Paying Off $72,000 In Student Loan Debt – Debt Free Journey

Hey friends, how’s it going for those of you who I don’t know I’m Jarrad from debt-free blueprint where I show you how to create freedom in your life through the finances in your freaking pocket I’ve got a special video for you today in today’s video I interview someone like just like you that I’ve been working with who is currently in the process of paying off his Seventy two thousand dollars in student loan debt now although he’s still in the process of paying off his debts He’s made a whole lot of progress, and he’s on his way to becoming debt-free So I really felt compelled to share his story with you now this video is jammed Jam-packed with so much value that you’re definitely. I’m definitely going to want to watch the whole thing. It’s only what thirty minutes That’s like a 30-minute television show, and if you don’t really have that much time I’ll throw an outline down down in the description. I said downstairs If you want to skip ahead to something specific But I highly recommend checking out the whole thing if you possibly can and as you watch this video leave a comment down below If there’s anything that we talked about that resonates with you I’d love to hear some feedback and your thoughts and kind of the things that you’re going through as well if you can kind of Relate to something we talked about so let’s dive into the video right meow. Let’s go ahead and get into Kind of a quick intro of who you are kind of where you started with this whole getting out of debt process okay, yes, so my name is Daniel Daniel Kurtz I Graduate well think I live in Charlotte, North Carolina. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in mathematics I’ve lived in Charlotte since graduating from school. I Originally from New Jersey so a little bit of a transplant, that’s pretty common down here I there’s no getting used to the southern heat, but that’s that’s fine I Work in finance so it’s one of those funny situations where you really need to work on practicing what you preach Some over here trying to balance budgets and forecasts for a big company and then my own finances are being neglected at times and See, I just trying to bring that all together. Well. I think that’s that’s kind of normal though I mean a lot of people like they may do one thing in career But they don’t practice the same thing outside of work You know in their personal life, and it’s it’s kind of a weird thing to grapple with in your personal and professional life So I don’t think that’s cool. I don’t think that’s abnormal to be honest with you Where did the whole debt free journey start so like how much debt? Did you have? And then kind of the effort that you were putting in towards paying off your debts before you and I had started working together Yeah, absolutely so to be honest with you. I Guess the debts started before I really knew about it, so 18 getting ready to go to college But when it really became real for me Was when I finally took the time to get my login credentials and go on to the borrower’s websites my senior year of college So I’m like maybe two months out from graduating I finally looked in to the actual online logins and up until this point I had the idea that Devil is gonna be something I was gonna live with for a couple years out of school Never had a definitive dollar amount, but when I signed in and I actually saw The numbers is shocking. It’s a senior year I finally go into the web sites and there are two main loans one was in my name One was a Parent PLUS loan the first one went into in my name was about $18,000 a principal was an interest that built up as closer to maybe 20,000, and I thought oh, yeah, it’s 20,000 I can get them off my plate a couple years working hard awesome Wasn’t the only loan check out the Parent PLUS loan? That one had fifty six thousand dollars in principle all together Just principle alone between all my loans was seventy-five thousand dollars With interest on top of that. We’re looking at maybe another ten thousand and interest that builds up in school Eighty-five thousand dollars, so what was that feeling that you got I mean, did you kind of feel like helpless? Did you start to feel sick because I know I’ve started to feel sick when I saw my number my eighty two thousand in debt And I was like how am I gonna do this? Honestly, it was a terrible terrible feeling It was one of those feelings that I was already too deep in that the damage is already done even though I’m just seeing for the first time Its it’s already done like there’s no way of going back at that point right I felt a little betrayed In a weird way, I remember just feeling like setup and I was upset at the feeling It’s not a good feeling uh-huh I mean Did you just did you you’re just in general, and you didn’t even know some general finger just a situation yeah I mean nobody forced me to go to college Right it’s one of the things that you think you have an understanding on what student loans are gonna be like But when it’s said and done, it’s it’s it’s beyond what you could imagine Yeah, when it when it actually hits you, and you’re like oh What did I do? What did exactly okay? Okay So you started out with seventy two thousand in student loans which is about what I started out with two might a little bit more because I was an idiot and took out more money or borrowed more money in other areas but Okay, so what was the effort that you were putting into? Paying off your debts