Payday in a Nutshell

WE ARE GOING TO ROB A BANK (oh noes) AND PROBABLY KILL PEOPLE IN THE PROCESS (oh noes.) (intimidating masks) (Its a clown prank) (the sound you make after you piss real bad) *puts them out of their misery* (much title) (ruined) KILL ME GOOD MORNING GOOD DAY -puts on glasses- *shock* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO yeah real good idea drill the safe, what could go wrong? (motor sets up the drill) (done having sex with safe) *drill sawing through safe* (o shit waddup) (fix) (back to drill shit) (ugh fucking jammed) (is this gonna-) nvm its fixed. again? ………….. big mistake is happening now. *CRIME RAVE BITCHESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* (satanic shit) (creepy ass words) (FUCKKK) hey (do i give a fuck?) (so do it for your life idiot) *FUCK YEAH* (smiling for nothing) (worst move ever) dumbass cop (wanting to shoot them) (lol) crazy (dont wait a minute) BITCH!!!!!!! O_o /end

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  1. smokebomb7 1 says:

    Cloaker culiao

  2. Ironalexxx says:

    5:23 боль

  3. Xic loo p says:

    Wolf would be mad at Bain, because he didn’t send him to the loud mission. Wolf loves loud. XD

  4. The Frakusta says:


  5. A Ux2 says:

    I love this

  6. アイスゲーマー[Icegamer23] says:

    I only played it once and all of this is basically what went down when I played

  7. Arfan Malik says:

    2:42 GET THE FUCK UP

  8. 黃鼎堯 says:

    2:41Get the fuck up samurai, we have bank to rob

  9. Артём Мочалин says:


  10. Hshshshehe HDHSHDHsyudhd says:

    Please gif 1:57 10 hour.

  11. Milenium says:

    Nice work

  12. #SaveYourInternet #SaveYourInternet says:


  13. Thatguywiththerandomskit s says:


  14. Quzlix 17 says:


  15. Violeta Mladenovski says:

    2:42 when your frend is dead

    you: GET THE FUCK UP

  16. paşa joe 007026 says:

    sonu çoook komik amına koyayım
    çok true

  17. warden creed says:

    ……..3:19 not morals……but morales……the person?

  18. Bonzi Buddy says:

    -yes, I know its suspicious but we cant do anything because our suspicion meter isnt full.
    I dont know how that would make any sense but this is payday

    -a guard that isnt paid enough to give a frick 2015

  19. Derek Morris'jr says:


  20. Owen Wessel says:

    I need the red bag of healing!

  21. tai chi says:

    2:41 XD

  22. KhaozHydra says:


  23. Dany Luna says:

    0:35 thats true

  24. SirDylan23 says:

    Chains can just punch the drill

  25. Hanter TeamPro says:

    2:00 what name music

  26. Timbertam says:

    Guess the character: Control? Ugh.. i was just scratching my balls, but you won't understand because you don't have balls. ( if you guessed, reply below. )

  27. FBI says:

    Thought he was gonna mention dodge builds

  28. HeFiTV says:

    5:24 i almost died at this moment

  29. Soldier SAIK NoNameSo says:

    Screw cancer doctors call dallac and learn his magic

  30. Skylean 21 says:

    2.05 what mean santet?

  31. Mr_Cloaker says:

    2:42 character : dallas , voice : chains = logic

  32. Project Luraz says:

    i just got payday and it really hit me

  33. Тимур Гараев says:

    Автор мудозвон

  34. Dr. Brünköff says:

    0:52 misuc please

  35. California Highway Patrol - Santa Cruz Police says:

    mhm your nutshell is realistic now
    i bought alot of gun in a bank door no one cares
    i put my nerd glassed on

  36. Cameron Fleming says:

    Payday 2 in a nutshell? This video just looks like ordinary payday 2 gameplay

  37. Maks Haska says:

    I will give you my like

  38. RJKuker says:

    He can manually pick up the door, blew it, or drill it. But he cannot close it at all

  39. Mask_of_beta says:

    2:41 GET THE FUCK UP!

  40. The Shameful says:

    Now with the ending of payday 2, there really is black magic at work!

  41. Cruel Hercules_24 says:

    I always try to make the police surrender so they can go back to their families

  42. sundered says:

    5:24 only professionals can understand

  43. Five Night At Freedys Fiv Night At Freedys 4 says:

    Ne diyon aq payday diye girdim bune ya

  44. Grdnnn says:

    2x speed for ya.

  45. TheOneAndOnlyPepsi says:

    PAYDAY $

  46. Greatest_Glory 29 says:

    4:29 and 99 micro seconds WHAT THE #@(* !!! I saw that in Ace attorney parody too

  47. Timur Saifulin says:

    Где Русские , ебать?

