[PAYDAY 2] Una build con ametralladoras para Desolación para gente bacán

Hey bois, MisterCarlos to the speech, and be welcome to another Payday video , In this video well see other build focused on Death Sentence, this time using an armor build and light machine guns, lets start!. In Master Mind we will take Analgesics, improved medkits and Inspire, in Controller basic joker, Partners in crime and Confident ACE, in sharpshooter we just take Stable shot.
Then Enforcer, in Shotgunner we take underdog, In tank we take Resilience ACE, Transporter, Bullseye basic, Shock and Wave ACE and Iron Man ACE In Technician. we take Hardware Expert basic and Steady Grip ACE. In Ghost we take Duck and cover and Parkour, both in basic so we are not snails, in Silent Killer we take Second Wind basic, The Professional ACE and HVT basic. In Fugitive we take Nine Lives ACE, WE DONT TAKE SWAN SONG, and in Brawler we take Martial arts basic, Bloodthirst and Berserker ACE with Frenzy basic. Our armor will be the Improved Combined Tactical Vest, and we will use medic bags as equipment, and literarlly any melee that you prefeer, it really doesnt matter, use the one that makes more damage, the most funny, a modded one, honestly doesnt matter. Armorer as perk, flash grenades and the Light KSP or 58 as primary, modified in the following way. Ok, being honest you can carry any machine gun, it doesnt matter, I think that KSP are perfect. They have the best AMMO, a ammo pickup of the gods, in general, good stadistics. The light KSP can reach the higher stability, but the KSP has beautiful skins, before dead than simple. I know that I said that carrying silencers with machine guns doesnt feel correct, its better that they sound loud and proud than silent and self-conscious, like you are peeing in a strange house and you point to the ceramics, well that was a bad example, But the Bigger The Better silencer stills being the best option if you dont care loosing 1 of damage, more with the professional, so… its your fault for remembering things I said a long time ago. The “low” damage machine guns (between quotation marks), I say low because between machine guns theres only low and high, and the “low” damage ones have 80 of damage, so its not bad, they have a decent stability, and with some games playing with them its easy to get used and shoot without the bipod but I also recommend use it in some occasions, how when you see a dozer and theres not so many enemys near. I dont know if it is me, or some type of placebo very rare, but sometimes I cant use the bipod in surfaces where it should work, but it instantly fix when I inspect the weapon and use the bipod again, I cant confirm if this is real, but try it, maybe im not imagining things. The secundary is any you want, but again,
grenade launchers are OP. The China Puff is very spameable, but the Compact can kill almost every enemy with a single grenade, excluding specials like tasers, medics, cloakers and obviously bulldozers, and this is because normal enemys have an explosive resistance that I didnt knew until not long ago, and the 960 damage that makes the China Puff does not reach to kill with a single grenade a Heavy enemy that exactly have 960 of HP, justly for this same resistencia, so if the ammo does not bother you, just kill someone with a melee hit to reload faster, and since you will find it similar to the spam of China Puff. But the China Puff has something that the Compact dont have, this. If you are tired of Grenade launchers, you can always carry an high damage submachine gun like the krinkov, or the CR85C24500-03 (Teleton joke). As soon the perk, I like a lot Armorer, if i would have a favourite perk for one down, I think it should be this one, although the game has too many that its better to vary sometimes, but I always come back to this one, it is SO useful, it has the enough armor, armor regeneration super fast to retire and come back to the fight in a blink, the inmunity when your armor is down its pretty good, and all that armor keeps you safe if you use Berserker. With the perk without dying, and similar to what I said in the last video, broken armor, grenade to the ground standing still and… oh see that and know you are carrying Berserker, I FEEL EMPOWERED. Ah, and the lack of Swan Song its not very notory, just play carefuller if you used to use Swan Song, and try to play with mentality of “I will try to die a less in the game” instead of “IM GOING TO STAND STILL IN FRONT OF THIS COPS AND KILL THEM WITH MY INFINITE AMMO”. Just remember to abuse a lot of the invincibility, especially when is time to get out of coverage. I tried this build in various maps, increasing the reaction of the Full Speed Swarm mod to the max, and yes, that skill its very far away of being necesary, but I would recommend it a lot in some maps. You already know which. There are variants of the build, yes. But there’s not variants to people who play without DLCS, because my favourite options for this builds literally are from the base game, KSP 58 and the Compact. But for people who dont have infamy, i would recommend… To begin I would recommend being Infamy, without that there’s not options, retire the 4 points of Steady Grip and put them in Quick Fix and Pumping Iron in Mastermind and Fugitive, respectively. When you have infamy and put a Infamy point and put it on the Mask of the Plague Doctor, you will be able to recreate the build without making changes. Other variable of the build is using Anarquist with the suit, removing Iron Man completly and putting them in Swan Song, for those maps a little bit less fair, but there you would be making a build from 0 basically. And that would be the build, I know that its very similar to others that I already have made, more concretly to the Criminal one for One Down and the other, Berserker rifleman I think hows it is called, but justly for that is a short video, theres no more to contribute apart from the build, so see you in the next video, See ya!

