Personal Investment & Loan Tips : Signature Loan Tips

This is Financial Adviser, Patrick Munro,
talking about signature loans. Signature loans are a great opportunity for someone to work
with a financial institution that believes in them. The reason they believe in them is
because they’ve got great credit; that they have demonstrated themselves to the financial
institution that they’re a good credit risk, and the institution therefore gives them a
predetermined credit line based just on their strength of signature. It it’s a senior product
for individuals that are credit worthy and it is called a signature loan. It it’s an
old type loan that was normally given to nobility in the past, based on the family name. But
of course we don’t live in aristocracy type situations anymore in America, so the prevailing
benchmark for signature loans is your credit and your outstandingness as far as how the
financial institution believes in you. This is Patrick Munro, talking about the tool known
as signature loans.

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