PayDay SaveDay: Financially Stable

I’m skint as well, that makes it hard to
date. You can’t do anything if you’ve got no
money, you can’t date properly, because people have unrealistic expectations. Have you looked at online dating profiles? I seen one, a while back, it made me laugh, right. There was this girl, she was like; “I want a guy who’s financially stable, but doesn’t take himself seriously.” I was like; “Listen love, you need to pick
one of them and stick to it!” You can’t have both of those things, they
are mutually exclusive. Financially stable men, take themselves seriously, it’s their job. They’re accountants and lawyers. If they don’t take themselves seriously
they’re going to get fired and they’ll no longer be financially stable. I don’t take myself seriously. You wanna go out with someone who’s a giggle, who makes you laugh? Come out with me! I reckon I can make you laugh. But my phone contract is in someone else’s name!

One comment on “PayDay SaveDay: Financially Stable”

  1. dey do dough don't de dough says:

    So true! Haha.
    Also, heard the one about the modern strong independent 'equal' woman that still sees it as romantic for the man to pay the bill after a meal!! 😂

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