Poker Night in America | Season 4, Episode 1 | Twitch Celebrity Cash Game, Part 1 – It Begins

From Las Vegas, Nevada.
This is Poker Night in America. (uptempo jazz music) – Welcome to Poker
Night in America. The start of a brand new
season. I got a co-host. It’s Chris Hanson along
with Joe Stapleton. Welcome, Stapes! – Thanks for having me. I really needed this job. I have two girls in college and those are just
ones I’m dating. – Stapes, you’re starting
off with a real doozy. It’s our Twitch celebrity
cash game in Las Vegas. – Yeah, you’re not kidding. This is a packed
table, literally. There is almost no elbow room and everybody’s gonna
need to make some space for the G.O.A.T.; Phil
Hellmuth is on his way. (poker players chatting) – [Chris] Buy-in tonight is a
minimum of $5K and of course, since we’re in Vegas,
there is no maximum buy-in. Pretty much anything’s going
to be allowed here tonight, on Poker Night in America. Alright, Joe Stapleton, tell
us about this blind structure. I’m a little confused already
on the ante from the big blind and a deuce-seven? – So it’s No-Limit
Texas Hold Me. Blind is $25 and $50, with a $200 ante
paid on the big blind and the deuce and
seven rule is in play; win a hand with seven-two,
everyone at the table’s gonna pay you 200 bucks. – [Dan] Starts with antes. – [Jason] That’s great. – [Dan] $25, $75, $150. – [Antonio] I love it. – [Dan] The best. – [Elky] EPT’s and High Rollers
start with antes. – [Dan] What does?
– [Jason] The high rollers– – [Elky] High Rollers and EPT’s
start with antes. – [Dan] Yeah. – [Elky] That’s really
good, that’s so much better. – [Antonio] So much better. – And for this deuce-seven
game we were playing, you have to scoop it. Not chopped, not, like, run
it twice and win with one– – Yeah, $200, $200 bonus.
– Scoop the whole pot. – [Antonio] Are we on
for seven-deuce? – [Phil L.] Yeah, we are. – [Dan] For sure. – [Antonio] We’re on? How much is it if you win it? – [Everyone] $200. – [Joe] You’d be surprised
how often the seven-deuce rule comes into play. It’s always aces or
seven-deuce. – [Voiceover] Sorry,
let me turn that on. – [Pit Boss] Put your cards
side by side over here. Over the spot. – [Joe] I’m sure,
Randy’s gonna put in another raise, here. – [Antonio] Are these RF, RF– – [Dan] Yeah, RFID. – [Chris] And Lew makes
it $800. – [Joe] And Randy’s got
a pretty tight image, so this should get
him some respect. Ahh, except that Antonio
has respect for no one. – [Chris] And we’ll trim down
to two players, so Lew and Esfandiari will see
the flop together. – [Joe] Antonio does
have a pretty good hand for cracking queens. – [Chris] Is that qualified
for cracking queens, or not? – [Joe] Apple-solutely! Randy! What a bad spot for him. Top set and it’s no good. – [Antonio] You start
with five, right? – [Chris] $900 from Lew
and a call from Esfandiari. – [Joe] Antonio could
have raised there, it was a draw-heavy board. – [Chris] Both players
right now are in love with their hands, obviously. – [Joe] Yeah, definitely. And Randy’s almost
always betting again. He’s just never beat,
here, except for now. Like, never, but now! – [Chris] $1,700 the
bet from Randy Lew. – [Joe] And I’m pretty sure we
see a raise from Antonio now. Lew is repping a pretty strong
hand when he bets twice. – [Joe] Randy, it’s
the first hand! – [Chris] Board’s
gotta pair on the river otherwise the entire stack
is going to Esfandiari. – First hand, sick. – That was the first hand
and everything all in. – Set, a whaddyacallit, flush. – [Chris] And Randy Lew finds
a cooler on the very first hand, here on Poker
Night in America. – First hand was all in. – [Joe] Flop’s a
straight, river’s a flush. – Wow. Wow. – I don’t think I’ve ever
flopped like that in my life. – Flopped a joint
with back doors, he flops top set. – How are we,
are we tipping later? – [Joe] There’s a
reason why Antonio is the winningest
player of all time and that reason is because
he won 18 million dollars in one tournament. But he’s also pretty good. – [Chris] That will
bump you up quickly, no doubt about it. So now we’ll have to see if
Randy, with a fresh rebuy, goes after Antonio
Esfandiari and tries to get some of that money back. – Nine-ten spades.
– What can I do? – It came eight, jack,
queen, I’m thinking, “Wow, that would be nice
to have nine-ten here.” – Never mind nine-ten
of spades. – Come back in, when it’s