Traducido por Pipeta el bacan xd
Translated by Pipeta the cool guy xd

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    Imagen que dice sin UE y aparece la KSP con Bipode xd (creo que el Bipode es de DLC) xdxd

  2. Luis Neyez says:

    feliz cumple un poco tarde pero np xd
    estos videos son los que me gustan

  3. sshinko S says:

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  7. Martin Soto says:

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  8. tio chocman bananaespinoza says:

    Ur memes end here Carlos!!!

  9. FX 4422 says:

    Yo estoy usando un set de habilidades similar, mismas armas y el perk de Espia y funciona bien hasta meyhem… y no rstoy bromeando
    Anarquista & hacker=feos
    Espia=op okno:v
    Aunque aun no lo use en desolacion y probablenente sea peor

  10. alvise araya says:

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  11. ygnacio ballesteros says:

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  13. Deadcool xD says:

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  18. Seba Durán says:

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  19. Boss Slayer says:

    No sabia que el China Puff podia hacer eso jajaXD para cuando una build usando 3 de nuestro dios y salvador los Revolvers Bronco para One Down ( Desolacion* siempre recordaremos a One Down en nuestros corazones)?

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    Edit : Feliz Cumpleaños Carlos

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    (O cualquiera que lo lea también grasias jaja)
    ¿Crees tú que alguien que se compre el ultimate edition se asuste o le cueste adaptarse un tiempo a toooodo lo que tiene?
    ¿Crees que le cueste empezar o incluso le sería más fácil?
    Eso, gracias de antemano.

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  97. Alex Clifford says:

    God tier guns are 9mm and locomotive with heavy ballistic armour with 35% dodge and crits and practically unlimited ammo (per ammo box: 1-3 9mm bullets(170 damage) and 2-5 shotgun shells(115 damage)) giving it the potential to do from 400 damage to 1085 per ammo box (you can get fire shots on the locomotive) add all this with the crook perk deck with iron man basic, aced perk that gives increased ballistic vest armour and aced hostage taker. With this build you get 35% dodge, 245 armour with heavy ballistic vest (best armour is 260 and with that you move 28% slower) an average of between 550 to 665 damage per ammo box with a converted enemy you get 69 extra health and 10% speed boost. Hostage taker will give 13.5 health a second. This build makes deathwish extremely easy. (I would recommend selecting a different shotgun for death sentence e.g sweeper or judge) because you can one shot every thing except bulldozers except a bulldozer with a head shot. It will take 8 headshots to kill a bulldozer and 2 for tasers and Cloakers. Deathsence takes 13 headshots to kill a bulldozer (in the weapon this whole thing is based on locomotive shotgun) all special are 2 headshots except for Cloakers and tasers their 3. Normal enemies take 2 headshots to kill (unless you using the increase damage perk on the shot gun which lowers normals to 1 headshot specials to 2 and bulldozer to 10 so you still have to reload) perks are: armour, hostage heal + health, basic sneaky basta*d, crits 70%. Sadly you have to pick swan song with increased shotgun or fully upgraded doctor bags for teamplay. Very high armour, medium dodge, amazing ammo and ammo pickup, extremely fast, extra health, great heal, no recoil high accuracy, great at objective play.

  98. MKrap says:

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