Phone Scam, My Name is Mike Hunt!! LOL

Mike Hunt you don’t know how to spell Mike Hunt! If I can hear you ok, I am asking for you to spell your last name. Nash gosh past no I don’t I just only I’ve do cash I only do cash homie few vision
issues cash see inch truck track I track culture okay culture I Shack fire truck cashback ap thank first past past pie first past past for first for fast for for for past past p yeah past past pay for first for for for for for for for have for for add fish March that is correct fast-track fish management a and that a vagina I she acts thad had here had hair pad for as bad fad for for for hey for no track I karch store like Paul fuck I cash I shock for Catholic file I cashed trashed okay okay I’m my name is a lame a lame how r I E lian eat fish now don’t know how to fuck install the
other track kept minor I fish sash can I ask you something sir for yeah I
think I thank you stammer take a scammer
stammer stammer scanner scammer stammer scanner scammer yeah hammer your exam argue that
scammer your %uh stammer yes damn errands you know you call me 300 back in time to
calm her ass you now I shop whether you like I had I I’m nothing else better to do but
fuckin take people’s money outta there I can wallets nude fish okay and choc I’m an EMT dude I just got
I get it I 4.0 GP Irish okay track

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