Payday Truck Simulator

Alright, let’s do this. Damn, that’s the alarm. Get ready for action. Police are closing in. They’re here in 20 seconds. We’re easy targets. This place is no good.
We gotta get out. Alright guys, the van is coming in to get
you out. The escape vehicle will be there in 10 minutes. Copy that.
As fast as I can! Moving out! Good evening. This is your GPS speaking. You
are currently in Berlin, Germany, and you wish to go to Washington, DC. This is going
to be, very, difficult. Turn right, in 20 meters You hear that shit? Goddamn janky ass PC. Aaah, this is taking too long, goddamnit. The escape will be there in 9 minutes. Any second now! Don’t be a dumb shit, stay put. Gogogo! Stealthy as hell, impressive. Continue straight ahead for the next six thousand
kilomet—BEEP BEEP. You hear that, I fucking hate technology.
Computer needs fixing. Cops! This place is filled with them!
The escape will be there in 6 minutes. For fuck’s sake, I’ve had about enough
of you already. Ok gang, we can still get away. Van, when
you’re ready. You’re on the clock guys. Keep going, this is great. I keep hearing things. Man, I need to get
more sleep. A little sleepy but otherwise good. Mostly
good. I need a nap, I’ll be honest with you. Nonono! Keep going! Somebody! Anybody!
Your drive will be there in about 5 minutes. You’re pushing it! Totally fell asleep there. Come on guys, go!
Just relax everybody, we got the situation normalized. Just kick back, enjoy the ride. Wooohoo! Keep going!
You really think moving is such a good idea right now? Do whatever it takes! I know what I’m doing.
Come on, come on! At least in the nick I didn’t have Bain
yapping in my ear like a little needy dog. Get the drill my arse. We gotta move to a more strategic position. Hold on!
Yeah this is it. Go faster time. Turn right at the next…you have arrived
at your destination. Don’t go being tricky, Chains hates tricky.
Go left. Wrong way! Wrong way! Not this way!
Haha, I bet today didn’t turn out quite as you expected eh.
Don’t make me do some stupid shit, which I am prone to do, when you do stupid shit.
Hurry! Gogogo! And shut the fuck up! Oh I almost feel sorry for them. Going about their day and then BAM! The van will be there in 30 seconds, get ready. ….donacdum. Stay out the way ya pillock! Got a fucking death wish? Here’s a fun fact about Hoxton. Hoxton can sit for hours just cleaning and polishing
his… Keep losing your signal. Hang on a bit. Just
gonna try something. [breaking stuff] All good here. Nothing the least bit strange. Somebody, help Houston. Dunno what Bain was thinking, but we’re
making a detour. I’ve got something in mind. No stress man. Bollocks to the safe house. We’re going somewhere else. Trust me. [ ♪ Rule Britannia, Britannia rule the waves ♪ ] [ ♪ Britons never, never, never shall be slaves. ♪ ]

86 comments on “Payday Truck Simulator”

  1. The Holy shrimp says:


  2. PlagueMisty says:

    Wow so nicely done with those audio files

  3. Matthew Gregson says:

    You know what the really fucking sad thing is, less than a year ago I would've commented with "haha what a hilarious spoof, great joke video Feldrin" but now, with the way Overkill are going, this could be a legitimate trailer for a piece of upcoming DLC…

  4. Birdmanva says:

    very creative, and i enjoy your PSA very helpful and hilarious

  5. artistic mediscout the medical scout of medicine says:

    never forgetti goat sim

  6. David says:

    nice video bro :), really liked it

  7. Dino Lin says:

    Dallas' VA is Simon Kerr, Eric is just the face tho…

  8. biodtox says:

    Don't give them ideas dude.

  9. Ben Paul says:

    Berliner Bank Heist DLC
    Comes With Berlinian Heister "Pils", a broken JP36 and a bier bottle melee weapon. Only 4.99 D-Mark

  10. 【Toastie►VG】 says:


  11. GentleCrabfish says:

    somehow i know that we will get euro trucking sim DLC for payday 2. butt i have no clue what they could do

  12. gimok2k5 says:

    No footage from Aftershock? I am disappointed.

    Also, I wonder how they got in 10 minutes from Berlin to Washington DC. There is a bit of a puddle in the way, known as the Atlantic Ocean. Then again, Hoxton is driving and he probably just gets the truck to float.

  13. Hoxtilicious says:

    You're back 😀

  14. leprofDtri says:

    That was hilarious !

  15. CROATOAN says:

    Very well made 😉

  16. Revërb says:

    This is pure gold. Well done!

  17. W0Y4K says:

    How do you have such smooth FPS with so many corpses? Once I pass maybe 50 corpses my game takes a giant shit.

  18. badboy cheeki says:

    i love it

  19. sam craig says:

    I love the way Hoxton and Chains talk to each other in the truck. It really sounds like they are driving a truck together. Would be great if there was something similar in Payday 2, where the characters interact more during heists.

  20. José Fino says:

    No 7 bucks joke at the gas refill/10.

    Seriously though,excellent video,that only shows how fun drivable escapes would be with friends.May i know where the Bain line about Hoxton cleaning and polishing his REDACTED is from?

  21. Maltazar says:

    6,99$ – Overkill

  22. Kearney Kaktus says:

    Fun fact: I switched from Payday to Truck Sim as my main game :p

  23. Mr. Robattaz says:

    beautiful editing !

  24. Oh Fudgies says:

    This would be a good idea for the driveable escape mechanic.

  25. Владимир Сычев says:

    Poor Houston 🙁

  26. Aura says:

    Never hear these lines in game, obviously not including the lines from live-action media.
    Videos like these give the game a lot more vitality as far as I'm concerned and I love you for it.