your big blind, you play. – That makes sense. – ‘Cause then it’s just always
easier to enter on big blind. – It’s easier to enter the game. – [Joe] The straddle is on. Elky raising blind under
the gun’s gonna get him positioned before the flop. – It’s really not a big deal. I think it’s better this way. – [Chris] Phil Laak
limps in with ace-jack. Esfandiari with ace-jack
suited makes it $500. Phil Laak to $4,550. – [Joe] These two guys
have the same hand! These two!
This is so them! – You might as well get all in, because the fear of me having
two-seven is too strong in your veins, I can feel it. You don’t wanna see
the deuce-seven. It’s the only way
out, is to go all in. – (inaudible) – [Phil] That’s your way out. – [Joe] I don’t
think he’s folding. – How much more is it, four? – Yeah, four. – [Chris] Antonio’s only
in this hand for $500. – [Elky] I like how
the game is starting. It’s pretty… It’s pretty strong already. It’s pretty strong already. – We got some feisty
players in here. – [Chris] A re-raise from
Antonio goes to $8,600. – [Joe] And normally, if this
was any other two players, I would say they’re turning
ace-jack into a bluff, but against each
other, I have no idea. – He just tossed a $50 in
there or something, yeah. – He raised 13? I can’t see it. Oh it’s four. Are those purples or fives? Okay, yeah. Six, seven, eight. Four, five. – [Joe] Make no mistake, Chris, when this happens in real
life, you’re supposed to fold. – Okay, all in. – [Joe] (laughs)
Okay, not move all in. – [Chris] Ace-jack
off suit, that is your opportunity to
say goodbye? – [Joe] I mean, the
first four thousand shouldn’t have gone in. – We have to see ’em. – I don’t have a very good
hand, I’m embarrassed. – Really, we don’t
have to do that here? – We’re gonna see it
in 15 minutes anyway. – I mean, we’ve got just
one hand a piece probably. – You’re gonna maybe
see one hand. – [Joe] They’re both
too embarrassed to show. – Ace, I don’t know,
probably not good. – Maybe it’s good. You might have a set of queens. (laughter) – Now I have to fade queens
I think. – [Joe] This is so funny,
they both think they’re gonna win this pot. Oh! – I might not be good. – [Joe] Now they’re both
gonna think they’re losing. – You like to chop? – No, you have ace-king? It’s gonna be– – You wanna chop or no? – [Joe] You don’t have
a choice! – [Antonio] Yes or no? – No. – Well how– – [Joe] It is a chop. – [Bleep] knucklehead gets
$15,000 in there with
ace-jack. What an idiot! – [Phil L.] I thought I
was ahead or chopping. – Yeah, when I re-raise you
there, your hand’s, like, really good all the time. – [Phil L.] Okay, keep putting
it in with ace-jack, let’s see how far you go. – What a numbnuts. By the way that was
really well played, just raise it $4,000
with the ace-jack. But just to win $500 and
some of the time you lose your whole stack. You are so hopeless,
it’s amazing. – [Chris] When we come back,
14 Bracelets sits down at our Poker Night in America table, when Phil Hellmuth
joins us next. – Yum-yum, boys!
Woo-hoo-hoo! – For more from Poker Night,
visit or find us on Twitch,
Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube Where you can see complete
episodes and un-edited live
streams – [Chris] Welcome back to
Poker Night in America. – Yum-yum, boys!
Woo-hoo-hoo! – [Chris] And finally
arriving is the one and only Phil Hellmuth. – Phil, I hope you have an
extra one of
those shirts, [Bleep]. – [Joe] The G.O.A.T.! Been selling a lot of these. (Dan laughs) – You have to say you love it. – I do love it. – He’s got his money like– – [Antonio] It’s good for me. – (laughs) It’s good for you,
yeah no (bleep). – Pretty good first hand. That was a sick first hand. Ace jack against ace jack
for 15K. – [Antonio] Phil and
I got in $15K each. With ace-jack. You would not have approved. (laughter) He played it like
a real genius, too. – Well I had two flush
draws, he only had one. – I had a little edge. – Antonio, don’t start
talking (bleep) already, okay? I mean, you know, the last
time we played, I won, like, $24,000 in this cash game and
you lost, like, $20,000 right? – Last time?
Where was that? – [Phil H.] Yeah,
you have a bad memory when it comes to
losing, don’t you? New York.
– [Antonio] I don’t remember. – [Phil H] Turning Stone. – [Antonio] I didn’t
lose in New York. – [Phil H.] You
didn’t wind up losing? Well, when I left,
you were buried. Once I left, it was
a lot easier for you. – [Phil L.] He
