11 comments on “Practical tips to get out of debt trap | Malayalam”

  1. Askar GANARAL communication says:

    I am invest SBi and HDFC nalladu ano

  2. Edrf Kamco says:


  3. SUJITH.T.K says:

    വളരെ നല്ല ഉപദേശം…

  4. Askar GANARAL communication says:

    Sip muilt cap

  5. Askar GANARAL communication says:

    Good economic plan

  6. Vishnu M P's Creative Frames says:

    Valuable message. Thank you sir

  7. Jafer Shereef says:


  8. Sony Joseph : Nikshepam online says:

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  9. Isham Ck says:

    Bow to invest monthly small amounts?
    Grow App is Safe?

  10. New revaival ministry says:

    Sir i m shiju….I have one hairfixing company …but now i m very fear for my credit….around 24 lacks..I can't able to add my products…how is it possible?

  11. Jiju Kainikkara says:

    very useful informations


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