before you and I started working together cuz we’ve been working together for the past couple of months And you would you had kind of made some headway on your debts when we had first started talking? Right so even just going back to senior year. You know having that initial stock I took that as kind of fuel for wanting to get that off my plate Right out of school after graduating. I hit him pretty hard I’ve definitely had an on-and-off relationship with paying off my loans the past few years That all being said Before I started working with you I paid off About $45,000 worth which is pretty that’s pretty good. That’s that’s pretty darn. Good Thanks, so Even just with on and off, you know I had some money in savings. I threw that at it I’ve always worked a couple jobs and again, I just took that awful feeling of feeling stuck and Knowing that every month for 10 years. I would need to pay 850 dollars that’s what really made me feel sick and not good right wasn’t doing that every single month. I was gonna have his burden Honestly, just facing that reality and wanting to get that number as low as possible Sure, they’re still gonna be there in the mean time, but I wanted to not have this huge looming number I just start slipping away and next thing. I knew when you’ve asked me how much I paid off. I didn’t realize I paid $45,000 yeah, cuz when you told me that I was like Daniel. I was like that’s really good I was like that that’s pretty darn good So how long had you been working at it before you and I started working together? So how long did it take you to pay off that initial? $45,000 would have been I Think I graduated 2014. We started working right before 2018 so uh-huh about four years Yeah, okay perfect yes about 10,000 a year on and off some years more some years less hmm So when we started talking one of the things that your initial? questions of why we started working together was You wanted some insight as to kind of how to create a budget and stick with it? The best way possible right and kind of create goals for yourself So can you kind of talk us talk to us about that you know where were you getting stuck? And where did you feel like you needed help? Sure, so budgeting is something that I first really came across reading Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover He’s huge on budgeting. He says you just can’t achieve any sort of financial goal without it right. It’s something that I Tried to follow in the past, and I’d maybe keep a budget for a month two months I’d go over in areas and get discouraged and I just kind of ditched it all together and I knew that if I really wanted to Reach my my goal of paying off all my debts within two years. I wasn’t be able to do it flying blind Now that that is to say that Even flying blind if you want to call it that I was already making decent headway And but if I really want to get serious and not just have this this thing I’m always throwing money at I need to do the math and figure out how to develop a plan to make it happen Budgeting gets easier with time as well, that’s really something that was a shock to me Instead once you past those first you know two months or so you start to refine your budget And you’re not just starting out abstract numbers You’re actually using tried-and-true numbers and totals that work for your real spending habits And you can you were struggling at first when we first started working together? You just it seemed like you were almost you were trying to under plan a little too much And that was one thing that I noticed with you you remember you I? Forget what it was but you weren’t Budgeting very much for I forget what category it was maybe like food or something and I was like Daniel you gotta eat You know so that was that’s one thing that I noticed With you hey you aim for the stars you hit the lamppost yeah, but now and you can barely even eat Right, but yeah, it’s that’s one of the harder parts is just getting started with the budgeting and trying to figure out how your life is gonna fit into it and making sure that that you were not trying to aim too high at first because It’s really hard if you’ve never done a budget before because I mean if you’ve never done one you’re like okay Well how much do I plan for this category that category and then you screw up? And then you kind of just beat yourself up, and you’re like this is not working And then you just quit but one thing that you and I were I had talked about was it’s like you can gradually decrease different categories within your budget But don’t go too far to basically set yourself up for failure Or else you’ll constantly quit over and over and you’ll never get a good budget set up And a budget supposed to be based in reality, too It’s not fair to you or for your budget to set these unrealistic expectations at the end of the day It’s your budget, and that’s a really good lesson that you instill is that you can have categories for just about anything But it’s the fact that you have the category that’s going to help keep you in line right like we talked about Non-negotiables on a few of our calls right and one thing that’s very important to you is Jujitsu is the jujitsu Membership, and that’s pretty expensive, but you kind of work through different ways of Getting it cheaper right you were Working with a bunch of Groupons you were you’re going through Groupons to get some some cheaper monthly memberships Which if that works then go for it for me? It was like healthy food right