  48. Rozzich says:

    I have a perk, that allows to fix drill in one sec)

  49. 123 minecraft says:

    fix the drill 100000000000 times but find a safe inside a safe at the end

  50. Dan Delgado says:

    Then payday in a Nutshell 2 with a Bulldozer

  51. Skelton says:

    0:46 The best part 🤣🤣🤣

  52. Asian Boi says:

    I bought a mask that looks like wolfs mask from Comic Con and the way in how identical it looks like from the game and the one I bought is crazy identical

  53. Kurt Cobain says:

    He was scared of a man in a chicken mask becuz he knew he was Jacket a guy who wiped out the whole russian mafia.So you know what they say"If a guy with a chicken mask who wiped out the whole russian mafia points at you with a pistol Remember join at his side."

  54. Peacfl Beast says:

    Yes im in the payday gang.

    P-guys the thermal drill, go get it.

  55. Аким Антонов says:

    He doesnt just weared glasses he take his weapons and this is suspicious.

  56. Krzysztof Stopa says:

    At least Dallas is not a dumb. Fuck

  57. Jared Sabila says:

    Gotta hate the cloakers

    I will begin the incantation to resurrect from the dead



  58. [Tide] Tide.Sw1shy says:


  59. Wardon says:

    1:57 me every goddamn heist lmao…

  60. RupertStudioTM says:

    про клокера это жиза,я сразу понял что так и пройзойдет

  61. Sgt. Canuck says:

    You've been kicked from the match

  62. Joel Burgos says:

    The drill for normal safes jams 2-3 times oof that's gonna result in playing pd2 on death sentence one down sorry buddy.

  63. Isaac Hernandez says:

    Me : just keep running don’t look back

    Cloaker: 👻👻👻👻👻👻

  64. Zer co says:

    2:06 santet? Are u indonesia?

  65. toprak nemutlu says:

    0:55 when no nut November ends


    2:40😂😂😂 ahahahahahaahahhaha (what?)

  67. ter ter says:

    5:30 i literally yammed for this music in the scarface mansion heist ;D

  68. Dead Zone says:

    Oh, this is fucking true

  69. ricko電競 says:

    5:23 I hate this 😢

  70. Xterra Modding Community says:

    4:29 why was she naked suddenly? Then not? What the fuck is this? XD

  71. Ezequiel says:

    Chains is Dallas wtf

  72. Ben Walsh says:

    5:23 died laughing don’t know why

  73. Il Reve Wacoffin says:

    Whats santet?

  74. EnderalPhantom says:

    Arms outstretched

  75. EnderalPhantom says:

    Arms outstretched

  76. EnderalPhantom says:

    Arms outstretched

  77. EnderalPhantom says:

    Arms outstretched

  78. frog collector says:

    payday 2 = drill simulator

  79. the couch potato says:

    2:43 person:(dead)
    Dallas: GET THE FUCK UP!!!!!

  80. KD PLAYS says:

    The title is literally payday 1, yet it shows pay day to at the intro

  81. just your friendly, fellow portuguese neighbour says:

    You forgot about hosts kicking you for no reason at all and that teammate that places all the blame on you and biased host kicks you.

  82. Dolan Duck says:

    5:22 ahah thats the best part😁

  83. Dolan Duck says:

    4:29 wow

  84. Nuclear Rabbit says:

    1:18 he ment 100% all the time

  85. Hawlucha17 says:

    This video sucks. Standard drills jam 1 to 3 times by there selves assuming cops don't ess with sstuff the drill is fine and cops don't ruin it cuz chains is in front of it. also two guards never stay still in stealth next to a key area. You suck Rong Rong

  86. Комнатный says:

    Get the fuck up

  87. anonymous guy says:

    1:58 Me, the boys and our alien friend after storming area 51.

  88. Mr. Shellmen says:

    Don't worry, I'll keep a watch on the safes and such, u guys go kill, despite me using a loud setup and being a heavy of sorts-

  89. _- Többet a Játékokról -_ says:

    A drill can jam 3 times and any additional time police fucks it up

  90. A Ali says:

    2:41 I’m dying 😂😂😂

  91. Dio Joestar says:

    На Get a fuck up чуть не здохXD

  92. Totally Acauntis says:


  93. Sema Night says:

    0:56 goes from harvest and trustee to jewelry store lol

  94. Dank Donk says:

    Dislike, cloakers cant cloak the last one standing.

  95. Googlepluscausedmetohavealongassname says:

    Fuck is all this? My entire game is just Dallas yelling for a medic bag.

  96. PublicHarp says:

    the circle goes backwards

  97. so this profile is normal. says:

    he was resurrected but he has a sustaining urge to do high profile heists

  98. C. Wang says:

    Who will win: a Professional SWAT Team with shotguns or 4 criminals with LMGs

  99. World Painted says:

    Stealth is just so damn boring, loud is where the real bank robbing fun is at

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