Personal Investment & Loan Tips : Personal Secured Loans

This is Patrick Munro, talking about what
is a personal secured loan. In the world of finance loans can be granted to borrowers,
but as always, there is security required for the loan. It secures the fact that the
creditor is going to be repaid for the service that they’re giving. So a personal secured
loan is where the borrower puts up some property as collateral to the company that is granting
the loan; perhaps it’s a bank or other institution. There is a lien placed on that property and
it will not be released until the loan is paid for or satisfied, as it’s said in the
world of credit, over time. It’s a strategy that is commonly used. It’s normally the course
of action when investors are putting up assets they pledge their assets for security and
receive loans, and they’re able to grow their wealth with this effective planning strategy
tool. This is Patrick Munro, Financial Adviser, talking about borrowing and pledging security.

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