Pork Royale, Free Slaughter Safe & Drill and my first stat boosting skin [Achievement] [Payday 2]

Hi, welcome back, Unknown Knight here. Did you boot up Slaughterhouse today and notice
Vlad talking away? Well, today marks the final day of CrimeFest
and Overkill is having another community event and achievement, the Pork Royale: Find the
marked pig in Slaughterhouse and secure it in the container on OVERKILL or above. This achievements nets you a free Slaughter
safe & drill and will last for a month so go get it if you haven’t. But before that, here’s how to achieve it. As Vlad mentions, find the pig marked with
an X. It’s not really easy to find the pig sometimes because the X isn’t very obvious.
In any case, here’s said pig. All you have to do is to secure it and then complete the
heist. At the end of the heist it might take a bit to get the safe. What I did was restart
Payday 2 and now there it is, in my Steam Inventory. Slaughter safe, yes. Slaughter drill, yes.
Now let’s see. Nice, I want that Deagle, Judge or Bronco.
Ok so let’s open it up and see what we get. That looks like a CAR 4, let’s see. Danger
Ahead, plus accuracy. Oh, there’s a stat boost. Let’s see how much of a stat boost we can
get for this. Ok, there we go. Not bad, the hand guard is
coloured as well, and the magazine.Ah I forgot the original value. Let’s remove it. Ok, 44
so before, a plus 8 and… 48 after. So it’s just a plus 4. It’s not
much, it’s not overpowered. So it isn’t as gamebreaking at all, no pay to win right here,
like many people were saying it was. Alright so thank you for watching and go get
the First World Safe or Slaughter Safe if you haven’t. I’ll see you in the next video.

3 comments on “Pork Royale, Free Slaughter Safe & Drill and my first stat boosting skin [Achievement] [Payday 2]”

  1. Unknown Knight says:

    Glad to help

  2. Bert Karlsson says:

    Nice video <3 ty for skins 😛

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