PAYDAY 2 – Why are you cheating?

Apenas procurando por um lobby aleatório para testar minha build… por que você está chitando ? (Cheat é Uma espécie de trapaça) Eu nao estou Sim, Voce é um cheater (Hacker / Trapaceador) porque você disse isso ? eu sei de fato que nao estou trapaceando 9 horas e ifamy 25 eu tenho mais de 1400 horas ? Porque você esta mentindo ? Perfil do Host da Steam (1 Game Ban em Recorde)

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  1. hyperanium says:

    Why are you cheating?

  2. Nathan says:

    Dude plz give me his Steam Link i wanna laugh about his Profile a little bit

  3. Teklow says:

    I once was accused of cheating from an infamy 3 because I had 120 hours and began my fourth infamy while he was on 140 hours kek

  4. crab-redux says:


  5. Miroslav says:

    Why are you lying?

  6. A1den PlayinAr0und says:

    This…is why I always check profiles first before making assumptions whether someone is truly a cheater or not.
    But gotta admit, I (too) usually trust the NGBTO mod, but only when it comes to skills and perk decks, not hours spent in game.

  7. Frenzy says:


  8. Alive says:

    He propably looked up his own profile lol

  9. Doremy says:

    This is why I don't Use NGBTO. I had 160+ hours in the game and it said I have 60 Hrs. I was like WHAT

  10. t h i c c says:

    i hope host sees this

  11. Alex Feder says:

    Why do you chest master

  12. Zeinzy says:

    dis dood tho

  13. Syl von Braun says:

    That's why payday introduced the ban option, so you will never be banded together with these weird specimen again. 😀

  14. shinobi beans says:

    Anyone want to raid that duds profile with comments? Just saying. But no cuz that would be wrong but check his profile just in case if that infamy 7 is legitness

  15. Fireheartclan says:

    I do like how it told the hours in game too.

  16. Splayer 123 says:

    "This lobby will print information about joining people and ban cheaters automatically"
    Doesn't automatically ban the player.
    Yeah you might wanna think before you speak there.

  17. asro happ says: ?

  18. french baguette says:

    Why are you lying?

  19. EthRam _ says:

    Died at the 1 vac ban record one

  20. Schmuddel says:

    I'm not sure which is worse, NGBTO or the people who use it.

  21. Ninja Gallo says:


  22. WESvs says:

    once i was playing a pub golden grin and about half way through once we were going to light the flare for the winch it instantly when to the payday screen

    one of the most confusing lobbies ive ever been in

  23. I cannot aim says:

    Apparently hosts look at the perk deck to say they have 9 hours

  24. Oki Dokie says:

    Now I'm afraid of getting infamy while having only 90 hours (because those pesky assumers)

  25. ChrisMathers3501 says:

    In Payday you either put in a lifetime of time or you suck. I dont see how a cheater, even a real one and not someone who's just actually good, can ruin a coop game. Can someone explain that shit?

  26. BENETT 69 says:

    Same thing in every public lobby specially if u are infamy 25-100

  27. Kekis says:

    top kek

  28. THE EQUALIZER says:

    take that cheater!

  29. Maes says:

    why are you lying?

  30. TheCommentGuy says:

    Dumbasses at their finest

  31. Nucleenix says:


  32. Lucios1995 says:

    0:36 I noticed that you wrote the dot and went back on it, lol, that is me sometimes too

  33. Марина Кудоярова says:

    There's only 1 time when you should not rely on your brains: if it's non existant.

  34. Mecko Tan says:

    did this guy take some of the meth you were cooking

  35. GERMANY TIGER says:


  36. No One says:

    Everybody is stupid if they see 25 infamous they will say you cheated so I sometimes say

  37. Wicha Naothaworn says:

    This is why i hate this mod

  38. ThatGuyFromThatPlace says:

    NGBTO… Its basically a mod for people with severe disabilities and superiority complexes…

  39. DarkNoobBoi says:

    Stay at infamy XXIV?

  40. gabsF uwu says:


  41. LunartTRS says:

    Why couldn't he simply check recent players and visit their profile instead of relying mods that ain't even a part of the game?

  42. Raoyx says:

    happened to me to, the dumb ass was looking at how time played last 2 weeks…

  43. hipstergeek says:

    He changed his named
    My profile pic

  44. Elijah Almacen says:

    what a fucktard

    tbh i woudnt give the slightest fuck if a cheater joined my game cause he would spawn loot in the van, unless he kills everyone then il kick

  45. Hope Light Cleopatera says:

    XD you laught is so awsome <3

  46. TR-KnightForEyes 1 says:

    WTF .Sarf.E:H.S.E.AE.H:aeh.da:st:.SDRT

  47. Hayden says:

    I've met someone like that,he got banned for false accusations and harassment on the devs end.