that was my kind of non-negotiable like of course I’m gonna try spending less on on my food budget but I was like I have to eat healthy based on the physical activity and activities and things like that that I do outside of of everything else in my life, so Yeah, being realistic and it’s all specific to you like you said and I think you were trying to fit everything into like a specific box when in reality it’s your specific journey You can kind of do it however you want as long as you know okay? If I spend a hundred dollars a month on Brazilian Jujitsu every month then am I okay with not being Being able to put that hundred dollars towards my debts right if you were okay with it, then there’s nothing wrong with that You know because you’ve got to still enjoy life now if Daniel was doing that times Ten different ten other categories, then I’d be like hey Daniel Let’s slow down a little bit, right But I think you understood that and that’s why you were okay with not giving that up because that’s a very important part of your Life which you’ve got to keep some of those things in It’s a difficult thing to wrap your head around that You need to live life Regardless of all this life’s still going to go on and that’s just one of the big Difficulties of living with debt is in a lot of ways you’re having some of your life restricted from you you have this big burden that It’s it’s as much a toll financially as it is emotionally immensely that it takes away from enjoying life And that’s one of the big reasons that you know we need to address it and move on from having debt in our lives. Yeah Completely, but for now we gotta still live yeah, yeah, and but it’s a matter of kind of just Dumbing it down a little bit until you actually do your get your debts paid off right then you can go Buck freakin wild and do whatever you want with your money. That’s right um Okay, so one other thing before you and I started working together. I was thinking about this I was like you know what I got to make sure that I talked to him about something else That’s important with getting out of debt Which is kind of increasing your income and you already had a head start on that which I? Really commend you right, so you actually started doing some side hustles before we even started working together So you were way ahead of the game based on the types of I like to like to recommend to people so can you kind of go in a Little bit more detail about that like what were you doing? kind of just some rough numbers of maybe how much you were making that you’ve been able to put towards your debts because you were Having a little bit of struggle trying to manage your side hustles and how that fits into your budget And you and I had talked about you know how to get some more structure based around that but if you can just talk about The general side hustles that you had started just to bring in some extra money to pay off your debt sooner Sure, so I’ve always juggled a few different side hustles Since graduating from college right now. I am Serving in a restaurant on the weekends usually Saturday and Sunday sometimes. I’ll do a Thursday night when this really starts to heat up During weeknights I deliver for a popular food delivery app on your phone And that’s just you pick up as much as you can I? Also, have an eBay resale business, which is the most passive income I make I go to thrift store maybe once twice a week spend about $50 a month on it and Every you know every few days. I’ll get a notification I sold something Really really nice passive income as far as the dollar amounts go the restaurant really gets busy in the summer and it’s pretty It’s pretty doable to make about Over a thousand dollars a month just doing that in the weekends. That’s pretty good I mean an extra 12 K towards your debts just Dude working in a restaurant is the best thing for people to do if they’re able to do that while they’re paying off their debts Because that’s what I did, man. You can make so much money so much money absolutely For the food delivery again, that’s assets as you make as much as you pick up the ships And you turn that app on even just doing it on my free time if I’m driving to a friend’s house I’ll turn the app on and deliver a meal on the way to you know the place we’re gonna meet up nice yeah, I try to pick up as much as I can and I’ll make maybe 200 250 a week just doing that for EBay it really depends depends. I have some high price items. I would probably send making after expenses maybe 300 a month that So sits that it requires minimal effort right right so if you had to do one of those three What would you do oh? I just Because the dollar amounts so big I’ve got to stick to restaurants, okay good I think if we go in you say yeah, it’s it’s I mean It’s it’s hard work of course, but it’s it’s really good money, and you cannot beat that money And you and I were joking well last week you were like I feel like I could work in a restaurant forever I was like I said the same thing when I was working in a restaurant as well I was like I think I can do this like maybe I’ll still be work in a restaurant even never get my debts paid off And I was like it’s a you said I was like I said the same thing it But what’s nice about it is as we were talking about last week is Yes, you can quit doing that that weekend job that restaurant work once you get your debts paid off, but it’s always there What’s always There is the fact that you know how to go back to that kind of? lifestyle if