[Payday 2] [Update] Biker Safe, Free to Open

Hey guys, Unknown Knight here and I’m just going to do a quick update. So earlier today I just started up
Payday 2 and was about to play when the Biker Safe was released. I realized that I totally forgot that Overkill was releasing a safe this week and that it’s completely free to open. Now if you haven’t been up to date with
things, let me just help you to catch up with that. From the release of Update 100 earlier this
month on the 3rd of June, Overkill removed microtransactions and declared that all new safes after the
Sydney safe, is free to open and will not require a drill. I managed to get a rare skin and it was pretty
cool, now I can’t decide which skin to use. And with that, I’ll leave you with a video
of me opening my Biker safe. So if you’re excited about that or if you haven’t gotten your Biker safe, go get it. Unknown Knight here, signing off.

8 comments on “[Payday 2] [Update] Biker Safe, Free to Open”

  1. Daddy Dallas says:

    you lucky bitch, fuck you lmao

  2. Omar Elkahky says:

    I unboxed that as my first safe to get on Card drops, and when I unboxed it, I got this: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=710619786

  3. Darck Furie says:

    how have this chest?

  4. E02Gir says:

    is biker safe really dont need a drill? O_o sorry first time payday 2

  5. Dark Arek says:

    Those safes can give you the money you spend on this game so its worth if you will play longer

  6. BabyEater69 says:

    Got the exact same skin in my free safe

  7. Frederic Chopin says:

    Can i get safes from ecm rushing jewelery store? Thx

  8. Wolfie HBB says:

    Which casses are free to open

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