PayDay SaveDay: Financial Advice

I always plan ahead for a night out. I’m
27 now I know what I’m doing when I go out. Like, I’ve got my bag with me, I’ve got
my flat shoes in there, I’ve got my cardigan, I’ve got my gum, deodorant, money for drinks. And most importantly I’ve taken a bit of money and hidden in my bra for food at the end of
the night. You do not want to get caught out at the end of the evening when everyone’s going to get food and you’re like no! My friends never plan ahead it’s so frustrating
I tell them but they don’t do it. And, food is important late at night; I don’t
want to share with you. It’s like Emma, no no. You took taxis here and back, you drank fancy cocktails all evening, I am not sharing my nuggets with you. Back away from me please.

15 comments on “PayDay SaveDay: Financial Advice”

  1. Anne Klein says:


  2. Dab Boi says:

    Wtf is this advert, just had to awkwardly sit through it. Pure cringe

  3. Matt Price says:

    That hurt to watch. Will take some beating for the most annoying advert award.

  4. Yorkshire Lass says:

    wow hilarious.

  5. Dexterror says:

    This barely qualifies as comedy

  6. Steve Watson says:

    This is PAINFULLY unfunny.
    I had to come to YouTube just to see if this was here, just to say how terribly unfunny this person is.
    I'm banking with HSBC. 🤢🤢🤢

  7. sheep83 says:

    You just can't help yourselves, can you Nationwide? Every advert produced in the last 5 years == maximum cringe.
    Can't help thinking it's become pointless for banks to advertise… we all hate you and tolerate you as a necessary evil, but we'll never, ever trust you again. Got it?
    Who on earth takes a bundle of cash on a night out? We've had these things called debit cards for a while now and, get this, you can use them in pubs and takeaways. You'd think a bank would know that.
    Edit to add, I've just clocked your logo. The absolute state of that you virtue signalling morons.

  8. Saracen 888 says:


  9. AlfieLP says:

    Perhaps the least funny thing I have ever watched

  10. Chris Ward says:

    No wonder so much canned laughter was dubbed on to this 'comedy'. puke-inducingly terrible

  11. Mike Baxter says:

    Try sharing your nuggets and you might lose some weight…😃😃😃

  12. Nick Tatler says:

    That's about as funny as cancer.
    And who has chicken nuggets at the end of a night out?

  13. MovieGuy98 says:

    No offence, but Helen Bauer is one of those comedians who thinks they're way funnier than they actually are.
    I've seen this one twice now and I cringed both times. One of the most painful ads on tv at the moment.

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