Payday lenders spreading like wildfire

This is an amazing stat. There are 14,000
McDonald’s restaurants across the country. That’s a lot, right? But there are 20,000
payday lenders. That’s right, there are far more payday loan stores than there are even
McDonald’s restaurants. It feels like there’s McDonald’s on every corner. Payday lenders
are absolutely the worst nightmare for you and your life there could be. Because I don’t
know anybody who gets up in the morning and says, yippee I’m going to borrow money at
3, 4, 5, 6, 700% interest. 700% interest? Really, you think that’s going to solve a
problem? It doesn’t. Let me tell you. Payday lenders are like locusts spreading across
the land messing up your life, if you desperately, desperately need money I promise going to
a payday lender is the worst possible idea because it will only make the money troubles
you have much worse. Don’t do it! I’m Clark Howard.

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  1. HONKY SAVAGE says:

    Just pan handle

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