PAYDAY 2 Update 100! 中文字幕

heisters Almere listo here in the overkill crew Wow update 104 PT 2 what a journey it has been and what a run we have before us so we in the overkill crew are committed to continue developing stuff for payday 2 for another 18 months that’s another year and a half so end of 2017 we’ll stop or not depending on what happens then but at least you know we’ve got you covered for quite some time warm reaching update 100 reminds us all how far we’ve come together it makes everyone in Dover two crew both humbled and proud to realize how many years we’ve spent together with you guys in the community today we have star bees signed a historic agreement or we acquired all the rights to the payday franchise what this means is that going forward it’s only us and you guys who decide what it’s going in to pay day to celebrate this momentous occasion we’re doing a couple of things for you guys first off we’re adding community grenades this means that anyone in the pd-2 community can use explosives going forward we’d also like to take an opportunity to thank all of you who have been participating in our skills beta that we’ve been having that’s been running for a couple of months now thank you so much for your feedback and your support we really really appreciate it and with one update one hundred we are looking to go live with the skills into the actual game itself and to further commemorate this eventful day we are freeing up the black market let me explain what that means starting with the next update in pity to any old generation safe in the loop drop will stop to drop any new generation safe going forward will drop completely for free you will still be able to trade all the old and new generation saves and items using the steam marketplace your prices supply and demand we’ll see continue to shape the pt2 marketplace any new generation safe that drops will be dropping completely for free and will continue to have different rarities and qualities depending on what kind of item you get the only difference is now you open em for free as chains so eloquently put it fuck that broke dick piece of shit drill these past few months a lot of things have changed in payday 2 but they’ve also changed outside of paititi we’ve been trying to be more transparent in what we do we’ve tried to communicate more with you guys trying to tell you guys what’s on our minds how we think how we do our stuff and so on and we really hope that you guys are seeing that we’re trying to get better all the time and we also want would like to take the opportunity to tell you guys thank you so much for continuing to be there for continuing to criticizing us telling us what’s right from what’s wrong sharing your feedback with us we really really appreciate it and we look forward to continue working with you guys on pennington for another 18 months as we reach the end of this video message everyone here in the over to crew would like to take an opportunity to say thank you thank you every hyster out there for standing with us through thick and through thin and thank you for continuing to play Paley as a final little thing I find a little something-something for you guys we’ve put together a little thing for you here you go check it out and more about it during e3 a what about this new guy not my deal tell us tell me what we need another one please get information plus I need someone to carry your fat ass back to the van you know I pull my own weight I just don’t like new faces that’s all and I don’t like your face but here we are right this pretty face you know women loves it man is that with your mask on or off finally America huh I always have an answer guys are so cute together listen seriously bye kiss you can’t trust them trying you don’t trust anybody that’s true but still it’s a biker what’s wrong with Piper’s they’re gray lazy and fat looked in the mirror recently they change the mom all right cut the shit I got a plan to secure soil do you see Dallas has a plan you

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  1. MadGold says:

    難得有熱心翻譯呢,雖然晚了點 竟然沒人看

    當製作人說broke piece of shit drills的時候,我想起一個聖誕節同人影片

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