always gets unstuck. It’s Mr. Esfandiari. – [Antonio] Pretty sure I
ended up winning, I don’t know. The one with Frankenberger? – [Phil H.] Yeah. – It’s Randy, I gotta
put in. – [Antonio] I think I won. – I gotta play with Randy. – By the time we quit yesterday,
Phil, it was $25, $50, $100, $200 on the button,
$50 from every player, with the seven-deuce game. That is juicy. – Come on. – Sounds fun. – Come on. – We’re playing
seven-deuce to start. – Yeah, we’re
playing seven-deuce– – [Dan] And $200
on the big blind. – $200 on the big blind, yeah. – Can you rank the best
to the worst players at the table, please? We’d like to know your ranking. – Can I guess what
Phil’s rankings are? – Come on, everybody’s strong. – Can I guess what
Phil’s rankings are? – [Antonio] Guess his rankings? – [Jason] Yeah, I wanna
guess Phil’s rankings, okay? – [Antonio] and then
we want your rankings. – [Jason] No, no, no, no, no. – [Dan] Start number one. – [Jason] Start number one,
well Phil ranks himself number one, obviously. – [Antonio] Obviously. I mean, that’s
not even just him ranking, I mean, it’s just clear. – [Jason] Number two, I think
he would rank you over Elky, I think it’s two, three– – [Antonio] No shot,
by the way. – [Jason] No shot, you
think it’s two, three? – [Antonio] He
thinks I’m terrible. – [Jason] He thinks
you’re terrible? Okay, maybe that’s the thing. It’s gotta be, it’s not even
close, maybe it’s two, three. – I think he gives
Dan number two. – No way, Dan is in the bottom
four of Phil’s expectations. I’m just saying.
Come on. – Bottom four, really? – Yeah, I think Dan is
the bottom four, too. (laughter) – Okay. – I mean, what Phil thinks. – So Elky number two, alright? – Yeah, so okay, so
let’s say, Elky, two, you, three, four– – All, like, the worst. – He might think Randy’s towards
the bottom actually, after yesterday, I think
Randy starts the bottom. So, sorry, Randy. – We’ve had our moments. You know, Phil, when the
Shooting Star took place, I don’t know, 15 years
ago, he had a party for all the Shooting Stars,
and he hired me as a magician to work the party. And I was hanging out with
all these poker stars, and I was like, in La La
Land, I’m like, oh my God, that’s so-and-so, that’s
so-and-so, you know? I was doing magic, he hired me. – That’s awesome. Great story. – True story. – And then, he wanted to
play heads-up for the fee. – [Antonio] I said, you gotta
play me for my fee for doing the magic, double or nothing. – So I did play him
heads up for the fee. I finally, he was playing
like a maniac even then; raise, raise,
raise, raise, raise. His usual tournament style,
not his cash game style. And finally, I picked up
aces, and I came like, the king, deuce, deuce, and
we put most of it in, and a five came. And he just, whoosh, and I
just snapped ’em in there, and he showed me pocket fives. Double up on the fee. – Typical kid play. – The kid, you know? – Yeah. – [Antonio] Uh oh. First squeezer moves in,
second squeezer in the tank. This is– – [Phil L.] That’s nice. – [Antonio] I love
squeezer battles, you know? (Phil H. laughs) – [Phil L.] Squeezer battles. – Squeezing you. – [Phil H.] Have you ever
noticed that how Phil Laak influences the action in the deuce-to-seven
game all the time? – Yeah, he gets involved. – But no, I mean it
influences the action, because he doesn’t want to pay the
$200, so he can’t help himself, I noticed this yesterday,
I didn’t say it out loud. So every time he has to
suggest that someone might have deuce-seven, so that he
might not have to pay $200. – Well yeah, king– – -that’s been like,
pre-established for a while, right, Antonio? Deuce-seven, when
some raise happens, you’re allowed to go, “Ahhh…” – You’re allowed to do that. – We can chop right
now if you want. – [Joe] Man, if Jamie
loses this and gets shown seven-deuce, he may not
survive. – Oh, you’re dead. You’re dead. Phil H.] It’s worth $11. – It’s pocket nines
grouped with ace-king? – [Joe] Antonio is
priced in, by the way, if you’re wondering
why he called an all in with seven-deuce. Uh-oh, diamonds! Ace-king holds. – You win. I had outs. (laughter) – On the turn, he
picked up the world. – $2,850. – [Chris] And Jamie Staples
is elated to double up through Antonio Esfandiari. – [Joe] He survives both
figuratively and literally. – I wanted to hurt you
guys so bad on that one. You were all in potential pain,
you know, you had no idea. – [Joe] We’ll be
