Payday 2 – Weapon Skins, or: How I Learned to Love GoonMod

Hi there, as always I’m Feldrin and, as
you might’ve noticed, I’ve been away for a bit but, I’m back now. I had some work
to take care of, and, quite frankly, I’ve also been a bit of a lazy bastard, but I’m
working on another PSA right now, which by the way is what you see being made in the
background, and I’m also planning to do some other things so you’ll probably see
more videos pop up sooner or later. Anyway, right. While I was gone for a bit,
I checked back in during Crimefest to see whether, well, there was anything worth coming
back for and…euh, jeez. Now, I’m not the kind of guy to have strong opinions about
this kind of stuff. Quite frankly, I don’t think it’s worth getting all hot and bothered
about, and there’s enough outrage all around already. The whole thing looks like a PR nightmare,
and currently Overkill appears to be diving head-first into deeper shit by adding XP and
money bonuses onto skins. While complaining about all of that is perfectly legit, I don’t
think it’ll help changing anything considering Overkill’s attitude on the whole topic so
far. But, at least in terms of how your weapons look, you can actually do something yourself
to make your own skins that, if you put some effort into them, will probably look better. Because, quite frankly, so far I’m not really
all that impressed with how a lot of the official weapon skins look. I actually bought a few
of them on the market because it felt unfair to comment on them otherwise. Also, buying
them directly seems to be a far more efficient way of getting skins you’d like rather than,
you know, buying drills, which seems to be the equivalent of pissing money away. All right…, well, look, I know that this
is battle-worn and that it’s cheap as shit, but that’s not really the point is it. In
the end, the system is build around the idea of getting safes, and spending €2-3 on a
drill, which means you might still end up getting…well, this. Or this. Some skins
actually look nice, while others look like there’s hardly any effort put into them,
which is a shame. But it’s not as if you’ve got any choice with what you end up with getting
from a safe. It’s basically a gamble in the hopes that you’ll get a skin that simultaneously
doesn’t look rubbish, also is in a good enough condition so you can actually see what
the hell it is supposed be, and finally, hope that the skin you get is also for a weapon
that you’ll end up using. And even then, it still doesn’t feel like
you’re actually customizing anything. You pick a skin you like, and that’s it. That’s
rather quite different from the freedom you get in mask customization. Anyway, if you don’t like the skins or would
want to be able to really customize stuff yourself, I think the GoonMod weapon customizer
is actually superior to a lot of the skins out there. To install that, just visit,
and first install the Payday 2 BLT, followed by GoonMod under the mods section, and just
follow the instructions on the site. Once you’re in-game, don’t forget to check
the option to actually activate the customization, then restart the game for that to take effect,
and finally just right click on a weapon to begin customizing it. What the GoonMod customizer basically allows
is to customize a large amount of individual weapon parts, including all the mods, and
for that it uses the same materials, patterns and colours that you were already using to
customize all your masks with. Honestly, I think that this is a pretty ingenious
idea, it allows for a really large range of customization, and it ties in nicely with
the game as is, building further on the idea of collecting patterns and colours and so
forth. Of course, the downside is that other players won’t be able to see your customizations,
but inspecting it yourself still works perfectly fine. If that one drawback doesn’t bother
you too much, and you’d just like some fun options, or even if you just want to change
some of the modifications that stick out like sore thumbs, then it might worth checking
out goonmod. Some people out there have put a fair amount of effort into making skins,
and they’ve managed to make some really neat stuff that looks pretty great. The whole modding community for Payday is,
actually, I think, one of the reasons why it’s such a great game in the first place,
and I hope that, with there now being official weapon skins, it’s not going to harm any
of the existing mods that involve weapon customization. There’s a few mods out there that allow
you to unlock all of the official skins, and while it’s probably nice to have access
to them, I’m just afraid that it might lead to backlash and ends up getting a lot of mods
thrown under the bus in the process. Yes, that would be a really shit move on Overkill’s
part, but it’s not as if the whole weapon skin thing so far is particularly faith inspiring
now is it. If that somehow starts bleeding over into branding perfectly legit customization
mods as cheating; that would be even worse than what we’re already stuck with.

37 comments on “Payday 2 – Weapon Skins, or: How I Learned to Love GoonMod”

  1. Mono Chrome says:

    Glad to see you're handling it so calmly, Feldrin. It would be a shame if Payday 2 lost its best PSA/tutorial maker.

  2. Dezhen says:

    To be fair… I even have put more love and effort using Goonmod, than these pigs over at Overgreed – Here are some examples:

    Btw: Goonmod will as well get a "Deeper Customization" Update, allowing us to further customize several parts of a weapon. I am hyped about it. ;3

    Have a nice day. – Now all i need is an updated DMCWO, and i am slightly happy again. C:

  3. imHellaHungry says:

    I thought all mods were disabled after the start of crime fest. I immediately wrote off PD2 after I heard I wouldn't be able to use GoonMod anymore, thanks for the heads up.

  4. Dezhen says:

    Oh … another thing; It is not a mockery against Overkill, but: Look at the love which was put in inside this wonderful skin. <3

  5. Hoxtilicious says:

    You're alive!

  6. Axyo says:

    good to know that there is at least somebody who can stay calm in situations like this. the shitstorm in the last weeks was enough already.

  7. 【Toastie►VG】 says:

    yay 😀

  8. EpicTorchiz A nobody says:

    Your back I'm happy keep up the good work

  9. Gildenopa says:

    I am glad you are back. I got one skin so far and its not very nice to look at so i will stick with the Goonhud/mod customizer as well.

