Personal Teller Machines Goldenwest Credit Union

In the past 18 months, Goldenwest has opened
five offices with Personal Teller Machines in the branch lobbies. Personal Teller Machines can perform almost
any transaction that can be conducted at a traditional teller station. Members can deposit multiple checks and a
mix of cash into their account at the machine, no envelope required. They can also withdraw specific amounts of
cash down to the dollar. To begin: Simply insert your card, verify
your identification, and choose the transaction type. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable
staff will be available to walk you through your transaction. With the installation of the Personal Teller
Machines, the Credit Union has been mindful not to sacrifice personal service for technology. Depending on needs and preferences of each
member, our branches with Personal Teller Machines can offer self-service expediency
as well as one-on-one service from our Credit Union Experts on staff.

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