back with more action from the Twitch Celebrity
Cash Game right after this. – There’s no reading
ability, there’s no math, there’s no logic. Just Antonio on Tilt. – Yeah, we call it A.O.T. Antonio on Tilt. – Antonio on Tilt. – [Chris] Thanks for coming
back to Poker Night in America. Let’s return to the cash game. This is our Twitch Celebrity
Cash Game. – [Joe] It’s like a bunch of
young kids have been adopted by their three weird uncles. – Do I owe $250?
Is that how it works? – [Chris] Who are the three
weird uncles, by the way? – [Joe] Antonio, Phil, and
Phil. – You want a sweet potato? -Cooked? – [Chris] A sweet potato
brought to the table for Antonio Esfandiari,
who has been complaining that he’s hungry. Phil’s taking care
of that, looks like oatmeal, not sure what’s on top. Do you have any inside
information on that? – [Joe] I do not, but
I will try my best to get to the bottom of it. I once ate Phil
Hellmuth’s leftover Oreos. That’s the end of the story. – [Dan] I got a $50
discount yesterday. – [Chris] Scott Ball makes
it $300 with ace-king. – It’s $300 open and that’s it. – [Phil H.] Phil, you
wakeboarded all night? – Just from four
’till nine-thirty. – [Chris] A raise to
$900 from Dan O’Brien. – [Joe] And Dan has dominated. – What exactly is wakeboarding? – Wakesurfing. The boat generates waves, and
you put the board in the wave, and you surf it,
surf that wave. – You wanna play your hand,
and then explain, numbnuts? – [Joe] Oh, mean. I think he’s only
saying that ’cause he’s hungry. – [Chris] He’s “hangry”. – [Joe] He is “hangry” right
now. – [Chris] He should have
eaten that sweet potato he was being offered. – Wow, the great
mind of Phil Laak. Can you imagine what’s going
on up there, Somerville? – He’s just dancing in there. – Psychic flow, psychic flow. – You would not believe what
he did with ace-jack earlier. I mean, it was so bad. Even you would say it’s so bad. – I believe it. – It was just so bad. – Sometimes you
have to get it in, but that was not
one of the times. (laughter) – That was good, Elky. That’s Elky’s line. That might be the
line of the day. Sometimes you just have to
get it in, but with that– – That was definitely
not the time. He got in $15,000. – [Chris] Phil Laak makes it
$3,300 with ace-king suited. Coming back around
to Scott Ball. – In half an hour,
it’s on its way. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – That was sick, he
goes like, limp, hundred, makes it $500, makes it
$3,500– – [Antonio] No, $4,500. – $4,500? – [Antonio] Yeah. Oh, I love it,
yes! Super squeeze, hurting Phil Laak! – Makes it $8,500, and and
he was waiting for $15K. – Fold. – [Joe] Dan gets away from it. – Pull in $3,300 from
both of us, would you? – [Antonio] I made it like
$8,200, like I’m ever folding for another $7K,
when he’s only got– – [Phil H.] You
had ace-jack also? – [Antonio] I had
ace-jack of spades. (laughter) – [Chris] Back to this hand,
it is the same situation. Ace-king vs. ace-king suited. – [Joe] Except in
this situation, it’s
okay to get it in. – [Chris] Ace-jack, no
good, ace-king, that’s fine. – Yosemite would
have already snapped. – It’s gonna be worse. I’d rather have deuce-seven
than whatever he has. – Guys, we should have to
turn over one card for all ins. At least one, so we have
some sort of a good sweat. – Of course you should,
you have to turn over. – I’m not gonna show my hand. – Let’s do it from now on,
we gotta just show one card. – [Joe] Is that common on
Poker Night in America? I hate it when they
don’t show their hands when I’m in the game. Now I know what they are. I don’t care if you
show ’em or not. – Ace-king, come on. – [Joe] One club on
that flop. – [Antonio] Ace! – [Joe] Chop it up. – [Phil H.] It’s like,
queen-nine. He just made nines or
some (bleep). – [Joe] Scott can exhale now. – [Antonio] He’s got queens. Phil’s got queens. He’s not happy about it. – [Antonio] Ace-queen. – [Phil L.] Chop it up. – [Chris] A couple of huge
pots have just ended in chops. It’s kind of disappointing. – Guys, so let’s turn one
if we’re all in, yeah? That seems reasonable. – (inaudible) – Okay, one if you’re all in. – I prefer to show both. – [Joe] Check out the way the
dealer’s chopping the pot. It’s like synchronized
swimming. – Now you take away
from the possibility of slow-rolling on the river. And in this game, there’s a
couple guys that slow-roll. – True. – It’s not a slow-roll