  10. DrCabbageman says:

    I'm so happy you're not leaving. I've learned and taught so many with your videos.

    Me and the only friend I know irl who's any good at PD2 watched every PSA in the playlist. 😀

  11. Daniero1994 says:

    Using mod to unlock Legendaries, even though they are visible only to you, marks you as a cheater, because they boost stats -.-

  12. gimok2k5 says:

    Well, the skins wouldn't be TOO bad if they were 100% cosmetic, the drills were cheaper (or there would be only 'Mint' VS 'Lightly used') and there wouldn't be any stat boosts. There is a laundry list of things that Overkill did wrong, most of them would be pretty obvious to anyone and still, Overkill decided to do it and then come "we never did that before" – well, nobody else did, either, because they knew that it's a horrible idea to do it that way.
    They not only screw it up once, but twice (Black Market and then a month later with the Complete Overkill Safe). Which just shows that they don't have any idea what they're doing – yet clearly decide to keep doing it, for god knows what reason. Apparently, they must be totally off their meds to think they should keep that course despite the obvious, massive backlash they got. Twice, now.

    And regarding GoonMod – yeah, I don't know what people see in that customiser, no matter what's shown, it looks like crap. It's probably related to the fact that materials and even more so pattern were never supposed to be applied to guns. The official weapon skins at least would allow for proper work the guns in question and would allow for really good looking stuff. Unfortunately, Overkill so far hasn't delivered any skin yet that does that. The Deagle Skin from Slaughterhouse shows that there are more things possible than just bland coloring – but it's just a vague hint, there is still a LOOOONG way to go.

  13. Lupo Snow says:

    The flying Dutchman returns

  14. SiestaYonJyuGo says:


    Goon mod has allowed full detailed customization of guns forever.

    This system doesn't feel like a style choice like every other aspect of the game. It's a status symbol because of the value placed on them.

  15. Blue says:

    I don't really see the weapon skins as something that are bad. Don't get me wrong, $2.50 for a gamble at a weapon skin is laughable, and you won't see me shelling out that kind of money for something so trivial, but I think the community got way too uppity for the wrong reasons. These weapon skins aren't really hurting anything. The team stats are minuscule, negligible at best. +1%? Really? That's a game changer? Even the original stats were a huge joke. +4 accuracy to a pistol? That's not even noticeable, let alone "over powered". I just find this whole backlash to be fucking silly. First of all, if someone doesn't want to spend the money, then don't spend the money. It's such a simple concept that I can't believe I have to remind people of it. Secondly, who the fuck are these people to tell someone else how they should or should not spend their money? If they want to buy drills in a small hope for a skin, let them. That's their choice, not yours. Thirdly, this system works fine in TF2 and CS:GO. Now I've never played those games, but I've also never seen people sending death threats to Valve over this, so I'll assume it works fine. I can't tell you how many people I've seen yell "FUK U OVERKIL" who have 100 hours in Payday 2, and over 1000 hours in TF2 or CS:GO. Like, really?

    TL;DR The drills are not a big deal. It's just another paid skin, like Clover or Dragon.

  16. Rączy Jelonek says:

    Finally you're back :). Can't wait to see the upcoming PSA

  17. tonyantonio says:

    Utorret why? That shit is bad for your computer. Get a better torrent plese

  18. F135T0RM _96 says:

    More video. Yes ty ,man

  19. alsnana00 says:

    Hey, dude, welcome back! I missed ya!

    I noticed you're using the regular notepad? Why not notepad++?

  20. kalkkuna says:

    The unofficial goonmod is so much better for gun visual customizing than the official payday skin ripoff system. How can that be? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  21. GentleCrabfish says:

    I realy think you should be a voice actor

  22. Forcedminer says:

    coin ops skin……a dlc weapon i don't own….
    then golden flake….another dlc weapon….
    then 2:25 I got that black yellow desert eagle skin

    But still as Jacket would say thank you very much
    for showing that goonmod weapon skin….the only thing i knew about it was mutator gamemodes…eg bulldozers only. heh

  23. gimok2k5 says:

    Been a bit over a month and now that there have been changes, additions as well as a few new, more tasteful skins, any chance of doing a follow-up video?

  24. Loli Raviolli says:

    i wish you made some tutorials on installing shit….oh well,thanks for the info buddy

  25. 甘育愷 says:

    Other players can see weapon skin ?

  26. Wolf-E says:

    OMG a guy who doesn't freak out about the skins and doesn't go on a 5 hour rant! you just earned a subscriber

  27. droideka 1 says:

    who cares if the others can't see your custom skins WHO CARES! more for you! 🙂

  28. louiseleon07 says:

    Is Goonmod still working or not?
    Hasn't been updated since who know when

  29. Skippertomtom says:

    On the subject of skins, getting a $2 item out of a free safe is one of the most ironic things to happen to me.

  30. Mothe La Mothe says:

    YOU NEED GAGE COINS??????!!!!

  31. CannonFodder says:

    notice how before pd2 said goonmod couldn't be endorsed by them and then they added all the shit goonmod did but worse!!!!

  32. MaTTIn says:

    can you make tutorial how to install r31 version and more about csutom gun skin

  33. Arsenic Flask says:

    Better thing is when you get a skin for the grenade launcher and don't have the DLC

  34. Tommy g says:

    Dr.Strange love

  35. The almighty Space jesus says:

    Why this isn't a base part of the game, I don't fucking know. Overkill makes…well…they make decisions, that's for sure.

  36. shinobi beans says:

    where do you put the goonmod folder at?

  37. Daruhor Blackwater says:

    GoonMod GENIUS

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