido

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    Entendí la referencia al final del video, si era referencia no?

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    ahora auronplay aparece en payday 2…

    auron puto gordo

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  46. • Gölden • says:

    Ah mira, un DLC gratis para mi porque tengo el Payday con hacks :).

  47. El viejo Sanik says:

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    Flower Pow (Desagradable)
    17 daño en el cuerpo a cuerpo
    6% de probabilidad de ataque critico
    Muy despacio
    Retroceso muy fuerte
    "Brotes de afeitar afiladas pétalos de flores a los enemigos cercanos"

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