if it’s a chop. – [Joe] Here comes
the big finale. – But I’m gonna
slow-roll you if I can. – Of course. ( Joe hums the
Blue Danube Waltz) – I feel like you
have potential. – [Chris] Alright, that was fun. By the way, you can
always watch our live streams at – I don’t like to
specifically needle anyone. Except when I come after
Antonio, just for fun. – [Chris] Lots more events
coming up this year. It’s funny how when you
watch the live stream, you really get to see all the
hands that are being played and these players are so good. I mean, I’ll just
put it out there, they are really good players, we’re seeing a lot of
odd kind of play here, maybe you think, but 10
hands set up each hand that you’re seeing. – [Joe] We’re just showing
the car crash hands but there’s lots of meta-game
happening in between. – [Chris] 10s for Esfandiari. Up to $300. – Mister O’Brien. – [Chris] And Dan O’Brien. Look ’em up. – [Joe] Dan’s caught
a piece, here. Means he’s not gonna
fold on the flop. And now Dan’s got a bigger
piece, he is in fact cracked 10s so far. Antonio’s up and down, though. Dan’s decided to lead the turn. Which you’d often do with a
draw, so I think Antonio’s never folding. – Call. – [Chris] Antonio does call. And we go to the river
which is another seven, full house now for O’Brien. Does pairing the board scare
Antonio at all at this point? – [Joe] I think it
does, especially when
Dan bets the river. Shouldn’t be too much trouble
for him to get away from this. He’s not being much at all,
Dan’s fired on every street, I don’t think he can
really rep a bluff either since the board ran out with
most of the draws missing. – [Chris] Good bet size
from O’Brien, though, if you are gonna get
Antonio to call here. – [Joe] Pretty small, relative
to the size of this pot. – [Chris] It’s the right
price for curiosity, as a friend of mine
used to say. – Hmm, Mr. O’Brien, hmm. – Ace-eight? – [Phil H.] So why
were you wakeboarding at four in the morning, Phil? – We got an
All-American Dave’s. We just drove to Lake Mead,
you can get there in 38 minutes from Panorama
to the Lake– – [Phil H.] I like your
precision, 38 minutes. – [Phil L.] 38 minutes from
bed to boat, roughly, boom. – [Joe] Hey, speaking
of boats, lull. – [Phil L.] 4:10. – [Joe] I thought it
was called wakeboarding because you do it
when you’re awake. I’ve been getting it wrong
for a really long time. – [Phil L.] And then
we were in the boat, and drifting around… – [Joe] And I got
this one wrong, too. Antonio did not get
away from it at all. – [Phil L.] It’s right
there, he’s got a boat that generates the waves. You need to do it. – [Chris] Closed Captioning
is brought to you as a public service by
Poker Night in America. Well here’s where we’re
gonna end the night for now, and everyone
who’s got a green arrow next to them is up
over 1,600 bucks each. – [Joe] There were a
couple of car crash hands that ended in chops which
is why I think we don’t see too many huge profits
and losses here. Jason Somerville the
big loser so far, and Elky is down almost $6K. – Well that was a
lot of fun, Stapes, but this table’s just
getting warmed up. – Well next time, if you like
acronyms, we’ve got some hot A.O.T. action. OMG, TTYL. – And speaking of the internet, you can find us
where you can watch full episodes, and check
out our Twitch live stream. For Joe Stapleton, I’m Chris
Hanson, we’ll see you next time on Poker Night in America. – GG. – You offered Phil to chop,
the best he can do is chop. – The best he can
do is chop, right? – Because you’re playing aces
and queens with a jack kicker, the best he can do is chop. And you declined to chop. – Would you like to chop? – [Phil L.] No,
you have ace-king? It’s gonna be– – You wanna chop or no? Yes or no? – No. – Well how– – – you have to say yes. – [Bleep] knucklehead gets
$15,000 in there with
ace-jack. What an idiot. – [Phil L.] I thought I
was ahead or chopping. – That’s his style. – All he can do is
lose in that scenario. – He’s not offering it
unless it’s neutral. So it doesn’t matter. – That’s not true, I have
offered many times and then turned it over. – Not right there, I had
a soul read on you, kid. I know what you’re
trying to do. – [Antonio] By the way,
if someone offers a chop, it’s binding if the
other person says yes before the offer is removed,
because I might do that with the best hand, and
then when they say no deal, stick it to ’em.