you have to which we can kind of do that as like a wrap up and talk about those kinds of things but Always knowing that you’ve got the skills to work at a restaurant that because you’ve done it before is Great because if you really had to could always go back to restaurant work because it’s always around And they always need the help yes. Yeah, absolutely especially nice areas like Charlotte and especially in the summertime Absolutely, okay, so actually we can talk about this okay? So any kind of realizations or lessons learned that you’ve had since starting this whole process I think Would be a good thing to go into now Yeah there have been a few big Eureka moments. It’s pretty weird, and it’s a weird thing to say but I’m figuring out the best way to word it I feel less attached to money mm-hmm And it’s not that I don’t see the value in money because this is ultimately you know based on the value of money. Yeah, yeah But I feel more willing and less attached I feel more willing to just get paid And without even putting myself in a headspace of how much fun. I can have with the money I just got paid what I could buy with it as I could go I don’t think like that as much and I just say okay with this I can take X amount of dollars and just throw it at this debt, yeah, and just get it out of my life I Don’t want to live in that in that in decision in that indecisive area of oh well I could or I could wait or I could do this. I’m just much more quick to Get paid throw that money away right in my life, and and it’s going where it needs to go So I guess let’s attach the money in a good way, yeah The budgeting has been a good realization that you know if I could already pay off. You know over forty thousand dollars of my dad Just barely budgeting, just just I mean maybe Of those four years I paid off the debt. I was maybe budgeting four out of four months if I could paid that amount Without a budget then with the budget. I have so much more potential to To reach my financial goal right realizing that budgeting gets easier, and then it’s very very useful. It’s it’s so budgeting It’s it’s so powerful a lot of people will talk trash or some people talk trash about a budget But I mean it’s what’s wrong with having that structure around your finances I don’t see anything wrong with that at all and yes it when you become debt-free like I am like you can let up a little bit like I still stick to my budget I Mean not as strict as I had to before when I was paying off my debts But I mean I’ve still got a budget and some sort of structure, which I think is is really good especially going forward even into like future relationships right you want to have that structure in place because if you’ve got two people that don’t know how to spend money and Handle their finances, that’s just a recipe for disaster but if you’ve at least got one person who’s very strong in that area they can teach the other person and bring them in it’s just There’s so much benefit to budgeting at least knowing how to write and knowing how to be strict with one. It’s it’s crazy It’s not even funny. I don’t understand. How some people don’t budget. It’s very it’s very strange to me definitely well said I also realized that a lot of the advice that find online or read about on message boards wherever a Lot of the advice that I’ve come across for paying off student debt has usually been around either Refinancing your loans which it helps, but you still have to debt at the end of the day or I don’t know living off of ramen and eating a can of beans a week and Just living off with absolutely nothing and those are both helpful ways to you know save some But nobody really wants to address what I think is the most important part of paying off, debt, and that is just earning more money You know you could you know why live off with one fixed income if you have the capability of working two three jobs And yet working seven days a week can feel tiring but it’s the fastest way to get debt out of your life is you put in the work earn more and That’s kind of the hard facts and nobody really likes to talk about you can just earn more as well Yeah, you can earn more But I still do think that it’s important to be able to put some structure on your spending though because absolutely way that I look At it is if you don’t have structure around your spending then I mean You’re gonna increase your income But your spending is gonna increase Just as much much because you haven’t built that structure so I completely agree with you that increase your income is Extremely important, can you get out of debt by just lowering your expenses absolutely, it’s gonna Take a little bit longer, but you have to find another way to make some extra money even even if it’s an extra $200 if all you did was the eBay stuff and you made $200 $300 a month. That’s still $3,600 per year right that you can put towards your debts So that’s extremely important to think about what yes increasing your income is huge but I think what a lot of people have trouble with starting out with and You’re an outlier because you are already doing this side hustle a lot of people just have trouble Getting structure around their spending right budgeting and money management So that’s why that’s probably the first place to help people kind of start out with But you I mean you were like I said you were an outlier Which it’s it’s really good that you were doing that for sure but yeah, you’ve got to increase your come period Now well, I told