Prayer For Immediate Financial Help | Miracle Prayers For Financial Help

welcome to the prayer for immediate
financial help this is simply a video I put together I’d like to pray for anyone
within the sound of my voice about prayer for immediate financial aid all I ask you to do is to agree with me as we seek
our Heavenly Father together please continue to meditate on this prep
yourself speak it daily or listen to this video over and over again and allow
the Word of God concerning immediate financial help to reach deep into your
spirit let us pray heavenly father we gathered together here online income
into agreements in the wonderful and powerful name of Jesus where two or more
are gathered there you shall surely be in anything we agree upon is touching it
will surely do the Bible says that if there’s any unforgiveness that it should
be dealt with before praying therefore we release any anger bad feelings
resentment or any other wrong attitude before you now we laid at your feet and
we release and forgive those who have prayer for immediate financial blessing wronged us I looked at those watching
this video we come into agreement and ask for financial breakthrough for their
life in this time that they need help we come to you in the name of Jesus
concerning their financial situation we know that you hear us right now you were
here with us right now you already know then they need immediate financial help
even before we pray you already have the answer and with everything in us we come
to you and ask for the answer give those listening wisdom revelation and
knowledge about what to do and what not to do we refuse to fear we refused to
doubt we acknowledge you and everything including this immediate financial need
and you will direct those listening director steps when Jay iris was told
that his daughter was dead Jesus turned to him and said for him not to fear but
to only believe we believe you father those listening to redeem from the curse
the law crisis redeeming from poverty sickness
and spiritual death Jesus deliver them from poverty give them wealthiest
freedom from sickness and given them prayer for immediate financial miracle health you are a very present help in
trouble and you are more than enough light their path and by the Holy Spirit
lead them in the way they should go that leads to financial increase we ask that
any person or any resources they need come into their life right now in Jesus
name teach the listener to prosper your way thank you that according to Philippians
4:19 you shall supply all the need of those listening according to your riches
in glory by Christ Jesus help the listener to let themselves in you and
your kingdom because when they do you promise that you add everything they
need into their life we speak divine peace over the financial situation and
over the lives of those listening that piece which surpasses understanding we
bind it to their mind will and emotions like a mighty fortress that shall not be
defeated financial increase comes their way all the time you O Lord other
Shepherd and they do not want buses are coming upon those listening and
overtaking them as you lord daily load them with benefits please
send godly and wise financial counselors and teachers across their path who can
teach the principles of good stewardship with what you have entrusted them with
we by a rebuke the enemy off their finances now double loose their money in
the name of Jesus we declare life and life more abundantly over those
listening in Jesus name we declare financial increase that brings glory to
God over their life father is you who gives them the power
to get well so that you can establish your comment here on earth we ask for
even greater power to get well for the listener in Jesus Name thank you that
you are able to make all grace every favorite earthly busing come to them in
abundance so that they are always under all
circumstances furnished in abundance for every good work in charitable donation
the listener is the rights of God in Christ Jesus of the wealth the sinner is
laid up for them we declare that the prayer for immediate financial help wealth is finding its way into their
hands we receive financial increase for those listing right now and thank you
for it we declare that those listening prosper in every way and their body
keeps well we give you all the glory in Jesus name Amen

100 comments on “Prayer For Immediate Financial Help | Miracle Prayers For Financial Help”

  1. Tshidi Ojang says:

    Amen i recieve in Jesus Name.Thank You.Thank you.Thank You..

  2. Varsha Smilee says:

    I have been unemployed for so long. Please pray for me to get a suitable job soon according to God's will.

  3. don long says:

    Thank you.

  4. S B says:

    Amen, in JESUS' name Amen

  5. Satya Narayana Merugu says:

    amen 馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹馃檹

  6. M A says:

    I ask this prayer for me and my family in Jesus's beautiful and mighty name Amen

  7. Diane Shepherd says:


  8. MrwestII says:


  9. Kristin Edwards says:


  10. Marcell Mcdade says:


  11. Venetia Edmondson says:


  12. La La C says:


  13. Motivational Overload says:


  14. Kristle Athanase says:

    I need prayer for my bank account it is empty. Please pray for us we need financial miracles and jobs to pay bills and have savings in Jesus name. I need deep financial help.
    Lord give me wisdom about what to do.

