Police investigating robbery at Cash Advance in Winchester

FOR A WORKER AT A WINCHESTER BUSINESS. POLICE SAY A ROBBER POINTED A GUN AT HER DURING A ROBBERY. IT HAPPENED AT THE CASH ADVANCE AMERICA ON BYPASS ROAD. W-K-Y-T’S MARK BARBER HAS SURVELLANCE PICTURES OF THE SUSPECT IN THIS CRIME TRACKER REPORT. Reporter intro: Winchester police think the man who robbed this cash advance business could be desperate and willing to do anything because he hit this store in the middle of the morning. Officers want you to take a good look at his face because he could still be in the area. SOT “He appears to either be Hispanic or a light skinned black male, he has a gotee, gray hooded sweatshirt with a nike across the chest and black Chicago White Sox hat.” VO The robber walked into the Advance America on Bypass Road before 10 o’clock, pulled out a gun and told the woman working behind the counter to start handing him cash. The employee wasn’t hurt but she is shaken. The armed man took off after he got what he wanted. Police think he parked nearby and drove off because they haven’t been able to find him. SOT “We are reviewing all the video from surrounding businesses to see if we can see him either in a vehicle or leaving the scene on foot.” Reporter out: While investigators are hoping nearby cameras will show them where the robber went – they also hope someone looking at his face right now will recognize him and call police. They say a tip from someone like you could help them catch the man they consider armed and dangerous. In Winchester, MB WKYT. POLICE SAY BUSINESSES LIKE ADVANCE AMERICA THAT DEAL WITH A LOT OF CASH ARE ALWAYS TARGETS FOR ROBBERS. OFFICERS TELL US THIS ROBBERY IS A REMINDER THAT IT IS ALWAYS WISE TO COOPERATE WITH A ROBBER.

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