Performing A Real-Time Loan Advance

State Employees’ Credit Union members with a salary advance loan, open-end loan, or home equity line of credit have quick and convenient access to their available credit lines through SECU’s Real-Time Loan Advance service. Members can request a
Real-Time Loan Advance three ways— online through secure Member Access or through Mobile Access at, or by phone using SECU’s Voice Response service at 1-800-ASK SECU. The Real-Time Loan Advance request process is quite simple. Let’s take a look at the steps using online
Member Access. Open a web browser on your desktop and go to Log in to Member Access and click the Move Money tab from the Account Summary page. Click the Loan Advances link to go to the Online Loan Advance page. From the dropdown menu, you can select which available line of credit you would like to request an advance from. Select the appropriate loan and click Continue. Specify the amount of your loan request in the Amount box. In the menu below, select which account you would like the funds deposited into. The menu will only display accounts eligible to receive loan advance proceeds. When you’ve specified the amount
and the deposit account, click Submit to process the advance. A window will appear asking you
to confirm the advance. Click OK. A screen confirming the advance will appear showing the request information
and a confirmation number. Clicking the OK button will take you back to the Online Loan Advance page. As we noted earlier, there are two additional ways to request a Real-Time Loan Advance: Through Mobile Access on your smartphone or
mobile device, and by phone using the
1-800-ASK SECU Voice Response service. Requesting an advance using Mobile Access is very similar to the steps used in Member Access. Completing an advance request using ASK SECU is also very straightforward and easy! For more information about
SECU’s Real-Time Loan Advances, visit and review the Real-Time Loan Advances page under the Mobile and Online tab.

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