Payday 2 – Updated Infamy Ranks

인포머스! 렙업 1 렙업 2 렙업 3 렙업 4 렙업 5 레벨 업 6 렙업 7 레벨 업 8 레벨 업 9 레벨 업 10 레벨 업 11 레벨 업 12 레벨 업 13 레벨 업 14 레벨 업 15 레벨 업 16 레벨 업 17 레벨 업 18 레벨 업 19 레벨 업 20 레벨 업 21 레벨 업 22 렙업 23 레벨 업 24 레벨 업 25 렙업 26

16 comments on “Payday 2 – Updated Infamy Ranks”

  1. Luke Erin says:

    Just remember Zdann. Infamous Level Twee.

  2. tuckerton296 says:

    Fuck them, man. They should've only added infamous ranks for stuff they had masks for. 

  3. Irateam says:

    Did you miss 18 and have 19 twice or am I just hearing really badly?

  4. Makarov says:

    They broke, that they already have.
    What the fuck overkill?

  5. Damien Nah says:

    Twenty-six? Am I missing something?

  6. Involuntary Penetration says:


  7. Yelena Meshkova says:

    Twenty six huh?

  8. Delux says:

    Please make a Jacket soundboard. i need it!

  9. Raiden The Jack says:

    Sorry to bother but are you too busy to make the Wolf soundboard?

  10. vermillofam says:

    "LEVEL 19, LEVEL 19, LEVEL 20"


  11. fizz says:

    I think you mean moment of silence for 11-14 (jack, queen, king, ace)

  12. Mau chóng says:

    26? Hmmm…wait.
    Only 20 more infamies came out for this update, it all added up to 25 infamies.
    There is one mentioned for 26, only 25 infamies included. 26 – 25 = 1
    Payday 2 is the second game, 2 + 1 = … ERH MEH GERD GUIS OVERKILL ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!

  13. Nauotit says:


  14. TheBreakingBenny says:

    Missed opportunity to insert an insulting message to people who get to infamy level 26 or above for hacking and cheating, because those fuckin' wankers and little babies deserve no respect for their crime.

  15. TheBreakingBenny says:

    I've come back wondering a bit about Infamy Level 26, is it perhaps connected to Infamy 3.0?

  16. Joe Schmoe says:

    And that's how kids should learn how to count.

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