#PotatoToBasic – PAYDAY 2 Configuracion [Aumento de FPS – SIN MODS]

PAYDAY 2 is undoubtedly the king of 4-player cooperatives games. A simple game mechanics and a variety of maps allows you to be free to play your way, in addition to an extensive support of mods. Recently, PAYDAY 2 was put free on Steam for a limited time which brought millions of new users and also many potatos to optimize. This time, I will bring you how to carry PAYDAY 2
to the minimum, to play the maximum, So forget details and ridiculous things like Dynamic Lights or Shadows. I’m Tak_Riuto, and this is… Once inside the game, we will go to Settings, and look for “Gameplay”, Will unmark The first 2 boxes, those 2 boxes consume a lot of CPU. Then we go to “Video” where we will have to bring the quality of the Effects to 0%, The rest we will see in “Advanced Settings” where we can choose how high we want the quality of the texture, I recommend putting everything in low, FPS limit to the maximum That your monitor allows (In my case, 60) and
Buffer reading either in 1024 or 2048 Neither more nor less. Now I will show you what the game looks like in
the different graphic configurations For an advanced configuration you will have to download my Renderer Plus, cut it, they will paste it into the data folder of PAYDAY 2, to get to it press “Windows + R”, And write “Appdata”, enter “Local” and look for “PAYDAY 2” and paste the Renderer, they give you to replace And then simply edit it. You can use the editor of your choice, I will use VS Code because I like it. This file is divided into 2 parts, the first one is D3D_Device here you will find data Of your graphics card that are not relevant, let’s focus on the lines that matter to us Which are the Resolution, here you can choose a customized resolution of your preference But the minimum that supports the game is 512×384,
So do not put values lower than that. The line below defines whether to play in window or not, changes from True to False. The refresh_rate is the frequency of your monitor, and the aspect_ratio is nothing more than the split The width of the monitor between the high, in my case 640/400 The bottom is where magic happens, we are going to modify all these variables to That the game goes lower than it can, all that has a number, vary between 0, 1, 2 or 4. All that say Low, or Very Low can change by the 5 on the screen, those that Say False can change between True or False. And all those that are in Disabled, can put in Enabled. Leave the configuration like this if you want the best performance with a graphic More or less decent. We keep, we close and we go to properties, we mark “Only reading”, we apply, we close all and we are going to show you how the Renderer Plus looks. The above configuration is responsible for deactivating effects and dynamic lights without affecting dramatically the graphic, but if they want to go further, then open the file again and seek In the editable lines all values that say “Low” or “Very Low” and change them To “Very_Low”, this will change the textures to Lod BIAS, or Textures 0, sending the graphics to the fuck. Be sure to edit everything, save the file, if you are using VS Code to over-write, They close, they go to properties and they mark “Only Reading” and they execute the game, this is how look PAYDAY 2 in Lod BIAS Finally a configuration that can raise the FPS without sacrificing the entire graph. We go to “Program Files”, “Steam”, “Steamapps”, “Common”, “PAYDAY 2” and edit The context.xml file, once open we will look for the following variables, the first one is multithreaded, Which will be set to “True”, you can change it to “False” and try, this can improve the FPS on certain CPUs, so try. The second variable is nls_lookup size, this value varies between 8 and 128, try again Since it varies according to your GPU, we save and again to Properties, Read Only and we close everything. This is all the optimization tutorial of PAYDAY 2 without MODS, and later on I’ll do a tutorial with Mods, here Tak_Riuto, see you next time, chau!

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    con subtitulos y todo 7u7

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    Laic para difundir

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    Lol buen video

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    Yeaaah, thanks!!!

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    Que no se pierda la costumbre de comentar a pesar de no entender el vídeo c:

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    did you just use my name without permission?

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    y por que mierda la descripcion esta en ingles is el video esta en español >:v

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    Cuando vi que me y va 30 fps, se me movió el nepe 7u7

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    Fallout New Vegas pls :''v

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    oie como puedo hacer que el personaje no se vea negro?

  13. Madd Dogg says:

    Hi,i have a problem if i set it to read only it will crash,if im not putting it read only it will reset my settings.Any idea? :/

  14. Ultra says:

    Una pregunta,en el archivo tuyo pone que la gráfica es de Intel pero la mía es de AMD ,debería de poner mi gráfica en el archivo??

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    this just ruined my fucking payday 2.

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    pedazo de guiño a lowspecgamer

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    dime que me conviene mas el load bias o el render plus si quiero fps?

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    oye veo muy obsucuro me podrias ayudar?

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    what if iam with nvidia :?is it still going to work

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    Please, one with mods for my potato works !!!

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    Una pregunta, me corre?
    Procesador: AMD E2-2000 APU with Radeom(tm) HD Graphics 1.75 Ghz
    RAM: 4 GB
    Gráfica: AMD Radeom HD7340 Graphics

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    Cuando lo guardo en "sólo lectura" y lo abro se me crashea, alguna solución?

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    No veo el sentido de estas cosas. (Tengo una PC De mierda) Pero si se supone que vas a jugar al juego es para disfrutarlo, Y con esto más que disfrutarlo es como estar en una pesadilla de colores solidos donde apenas puedes saber lo que estas haciendo. No se si prefiero jugar sin saber ni que hago y ver todo con colores soldios y plantas de origami y arriesgar varios FPS Y ver todo minimamente decente.

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    bro tengo una pregunta xq cuando me meto en crimen.net el mapa de los servers en pequeño no seve todo ?

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    hola bro tu video me sirvio pero sigo tniendo un problema al apuntar el arma se pone borroza y eso antes no pasaba

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    Yo ya habia configurado todo eso xd ami gusto pero no habia cambiado la resolucion a 640 400 y cuando lo hice… ufff esos fps 😀

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    no me deja abrir el juego que hago??

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    No abre el juegos

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    Que es eso

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    Çonfig mala

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    Como aumento la resolución xd?

    Pd: buen video 😀

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