they agree And then also happen the realization And you know I wish that I was having this conversation as somewhat of a victory lap, or you know an exit interview Of you know been there done that I’m definitely very much reporting in from the trenches but I’m having a little bit more each time that I took away these deaths the realization that if I’m getting by on On hardmode if you want to call it that if I’m keeping my head afloat and um Keep on tracking my financial goals in this part of my life, then I’m gonna be cruising when this is all said and done but on the other side if I can you know have this huge looming over me, and I’m actually making the payments and You know living on you know? If I’m getting by in this part, then the other side is gonna be Unbelievable right yeah, it just makes everything yeah so much so much better It’s like you put in the hard work upfront and then afterwards you’re like holy smokes We you and I were talking a couple of weeks ago like what you’re gonna do with all the extra money you know when you do have your debts paid off because I Calculated that number. I don’t recall what it was But it was a huge amount of money that you’re gonna have per year to do with whatever you want Right and what you’re learning right now by going through this whole process is How powerful the tool of money is right You should be looking at it as a way to get yourself freedom by yourself freedom in time in the future Because an abundance of money isn’t a bad thing. It’s just a matter of what are you going to do with it? How much do you need of it right because I often I think we all need a little bit extra money of course But how much do you need and eventually you might come to the realization? Yeah? I don’t need as much as I’m making right now. I hate what I’m doing. I’m gonna quit my job Go do something that I actually enjoy for a little bit less because I can Being debt-free gives you options Like we’ve we’ve talked about it options is a good thing especially when you don’t know what the future looks like nowadays Yeah All right, so any other kind of realizations Lessons learned that you think other people Could could get out of this whole process because like you said you are still going through it, right But I don’t think that’s a bad thing That’s all I wanted to bring you on here, so people can see like hey. There’s somebody else that’s going through it I already went through it, so I know what everyone’s going through completely, but it’s still nice to get someone else on here Who’s actually going through it especially I think you’re a very good role model in this case because you’ve been doing a lot of good a lot of things really well, and you’ve really been taking a lot of my advice and implementing implementing it and you were the poster child for what you should be doing and that’s why I’m Really proud of you and the things that you’ve done so far. That’s why I was like I have to show Daniel to the world you know cuz I get so excited after our conversations because of the the progress that you’ve already made So I think that is it uh any other? Realizations or any tips we go into tips if you have any tips for anyone just kind of basic tips Anybody who’s going through it right anybody out there that maybe You know like think of yeah anybody? You know or anybody you don’t know the that are like I’m trying to get out of debt I can’t do it Or if you have anything to say to anyone who’s thinking? About getting out of debt that isn’t maybe sure if they want to or not What would you have to say to those people to kind of get them to realize like hey? This is a really good idea and some of the things they can learn from it Right, it’s it’s difficult because like I said earlier. It’s um. You know that isn’t just having a financial burden there’s so much emotional and mental baggage that comes with it and It can be a really sensitive topic for some people and I try to understand that and realize that everybody situation is different so I can really speak for myself well what I can say is worked for me, and what is really kept me motivated, and it’s kept me on track I Could really break it down to three things the first being you can ignore the problem When you sign in on that borrower website that dollar amounts still going to be there And it’s only gonna grow and get bigger that interest sucks, and it’s never gonna lighten up Yeah, the facing the problem and not ignoring it Is then hugely beneficial for me this second is? You developing a plan so in this case the plan is obliged that you need to have a map to know where you’re gonna go You’re going to trip or something? So developing a budget that works for you And maybe you’re not the type of person who wants who’s able to pay off a huge, debt and two years or three years come up with a five-year plan come with a six-year plan that you can stick to but that you have an end in mind because That’s going to keep you motivated. It’s higher time you’re not just gonna be flying in the dark and then a lot of this you can feel kind of lost so do anything you can to not feel is lost and the third thing is Well for me again, it was putting in the work and Hustling as hard as you can That means picking up an extra very you know sniff is at work Have that have that goal orientation in your mind, this is going towards something? That’s gonna allow you to not do this forever So getting up get getting ready for the grind because it’s you have to grind the whole thing out