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  15. Rose White says:

    How could any one dislike this prayer? The devil is surely a liar. May Jesus bless you for sharing this blessed prayer…

  16. Nick Ferreira says:

    Catherine Ferreira pray for me bro that my money transection may come on my account today

  17. Anneli Du Preez says:

    Dear Lord, I come to You now! Please Lord, give my husband also a extra financial income, immediatly, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

  18. lenora grey says:

    Father God I鈥檓 agreeing here that you know my heart, you know the circumstances Lord that have plagued our family over 20 years. You know the curses spoken over me as a child, can be broken only through you, your name alone Jesus reverses this curse. Lord please trust me to be a good steward .. take me to the next level Lord, freedom from struggle, oppression and control Lord that you bind ( in Jesus鈥檚 name ) curses, another鈥檚 will, oppression, lack of abundance, and peace Father and replace it Lord with kindness, grace, and stored up blessings you have for me. I pray I be released now Lord from any entanglements that holding me back from receiving my blessings Lord! I pray these things asking you recognize my faith in only you Lord, and heal this affliction in me. In Christ Jesus name I say .. Amen 馃檹

  19. Dil Evone says:

    Please god help me! Right now I am in a real need. Please help me lord

  20. Robert Brooks says:

    I need financial miracle so I buy food and a cooling fan.

  21. Nichelle Miller says:

    Lord! I'm believing you will make a way…

  22. Peter Sampson says:


  23. The Lady Who was is and will be says:

    In agreement. I believe Amen Amen thank you.

  24. Sage Garcia says:

    Father I connect in faith, trust in you, and agree. May God bless and guide us all.

  25. Anne Townsend says:

    I pray to get my social security number so I can get my SSI.lord I decree and declare in the name of Jesus I asked Jesus I need a a financial increase in the name of Jesus Christ I believe and receive 馃檹 in the name of Jesus amen

  26. sirgigglez says:

    I pray for those who has borrowed money from me and im having a hard time getting it backm. Please pray for them to pay me back in full. Amen

  27. Kristin Edwards says:


  28. Amber Sheree' says:

    I know and believe this didn't come under my recommendations for no reason. I know Godhears my prayers. I'm in need of money to pay these bills I just believe He'll see me through cause I don't want to take out any loans again. God bless.

  29. Peter Sampson says:

    It would be AWESOME

  30. Kimberely Ramos says:

    Father lord I pray for a financial miracle.Amen

  31. Tim Bagby says:

    I went to work today and my paycheck was 200 dollars higher than i expected after saying this prayer sincerly last night..all glory be to mighty god!!! Amen!

  32. Fiona Smart says:

    Amen. I believe and receive, through the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, and decree and declare that this prayer – Prayer For Immediate Financial Help / Miracle Prayers For Financial Help is effective immediately. Amen. Thank you Daily Effective Prayer.

  33. Maimai Ukuk says:


  34. lenora grey says:

    Lord I鈥檓 believing and trusting in you. Supply on my needs Father.. provide for VanessA and Melissa.. I thank you Lord. IJNIP amen 馃檹

  35. Free Flowing Thoughts 馃挱 says:

    Amen 馃檹
    Thank You In Advance.

  36. Moya Morris says:

    Amen,Thank You Mighty Jesus!!

  37. dhiraj raut says:

    Please pryer my financial business is gone..

  38. Danhallo Ouwa says:


  39. Denee Smith says:

    Thank you 馃檹

  40. Gina M says:

    I need immediate prayers and financial help 馃檹馃徎

  41. Maimai Ukuk says:


  42. ErikaNonchalant1990 says:

    I claim it, believe it and receive it right now in the mighty and powerful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ name Amen.

  43. Carl Lyom's says:

    For God so love the world.

  44. Elsie Caranay says:


  45. Donald Saunders says:

    Thank you god bless

  46. Rashad Ordway says:


  47. Ang C says:

    Thank you Jesus. I know I will receive a hugh financial increase this month to help me with all my needs. Amen

  48. Goury maya Maya says:

    God plz help me…. i belive in jesus christ… amen

  49. kiko bebe says:

    i pray for release my stressness my situation there will no more waste.

