PayDay2 Трофей (Gigant toothbrush) Гигантская зубная щётка

Hello my name is jostan Today i going do it trophy gigant toothbrush go in the scary room hard random armor random start the heist and i dowload activs dont open start heist open door and go door open door and go Chavez place bag and out dont kill all find door and go last floor and go all room where is bath there do not toothbrush go next room here do not bath there do not toothbrush he is very big here do not toothbrush there! yes here take him and go out go car bug is heavy all normal hard you got 450.000 overkill 1000000 and leave game and go check trophy YES! and you got achivment go subscribe and like bye bye

3 comments on “PayDay2 Трофей (Gigant toothbrush) Гигантская зубная щётка”

  1. MrAndros says:

    у меня там нет

  2. UU5 says:

    no me gusta

  3. Олег Костряков says:

    У меня в другом месте

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