Payday 2 VR: Accidentally stealthing Big Bank

TERA: We’re trying to sort of partially stealth this until it goes loud. TERA: The one person of us who doesn’t have like 75 detection is trying to do some stealth TERA: It’s great. JAVA: I don’t understand. I have a silencer on my LMG. How could I be above three detection rating? PSYMON: I…I do miss a lot of my stealth skills like “Sixth Sense” so I can tell if people are near me. TERA: *laughs* Oh god, yeah, you’re doing this completely blind! JAVA: Hang, on, hang on. JAVA: You all good there, Psymon? PSYMON: Hello? PSYMON: Come with me! ALL: *laugh* JAVA: You’re…you’re just setting up this room over here. TERA: This is like your nightmare den. PSYMON: Don’t get near that camera! TERA: This is so stupid JAVA: Why the fuck is this working PSYMON: It’s not stupid if it works PSYMON: Can you pick up the police officer this in the hallway, please RAY: I’m sorry, what?
PSYMON: Right here. PSYMON: That guy. ALL: *laughing* JAVA: I’m sorry, it’s just… JAVA: *laughs* TERA: This should not be working JAVA: *continues laughing* JAVA: I’m sorry PSYMON: *laughs* It IS working… JAVA: Okay JAVA: Yeah okay JAVA: Ten out of ten, best game PSYMON: Stealth gone horribly wrong. Or right. TERA: This is loud gone horribly wrong. ALL: *laugh* PSYMON: I only have…
JAVA: Loud gone horribly wrong… JAVA: You won’t believe what happens next! PSYMON: Look, we have three hostages ALL: *laugh* TERA: Oh my god JAVA: At the end of the mission we just start yelling at the cops, “it’s just a prank bro!” JAVA: “Camera’s over there!” TERA: *laughs* PSYMON: You know what’s bad is like the first guard I killed out on the back and the people seen him JAVA: *laughs* PSYMON: And I’ve taken two hostages out on the balcony where people can see me too PSYMON: It’s just… TERA: Almost ten minutes and we’re still not detected JAVA: *laughs* Yeah JAVA: It’s a goddamn Christmas miracle TERA: *laughs* PSYMON: How far can we go? JAVA: Yeah, let’s let’s ride this wave out as long as we can go on the surfboard that is Psymon’s insane nightmare room TERA: *laughs* PSYMON: Hey. PSYMON: It’s got nice chairs. It’s got a bunch of books. JAVA: Yes. It’s also it’s also got a corpse inside it, mind you. TERA: Two! PSYMON: It’s…it’s got two. PSYMON: They’re snuggling with the hostages. JAVA: Okay, that just makes it twice as worse then TERA: *laughing* Yeah. PSYMON: Alright, so, I have to go across the balcony to get to the room PSYMON: Probably going to be the safest way. JAVA: Run Psymon, run as fast as your murderous little legs can take you! TERA: *laughs* JAVA: There you go! You got it! JAVA: You’re the workhorse carrying this 75 detection crew! PSYMON: Alright, I’ve made it to the server room. JAVA: Holy shit! PSYMON: I’m starting the hack. RAY: There’s a civvie coming down the stairs behind you! JAVA: Oh shi—
TERA: *nervous laugh* PSYMON: *deep breath* JAVA: You’re a fucking madman, you know that? ALL: *laugh* TERA: Absolute madman
*laughter continues* JAVA: Why…why is this working? PSYMON: *frustrated noise* PSYMON: I hope it’s the right computer. It’d be really nice if– JAVA: Why didn’t we just do this in stealth? PSYMON: I don’t know! JAVA: Fuck. PSYMON: Now I’m running a dodge build so it helps JAVA: It started out as ‘let’s ride the wave of stealth as long as we can’ JAVA: and now it’s just become ‘let’s do stealth in a loud setup’ JAVA: Like… fuck it. Just… just ride the whole thing out. PSYMON: This this part here is going to take the longest though because I can’t… PSYMON: work both computers. I had to go through and hack every computer single, looking. JAVA: *whispering* It’s okay I believe in you! JAVA: I like how Ray’s just keeping watch in the nightmare room JAVA: Keeping the seat warm for Simon when he gets back TERA: *laughs* PSYMON: *quietly* I will return. PSYMON: I’m hacking a computer with a guy at the desk. TERA: *laughs* HOW?? JAVA: What the fuck. TERA: Just reach around him to the keyboard… JAVA: No, I don’t…I don’t…I don’t…I…I don’t ALL: *laughing*
JAVA: I can’t process this. PSYMON: Like, you can… you can look through the little dividers. The cubicle dividers. TERA: Just like… just tap his mouse TERA: He won’t notice. JAVA: Stroke his hand a little bit. JAVA: “Just uh, just picking up those files for Linda, you know.” TERA: Heh JAVA: “We don’t have a Linda here.”
“Shut the fuck up. You work a 9 to 5 job, get over it!” TERA: *giggles* PSYMON: *sighs*
TERA: Oh my god, if you actually do get it… TERA: Careful. TERA: There’s a camera I think. PSYMON: Yeah. I had to figure out exactly where to stand. PSYMON: HOLY FUCK! *laugher*
JAVA: Oh my god JAVA: Okay. OKAY. TERA: Well then. JAVA: *laughs* Go Psymon! PSYMON: Starting the time lock! JAVA: Well, okay. Sure. That’s… TERA: Oh my god. JAVA: EVERYTHING IS FINE. TERA: *laughing* This is the stupidest thing! JAVA: What. the fuck. PSYMON: You know, somebody said they didn’t think this could be done in stealth TERA: You know what? Shut up. PSYMON: He’s looking at Ray. PSYMON: Uhp, oop. [indistinct]
Heh. Nothing to see there. JAVA: *laughing*
PSYMON: Walked right past the murder room. JAVA: *laughing* JAVA: OH MY GOD. You’re fucking kidding me. PSYMON: Well considering there are dead people at cubicles upstairs… PSYMON: I’m really expecting this to go south at some point. ALL: *laughing* TERA: Did you kill all the civvies there?
JAVA: That’s why we’re here! PSYMON: I had to kill one. PSYMON: The door’s opening. JAVA: Holy shit! TERA: Uh oh! Somebody found the body! JAVA: Oh! Oh! JAVA: It’s happening. Anyone got ECMs? No? TERA: Nope JAVA: All right. PSYMON: Everyone get the thermite! *nervous laugh* PSYMON: I got the thermite!
TERA: Door’s open! TERA: The door’s still open!
Psymon: *giggling* TERA: Oh my god PSYMON: Thermite is set. Being set. *laughing* TERA: Psymon. Psymon.
PSYMON: Yes? TERA: You’re a god. PSYMON: *laughs*

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