non-stop And the grind doesn’t need to be terrible yeah, the restaurant job. I mentioned. You know it feels like summer camps sometimes I’ve made some amazing friends there who? You know we’ve stayed friends outside of work years later Appreciate certain parts of the grind yeah, you’re gonna be under viewed a lot you hate you’re gonna Have the clock and clock out whatever, but there’s gonna be good times in there so focus on the good times and realize that you’re still gonna enjoy it whether you believe it or not because It’s this part of life. Yeah and it’s kind of what you make of the situation too cos that’s why I Wonder if it’s like that at all restaurants is it does feel like that was the perfect definition like a summer camp Right yes a little bit you have to find fun within that side hustle within that side gig right because if you want to make It miserable it’s gonna be miserable. It’s just going to and that’s one thing. I don’t like to do is I like to cut the bullshit. I’m gonna tell you how it is. I’m not gonna sugarcoat it it’s but it does suck sometimes it really does but There’s gonna be more days than not that you kind of Find the silver lining and having fun at work and and making it fun and still making money in the process That just makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable. I thanked my co-workers so much that were at those restaurants I worked at because they were my weekend fun You know absolutely and you really build a bond something about restaurant work, man You build a really strong bond with people that you work Closely with in restaurants. I don’t know what it is but Yeah, they’re like you know they’re like family basically Right and so to go to my earlier point that you know I don’t know everybody situation and it can be kind of a stigma for some people at this point especially since pop starting to talk with you a few months back is I’ve just been owning my Situation a little bit more when I went back to the restaurant job this year after they probably weren’t expect me back They say oh, you know you don’t need work a job. Why are you here? I’m just being more transparent right I’m trying to pay off my loans by next year. I’m not trying. I’m paying off I’m in the process of paying off my loans. Yeah – here. I need the money well That’s a bad thing that we talked about is is Owning your finances right and a lot of people are afraid to talk about their finances But when it comes to debt most people have debt like a lot of like bad debt But everyone’s so afraid to talk about it and that’s one thing that you had mentioned to me It’s like people are afraid to talk about money And I was like I know and I mean I’m out here saying I owed eighty two thousand dollars in debt I’m admitting it. I I messed up. I’m stupid, but I’m working on it so I think having more conversations around Finances is a good thing right it depending on how you look at it I think that’s a good thing because it shows that you actually care and you want to work on it you you are Admitting that you have you’ve had a problem a debt problem And hey I want to actively work on this which I commend you for even Wanting to work with me because a lot of people are afraid to admit how much they have and the stupid mistakes they’ve made in The past because let’s be honest they’re stupid mistakes, but we’ve all done it with a billion and a half Odin or yeah up trillion and a half owed and student their student loans or four hundred billion. Whatever it is It’s a little more by drilling. Yes. Yeah, so it’s it’s It’s not just you you know It’s it’s all of the rest like we’ve all had it so it’s nothing to really be ashamed of like Daniel said Own it own. It, but do something about it, and it’s interesting when you when you own up to it and You know sort of fly that flag just a little bit wherever you feel comfortable I’m not saying the you know weird on your shirt or something but If you can be real with people one of the times appropriate you’ll be amazing who can be real back and you’ll have a real connection with them and You know sometimes. We just need to know we’re not going through things alone and that that’s okay So I’ve had some really really cool discussions with people. I wasn’t always expecting to just recently just a couple weeks ago even and Yab, realizing, you’re not in it alone, and this is a thing that affects was like 55 million people It’s a huge number Day I was get all my numbers mixed up you have forty million people And so it’s something that um yeah, nobody wants to talk about it, but everybody’s kind of in it, so yeah You know it doesn’t matter how much you make either like you can still work towards paying off your debts I was talked to and Daniel last week like my savings rate is I’m currently at Saving sixty percent of my income I could probably get it down a little bit more But I mean it doesn’t matter how much you make it’s a matter how much effort you want to put Towards getting your debts paid off how important it is to you how much you care about your few the future of your freedom Because that’s what you’re getting when you’re paying off your debt is you’re getting yourself freedom You’re buying your time back like I said because in the future you’ll have more money to Spend on things to save you time therefore It’s gonna buy you time right you’re gonna have that extra income to be able to kind of spend on things to pay somebody to Do your laundry if that’s your thing right or like make food for