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    Too greedy and too committed. $25/$50 blinds and a raise to $4k with AJ is pretty ridiculous.

  29. Mia white says:

    Jamie Staples so silent wht happen…..difrent in twitch….keep mumbling like a girl.///

  30. madpuppy54 says:

    looks like Matt the dealer has been busy

  31. It is I says:

    where can i find full length un-edited video of this??

  32. vagina floss says:

    Hellmuth is late as usual lol

  33. vagina floss says:

    why Elky had subtitles? lol french boy hahaha

  34. vagina floss says:

    The dealer hates it when it's a chop pot for sure lol…

  35. Mritsonlyaname says:

    look at that pig jamie staples.

  36. Mike Brophy says:

    some crazy action here, great ep. I feel for Lew and Ball on that one pot though. literally the whole table was laughing and joking through the whole hand.

  37. Nicholas Hale says:

    God Antonio is a goober. He's good at poker, but trying to be the cool guy by calling a shove with 27? Not only are you insulting those without your 18mil pretaxes, but you're just doing it to be cool. And no Antonio, you're not doing it to get a laugh and make the table fun. We know who you are.

  38. The Non Believer says:

    Somehow Randy Lew went frombeing stuck $5k from the first hand to +$4k and they didn't show how it went down.

  39. LEVELSABOVE says:

    Staples should not be apart of this game, he's shaking in his boots. He's broke and isn't good at poker, he's literally 10 years behind every player sitting in the game, so because he's apart of streaming twitch or not, why even allow him to sit? LOL so bad, guys awful.

  40. roadhockey says:

    That AJ part was the best thing ever.

  41. BestPokerCoaching says:

    Great episode and season

  42. VState60 says:

    Dealer is straight smoke! Ughhh DDG

  43. bigswerves says:

    Joe Stapes gets a bit of stick but I like him. His commentary of the dealer chopping the pot made me laugh

  44. Smifnwessn says:

    Antonio eats way too much soy

  45. DonCorleoneMafiosi says:

    Joe Stapleton is too funny! Two girls in college and they are just the ones he is dating!

  46. Pedro Strom says:

    when was this ? laak is still there !! is this 2016 ?!

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