  27. Aura says:

    If it was like this, I honestly wouldn't mind a Payday 2 Truck Simulator cooperation and DLC.

  28. Tetsu No Omo says:

    I guess you could say Bain is a "Bain in the back"! hahahahahahahaahaha

  29. Cystal Dude says:

    Wolf:What the hell am i seeing?

  30. dogecoin investor says:

    AKA ; The PAYDAY gang plays American Truck Simulator, featuring an all star cast of elite heisters, a pain in the ass voice, and Feldrin.

    I'd buy it.

  31. Time 2 Stop says:

    you wasted 40 hours of your life on this video, I have wasted 40 seconds of my life makin this comment

  32. Thomas Rijkhoff says:

    I like your channel to much xD

  33. DoshesToDoshes says:

    I'd just like to point out that the second security guard kindly double taps the first one so that you don't have to at 0:13.

  34. Evil Mastermind says:

    Amateurs rush banks. Professionals steal your money without you ever noticing. (e.g. politicians.)

  35. MayorPrentiss says:

    The combination of audio files was genius

  36. Sloth Kiefer says:

    I'm probably alone here but watching this makes me want overkill to add a driver mode where u can be the getaway driver for heists

  37. Alkhii says:

    "coming soon to PayDay 2: Overvan!"

  38. The Cook says:

    My new favorite payday channel

  39. 黃品嘉 says:


  40. StudioARE says:

    The truck probably should have been carrying a payload that could have been carrying criminals (Like shipping containers)

    Hard to carry them with wood…

  41. Tox says:


  42. vader1361 says:

    This needs to be a real mod. This also should be an option instead of doing an escape mission so that you can try to drive away instead of crash and need to re-loot your loot.

  43. dq says:

    I watched this 3 times in 2 days. You deserve way more Views!

    Oh and by the way:
    Where is Hoxtons "At least i didn't have Bain yapping in my ear like a little needy dog. Get the Drill my arse." from?
    I can`t remember hearing this line every in the Game.

  44. Comment_User says:

    I drank juice while typing this comment.

  45. Blender Dick Gaming says:

    "hurry, go go go!

    " shut the fuck up"

  46. Banana Buns says:

    Pain in the ass

  47. Harlowe Iasingston says:

    Bloody brilliant!

  48. Tox says:

    "three weeks later, houston's prison exploded" XD

  49. John Peacekeeper says:

    I kinda wanna play Hoxton's idea of a Houston Breakout

  50. NAMELESS says:

    "Chains survived one week of solid British rain, cups of tea, fish 'n chips. Hoxton shipped him back to the US when he started insulting the Queen"
    My favorite credit

  51. Infectious Frostbite says:

    4:31 lol, poor Houston.

  52. Wandermeme Guy says:

    I love it.

  53. Said Torres says:

    This was bloody genious

  54. Jwbmanman says:

    what's with the fun fact about Hoxton at about 3:40?

  55. Erick Viana says:

    Hoxton can sit for hours just cleaning and polishing bad signal

  56. Cookies says:

    what the driver is doing while you wait in a nutshell

  57. sa6osasa says:

    I love how at the start one of the guards gets shot and the other one standing right next to him shoots at his dead body

  58. mitten kan says:

    This is ofended me and my knee.
    Pls proceed to cut my life in to pieces.

  59. Templar Knight says:

    I was laughing so hard at the end xD

  60. concordat says:

    Should have two credits for Dallas.

  61. Elliott Hurst says:

    This is genuinely hilarious

  62. Bojout Molik says:

    where can i get soundboard?

  63. Sentry Turbo says:

    Aww, man this was awesome. i wish to see something similar afterwards

  64. FAG Sporco says:

    Not need pd 2 gameplay

  65. chefboyjc says:

    why no psa bout bulldozer or tazer

  66. Brian Nguyen says:

    Why isn't there a mode where you escape in a truck or van and fire out of it.

  67. CapitanBublo says:

    this is amazing, gg

  68. Senpai-kun says:

    you alive?

  69. GamePlayed says:

    I always wonder what takes the driver so long……..

  70. Filthy Peasant says:

    Don't Act Dumb

  71. The Ronin says:


  72. Archanea says:

    I don't get it, but why are people hating on overkill so much lately, and whats the bad thing happening to overkill anyways?

  73. The almighty Space jesus says:

    He's a Bain in the ass


  74. Hüseyin Eren Ergün says:

    3:02 Hoxton is there at the right??

  75. Dutch Duk says:

    Houston breakout

  76. Ben Woodhopper says:

    10 000 $ – Contract Money
    120 000 $ – Bag Loot
    1 000 $ – Instant Cash
    -8 000 $ – Penalty for hitting cars

    Offshore account – 126 999 $
    Spending cash – 1 $

    (Bain will pay for fuel)

  77. Marcos Locatelli Acosta says:

    10/10 would watch again

  78. Tyler McGregor says:

    is it jist me or is he useing the truck film from gat

  79. ZmistergamesZ 231 says:

    Houston breakout

  80. Darkrainbow says:

    I can't stop laughing at this xD

  81. M!X says:

    Truck simulator heist lol

  82. ThermalExtremeTaco says:

    a love all this game

  83. Gabriel Vitali says:

    Man, 120 km/h only? Buy a better engine, my normal cruising speed in those roads is 140 km/h.

  84. Gordon Freeman says:

    Where feldrin go ? I love his payday 2 narratives

  85. lamJoe Joe says:

    What was that? U want a shitty driving sim instead? Go play biker hesit day 1 mate.

  86. Der Tazamane says:

    I don't think that Köln is THAT near to Kassel and I live near Kassel.

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