  48. Hobsido says:

    Y ar u sheeting??1

  49. Kermit the Frog's Stepson says:

    See your mistake was trying to play cook off casually on pubs in Payday 2.

  50. Seal Stealer says:

    noice meme

  51. Eduardo Augusto says:

    Hey but, u cant say a guy he is cheater just looking his steam profile, I know guy who have a ban in account and he never used one… seriously, steam is bugged and he needs a repair fast.

  52. ReeJayDaDeeJay says:

    "you're cheating!" (is cheating and blames it on him because so bad and has iq lower then a nutshell)

  53. Solid Stake says:

    What is worse than cheat is dlc unlocker. This proof why cancer is uncurable.

  54. Marian HD says:

    I cheat cyka

  55. Tychi says:


  56. werknemerful says:

    How dare you?

  57. Jadey says:

    Why is he cheating ?

  58. Secretcodrin says:

    why are you cheating?
    spit on non belivers

  59. KOZER KOG says:

    Hahahah its happened to me every time when I use grinder pack in low lobby

  60. TheMadPlatypus ! says:

    you know what that guy is right you could of hacked those hours get reported

  61. GtrMardeus says:

    Man I was just playing PD2 and some random guy just got like million mission items that werent obtainable in the mision. xD

  62. Andre says:

    stop of cheating you fuckerr

  63. Random Person that just writes comments. says:

    Did he accidentally check the wrong player? Because he said jere's name and jere the hedgehog was right there.

  64. zero cerdas says:

    The cheaters sick's

  65. Panyut Boonjaroen says:

    I use grinder perk
    Everyone in pub think i'm cheater
    Got kicked

  66. Pongsapak Subpokatorn says:

    I think being a high skill heister mean CHEATING for him, DAMN! CONDUR3L |NUMBERZ| you fucking idiots.

  67. Rudy Grzyb 2: Wrong Number says:

    Rare or Legendary skins = KICK!!!!!11111

  68. Esqandar Dan says:

    acualy, its possible to play game for like hundred of hours withoug steam counting, just play the game through anti virus software,how do i knw this?. i been playing cs like amost 200 then i buy a new anti virus then i run the game through anti virus then almost about 40 hrs my steam hrs dint count

  69. TomCZE says:

    so you join a game and you instantly get called cheater.

  70. Phoenix Wright says:

    W H Y A R E Y O U C H E A T I N G?

  71. Zombiefied says:

    cuz skill drongos

  72. Airbowguy says:

    Wow. Disgusting. Cheaters like you are ruining the game for everyone.

  73. The Endleader says:

    3716 hours and wot

  74. Harry Murray says:

    Stop cheating, please.

  75. Jim the GOD says:

    i had some guy get removed from my game because of him using hacks

  76. angel vazquez says:


  77. hammer DMX says:

    Who use dlc unyloker here?

  78. OverDose says:


  79. Martin Ibarra says:

    Why are u running? WHY are you running?

  80. pedro burrito says:

    Lol everyone kicking and reporting cheaters. the creators dont care, i used to use crazy cheats and mods for the shits and gigs with mates and id help people every so often. Dont know why everyone so againts the cheats :L its an old ass game and some people have finished it. Dont like a cheater just kick him. reporting though lol thats pretty funny in this game tbh

  81. Flapdrap says:

    After I got everything done and payday became boring then I cheated… for the fun factor

  82. Mr. Wolf says:

    H a H a N i c e

  83. Leopard 2 MBT says:

    Well…that’s a cunt move…

  84. Brendan Ducker says:

    This, my friends, is the problem with NGBTO and similar mods. Don't use them. Please.

  85. Elekris says:

    Why do people care if there is a cheater in Payday lol i mean it's a PvE game

  86. Luke Queen says:

    Fun fact: all infamy 25's are dirty cheaters like ftw

  87. Same A. says:

    To get free dlc stuff

  88. dzyogas.mp3 says:

    and this is so important, that you had to upload it here

  89. Real WeiFi says:

    so ironic

  90. InsertGoodChannelNameHere says:

    TL;DW: So I joined a random lobby

  91. revolverman says:

    No comment…..

  92. Abandoned Account says:

    um.. i have 1400+ hours..
    “why are you lying?”

    This kid’s retarted

  93. rzw99 says:

    lol what a fucking noob

  94. Ender Gamer98 says:

    what a dumbass

  95. pcandpsplayer International Gaming says:

    That guy is retarded. It's not funny…..


  96. Lightning Blitz says:

    Funny thing is that no one with 9 hours would cheat XXV infamy, virtually all fake 25s I've seen were at 50+-10 hours. Dunno why

  97. Slawomir Bebel says:

    I don't get the video he is obviously cheating

  98. Button Mash says:

    Y r u lyin’
    (Insert retarded image of the host here)

  99. Button Mash says:

    Am I the only clean player in the game?

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