PAYDAY Modo Historia – Ep. 2: Un nuevo sitio al que llamar hogar

Bain got obsessed with that Cagliostro and the secret thing, and something or someone called Baldwin Some members of the gang thought there was something more than what they could see at first sight And rumours about mayan gold and First World Bank started spreading Yes, that same First World Bank I said before “One of the greatest heists” Actually it was a big occurrence back then but nothing compared with what really was the greatest heist of all The gang found clues that took them back to the First World Bank, for a secret vault full of mayan gold Wow! Look at all that gold! And it’s all ours When you fill your bags, fill your trousers too The mayan gold hidden in the First World Bank sould’ve been the final proof for the everyone to know that group would make history for something more than hitting a few liquor stores But I don’t think no one could imagine how all this would end It was then when almost every member of the gang could take a Something different awaited for Hoxton Lawyer: So, Mr. Bo- Hoxton: Hoxton, I’ve told you, they just call me Hoxton Lawyer: Ok, Mr. Hoxton Lawyer: Then, how’s the christmas outcome along? Hoxton: Yah, great, I got some other remains to sing harmonies ‘Silent Heist’ Anyway, thanks for helping me get me recording equipment clearing security Lawyer: Yeah no problem So you wanted to tell me something? Hoxton: Yah look Ye gotta get me out of here, right? It’s not that I’m not able to handle this place, but ya know, a bird wants to fly My crew is out there doing damage with some other guy using my name, and my fucking mask! Lawyer: Hoxton, look, they got you, you understand? Lawyer: They got you good
Hoxton: But I… Lawyer: They caught you on tape at the First World Bank your fingerprints are all over the panic room, then your apartment’s full of blueprints from banks in DC And all this goes on and on Then, you decide to beat up Matt Roscoe. How many times is that now? Hoxton: 13, that backstabbing cocksucker Abogado: Yeah 13, right.. How do you think that effects…? Hoxton: Ah, it’s just bloody Karma Of all the prison blocks in all of the prisons in the country I end up in the same as Matt It’s just nature’s way of telling me I should give him a broken ribcage every once in a while That doublecrossing son of a too quick prostitute deserves much worse Lawyer: You think it’s worth the week in isolation for every… incident? Do as you please Hoxton: The guards gotta love it though they keep putting me back in the same cellblock as Matt Lawyer: Ok, here’s the thing, I don’t know what they’re like where you’re from but here in the States you pull some shit like this, you’re going away for a long, long time Hoxton: You’re a lawyer, work your magic Lawyer: I’m out of mana buddy Hoxton: Is this a financial problem? Lawyer: What are you talking about? Hoxont: Ye need economic motivation? Lawyer: Look I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that Hoxton: Ah, ya prefer a whip to a carrot Lawyer: This conversation is ov…
Hoxton: This conversation is over when I say it’s over Hoxton: Sit down So, you’re saying my only way out is breaking out of here? Lawyer: Mister… Hoxton, as you lawyer I can’t give any such advice, or even talk about that kinda thing Hoxton: Yeah, yeah… I guess I need to contact Bain Lawyer: Who’s… Bain? Hoxton: This conversation is over! Hoxton’s arrest was a surprise for all of us No announcements, no news, no statements And from one day to the next, the English sharpshooter and crook was replaced by Dallas’s little brother, a rogue ghost destined to an illegal actions life That gang was odd, some people’d say that, knowing its members, they’d have never been able to work together Maybe they had something more in common than the urge to complete the same objective or maybe they didn’t have more option to survive The original group was created when Dallas had a “what am I doing with my life?” kind of crisis He stole a shipment of weapons and tried to find a crew Dallas worked for a Chicago mob
as a hitman He has a brilliant mind disguised behind the face of a common thug Once he tried to turn two Chicago mobs against each other but failled and a hit was placed on Dallas He was the crew chief, the gang’s leader but no one said that officially withing it And if, for some reason, someone had to use a logo for the Payday Gang, that’d be Dallas mask no doubt Then you have Chains,
an ex-soldier turned thief Chains was a member of the U.S. Navy SEALs until they kicked him out because his personality He became a mercenary, offering his military expertise to the highest bidder At some point back then, he met Wick His time in different mercenary team made him meet several criminals And the time arrived when he had cheated death so many times that he considered himself invincible Maybe he was Chains had the enforcer and muscle roles Wolf was something different He didn’t have a criminal record or agressive or dangerous behavior He was a game developer in Sweden His company became bankrupt when they lost all their clients and Wolf and his family became homeless At that point he lost his mind and started a criminal life to never look back He sees his actions like if he was in a game That are the heists to Wolf The New Hoxton used that name while the Old was in prison He was Dallas’s little brother, a young swindler that increased his stakes’ size as the time passed He was a perfectionist, took very good care of his equipment, and was an expert in silent infiltrations Since the breakout, they called him Houston When the gang moved to Washington DC, they needed a new place to call home and new contacts to keep their criminal career Bain got them a safehouse in the back of a laundromat, property of Bodhi Their first jobs after settle in were a little test to know if they still in shape No doubt they were Bain had established a criminal network for all his contacts and criminals to have a common place to offer and find jobs At the beginning, the network was limited There was these four workers And only four clients The clients in DC were interesting First they had Vlad Kozak Violent and known in Russia and DC They said he was crazy Someone sold him to the feds and spent eight years in prison They released him short before the gang moved to the Capital City He was involved in guns and drugs smuggling, extortion and the list goes on Vlad needed the gang te re-gain his territory and criminal status after his time in prison I could spend hours talking about these…
individuals But none of us is here for that The second contact was a Colombian drug lord with a small business in DC He described himself as a businessman, was the second in command of a Mexican cartel, and his biggest enemies in the USA were the Mendoza cartel Hector jobs would take the gang to confront them for this contact’s business to prosper The third one was a man called the Elephant His real name was John Henry Simmons Congressman, senator, republican, and with an agenda He said he was the opposite to any other politician He’d do anything to reach his goals and he needed the Payday Gang And of course, then we had Bain Bain said his favorite colour was blue and we was after the secret as well He was the one guiding the gang during the contracts and also planned them alongside the gang He offered them small jobs at the beginning and some favours when they need quick money Almost all this info came from a small book, following the Cagliostro’s blueprint Bain collect data about,
contracts and jobs, plans, even useful maps for the gang Shame it doesn’t exist anymore With all that knowledge at the Payday Gang disposal, the gang was ready to take the streets of DC and get some fame and fortune in their new city

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    muy buena la nueva "interfaz", muy mal el empezar con la otra

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    El señor dineros también aprueba esto

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    De donde saca toda la informacion el "narrador"

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