you? And then what you get that freedom to do whatever you want and the options that you have in the future Like I was telling Daniel. He’s setting himself up He has no idea how much he set himself up in the future and I feel really bad for people who? Aren’t concerned about their current debts because in ten years Daniels is going to be in a really good position And it’s gonna stink to see the other people around him that are in very poor Financial situations, and of course he’s going to be able to be there for them But he’s it’s gonna stink to say look I tried to tell you like I eat you know so It’s kind of one of those deals It’s it’s tough But you’re buying yourself freedom is what you’re doing when you’re working on paint paint off your debts as soon as possible your bad debts And I think ultimately everybody wants to be free But you got to kind of earn it a little bit. You can’t jump the gun on that what is it over half of? You know loan borrowers are in some form deferment. Yeah, yeah, it’s it’s nothing like that It’s a high, and so when you when you hear that. You know you don’t have necessarily the pressure Or even yeah, you don’t have that pressure to need to get out of that And so if you have you know you still have the debt in your life, but if you’re not being obligated To pay back, then I’m there it can create a false feeling of freedom But that interest is still good enough yours hidden deeper in the hole. Whether you realize it or not, yeah It’s not going anywhere, so I mean that was my hopes from this conversation. Why one of the other reasons? I want to bring you on was just to kind of get people to to kind of see like maybe this makes them think hey Maybe I should start paying off you guys my debts right so you can see Daniels Really hit it hard and like I said, I’m super super super proud of them, and that’s why I’m here That’s why I do the things that I do I put out the videos that I put out you can always comment email. Send me a message anything like that Dana knows I’ve I’ve come hour ever applied to a lot of his comments before him and I even started working together because I will never leave a comment on Responded to if you will because I really truly just want to help you if you want to be helped if you want to Kind of suck it up and suck up your pride in and own it I’m willing to help you and Daniels proof You can make things happen, but it’s a matter of if you want to so real quick I know that Daniel has something that he wants to plug before he before he goes So you’ve got a podcast that you do write it so my podcast is called live from the bathroom floor, okay? So Sept is that we have interviews right I do a solo in a bathroom anybody who comes in to use the restroom Becomes a guest on my show, okay, it’s hosted on my website Danny on Danny com okay And then why I’ll put the links down in the description so It’s a good time. We do once a week, and it’s It is what it is you have to check it out. It’s uh? Yeah. It’s just straight fun right just leave absolutely fun I’m with a name like that. It’s got to be fun right okay, so right um if anybody has any questions You can go ahead and leave a comment down below that that’s directed towards Daniel Or if you want to send me an email That I’ll get the message back to Daniel any kind of questions for him questions for me We’d be more than happy to help you and respond, but I can always get ahold of Dan You know let him know like hey someone left a comment that way he doesn’t have to check the the freaking video like every day Because I get notifications for it right so any questions We’ve more than happy to help you contact me if you have any questions Need any help with anything like I said don’t be afraid to admit you’ve had a problem in the past because we can always turn it around any last parting words, Daniel I Just really want to thank you for Months guys seriously take care up on this he’s the real deal He’s great to work with he won’t make you feel embarrassed good solid advice He’s been there. He’s walked the walk. He talks to talk take him up on it It’s been great. Thank you again. Yeah, thanks, man. I appreciate that

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  1. Mira Mira says:

    I love this. I don't even know how much I have paid so far. I'm doing baby step 2 but I'm having a hard time finding a part time job. I get the "Why do you need it when you have a full time job". I get weird looks when I tell the truth. I want to pay off my student loans. It's very frustrating. Any tips? I just can't find someone to take a chance on me

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    🔴Get Your Free Copy of The Debt-Free Prep Workbook (while it’s still available):

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    Crazy how much we end up paying in the long run is already bad enough in the beginning crazy

  4. Naomi Talking Money says:

    Great discussion Jarrad! You were right when you said that in 10 years Daniel can't even imagine what a great position he'll be in. I've often thought that the hardship of student loans was actually a great gift. It taught me how to budget and gave me hope that we could knock the mortgage out quick… Which we did 🙂 Great interview & thanks for this!

  5. Marrissa Morrow says:

    Awesome video!

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    Great ideas Jarrad. Love the idea of side-hustles for extra to pay off debt.

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