Pick Up The Damn Pager (Payday 2 Pager Fandub)

This is dispatch, what’s your status please. Oh yeah we’re perfectly perfect down here. I uh..I think I got some water on the radio
when I was in the bathroom. Uhm uh…Nah…uh…I don’t..I- *Crude mouth static noise* Everything’s good except for the parts that aren’t. Oh yeah I-I think I might have accidentally
fallen down. Hell if I know, I read a Stephen King book
though, started exactly like this. Well uh..Next time it goes off..We can see?
but I don’t see anything right now… You’ve reached *Lower voice* S-Steve, He’s
unavailable at the moment, leave your number at the beep. *Beep* Nah i’m just kidding, it’s me Steve, it’s alright here. I-Im sorry..I…forgot about this pager….Over? Can you speak a little louder, sounded like
you were trying to buy me dinner.. Everything is under control yes sir, we are
100% under control. I can’t hear a god damn word you’re saying
but everything’s fine. ‘s all good, just got scared by a bee. Everything’s good just banged my head on the
toilet, no problem. Probably wanna call an exterminator or a priest
or something but I-It’s fine. Big spiders down here man..REALLY big. Thought I saw my ex wife and my neighbor,
fucked up right? Sounded like someone was breakin’ in but was
just my shoes squeakin’. Everything is fine fine fine yes sir fine-o-roony. Situations normal, relatively unfucked up. All good, had a minor freak out, calming down
now with a blunt.

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  1. Knuckle says:

    This was good man

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