PAYDAY2 Web Series1,2 日本語字幕付き

product not yet rated my contacts call me Bain and I oversee an underground organization call Crime net I find the top thieves thugs hustlers and drug dealers help them up with contacts and set the stage they think they’re working for themselves but they just can’t see the bigger picture what seems like a simple bank heist on the surface is much more paid again we tested elsewhere fully many jobs here and there little do they know I’m training them for the greatest heist of all robbing banks with your friends is fun especially the ones that have been robbing the people blind some say we are modern-day Robin Hood’s and others they just don’t understand that we have a choice it’s a nice wave wolf they make it meant that cool easy recognizable hair how would you call it how it being a douchebag James point you on point wolf keep your finger off the trigger Dallas is going to take out the security cameras guys good all right have some fun movers cook it up get us there Newton said for every action there’s always an equal and opposite reaction this is our reaction am i criminal I don’t think so everyone needs a job right we all need a payday let’s grow and we need it on the grill get in there doing that get on the ground right now how would your position ladies and gentlemen we are robbing this Bank not you comply and you live resist and you die can you ever get them now ha ha ha scanning the reservoir now the situation report two minutes mode leg walk now you right now let’s go down please remain calm and nobody will get hurt we are only recovering money that has been stolen by First World Bank from the American people I got him give me your hands they’re here they took your money to line their pockets like if it’s you it was for your benefit we do not wish to harm think about your family think about your friend I said stay down do not I repeat do not be a hero no tracers no guys back got me that let’s go clear Quinn Quinn let’s move come on clear alright alright 30 seconds leave it I’m done my job just send the fucking birds what’s the plan Oh we’d love someone ha come out mo get the wall face the wall get the wall but see your eyes you did they catch us in the stairwell we’re dead then they won’t catch us in the stairwell come on this is it this way what about that now such a big cash withdrawal fuck spasiba look like the alison walk mated Humphrey we’re not clear yet don’t think sit now not worried about us so much to stay in low-key now that audience fuck this I told you not to Jason I know this situation looks bad but I have a very good explanation so know these well does it look like I know these guys give me one good reason why to waste you right now very good mr. BAE asked me to find so perhaps it was SWAT team arrives and you accept my invitation to my SUV we we drink we talk huh there’s some potential vodka you get us lapses mean literally instead I’d begun good because I got to get back to work all right little brother just one hey this is Nathan steel there’s been a robbery at First World Bank true skill is finding order amongst the chaos the orchestration of crimenet is a never-ending challenge every system relies on checks and balances the world of crime is no different sometimes you have to employ a little muscle to protect your investments

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