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When I first walked up to my home and turned the key I was like I’m opening a new life everything starts over at this moment coming up in Los
Angeles we were struggling and then as a young person I was in a foster home
growing up in the foster home made me feel isolated I didn’t feel like I had roots I didn’t feel like I belonged
anywhere a lot of times you didn’t even unpack your bags you may just have to grab it and go first and foremost I am a mother to a 9 year old little boy being a single mother is tough when I bought this home he was
seven and at that time we have moved three times I want him to go to the same
elementary school the same middle school the same high school it was important
for me that he had that rock that foundation so being in this house and
giving my son those roots that I didn’t have is amazing to me to start roots I
think you need a seed and the seed to me is family my neighbors have been here over
five generations that’s what I was looking for a community where the
neighbors are invested the people that have been here for years they care I’ve
never had a neighbor where I can borrow a cup of sugar so I have that now it’s just like an extension of my family buying my home has been a positive
life-changing experience no doubt I closed on my house July 3rd I have my
independence day that’s what I call 4th of July that day that’s my independence day I became
independent this day and so when I moved into my house firecrackers was popping off I was like hey welcome I had so many other dreams before the house but then I realized buying my house would help me with a lot of things that I needed to do
I started Power In Pink back in 2008 Power In Pink is a leadership and
mentoring program the girls that primarily participate or inner-city youth
my goal is to make Power In Pink full time so that the ladies can get the
necessary leadership and mentoring services that they require just to see
them grow and then they’re just you know they’re ready to fly I enjoy
empowering girls so that they can become strong women my goal is to make change
and others and I felt like I had to have my foundation in place before I can
really make a real change in other people’s lives my name is Shylise and I’m a mother mentor and a homeowner

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