  50. nathalia xara says:

    In Jesus name We receive this prayer AMEN

  51. Endy M says:

    Amen Amen !! Increase lord please u are the king of king Alpha and Omega the beginning in the end I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

  52. Kathy Garcia says:

    I pray the this financial situation is a victory out break cause i need immediate help now please make haste lord I claim all that these demons witchcraft santeria vodoo hondoo people have blocked I pray for me and my family release us forever I claim all my possessions finances health ideas and I have no money to buy food clothing or anything else Lord truth and justice for me and my family loose my money you devil I am free and demons I claim all my wealth no men or women your blockage is broken down forever you wick people who want to see me destroyed I give your wickedness to the lord I claim all that these demons have taken stolen from me 7folds and shut up your wick lies up And make haste in my injuries lord you know truth and justification for the poor sick and needy miracles that are my come no and the vengeance shall be heard arouse my lord king and the devil demons that discrimination against me please help me please the social security people discriminated against me please help my attorney realize that the devil demons are blocking me from being able to work I am hurt arouse my lord king make haste and please dispatch your holy angels victory over them andI this situation amen

  53. Babs Skett says:

    Amen. Many thanks.

  54. P J says:

    I need financial help
    The LandLord is selling the building I have no money to move somewhere. I have a job Please ALMIGHTY Please hear my cry

  55. Elsie Caranay says:


  56. Sherry Ditzler says:

    Amen and Amen!!!

  57. Jah Heritage says:


  58. Elsie Caranay says:


  59. t linkins says:

    Before I heard this prayer, a person is sending money today. Without asking for it. Thank you Jesus I asked as your word said and you blessed me last I recieved clothes that I did not ask for some where brand new. Jesus you are the Great I am.

  60. Elsie Caranay says:


  61. Cecilia Murcia says:


  62. Peter Sampson says:


  63. Elsie Caranay says:


  64. Velma Joy says:


  65. bose aiyalogbe says:

    Amen and I claim it for my brothers who are looking to get student loans but can鈥檛 find a cosigner. Jesus will do it for them.

  66. winchester girl says:

    I'm struggling financially really bad and i was just crying last night about it. If there's anyone out there who would pray for me i would be so greatful thank you and god bless each and every one of you. Amen!

  67. Joe Shmoe says:

    Thank You Kindly…聽 GOD can do anything…

  68. Vicky Chorlton says:

    Amen xxxx

  69. Elsie Caranay says:


  70. Jessica Seay says:

    I touch and agree with the man of God for immediate financial blessings In Jesus holy name Amen

  71. Hiep Nguyen says:

    Immediately help Father God. Thank-you in advance Lord. In Jesus name Amen.

  72. G Dan says:

    Thank you my father in advance for supplying my financial needs, I give you all the glory. You are an awesome God, and I praise your name. Hallelujah!!! I accept, agree, believe, and receive this prayer in Jesus name. Amen!!!

  73. Kathleen Jones says:

    Need a Miracle -Money Blessings to pay rent.

  74. Melissa Davis says:


  75. Lauren McCusker says:

    I come into agreement with this prayer for my life in Jesus Christ Amen.

  76. Gorgeous Baby says:

    If help dun come soon, I may be not breathing… Jesus, mercy! Help me, Lord. Sisters and Brothers, Pls pray for me…..

  77. Peter Sampson says:

    It would be a MIRACLE

  78. Randy Mcdonald says:


  79. johnson bali says:

    I agree, believe and receive this powerful prayer in Jesus Christ Name. Amen and Amen

  80. Bento Efrem Teenage says:


  81. pekkas sepp盲nen says:

    I Agree and Believe happened in Jesus Name Hallelujah Amen

  82. Moya Morris says:

    Amen,Thank You Mighty Jesus!!

  83. RoShanda says:

    Yes I receive this prayer needing the finances to close a deal on property and house and excellent transportation for my son in Jesus name Amen!

  84. Alosio Butonidualevu says:

    My Lord God i need financial breakthrough to pay off my debt…i believe in your words..and i agreed with you man of God that i will receive money in Jesus mighty name…馃檹馃檹馃檹

  85. Monique Lomax says:

    I decree and declare this prayer in effective right now in Jesus Mighty Name!馃檹

  86. Marcus Haney says:

    I agree and receive it now in Jesus name

  87. john hicks says:

    I agree with you Lord Jesus Christ please help me Lord God bless us all amen

  88. Kenneth N Amend says:

    Lord…I am a FOOL when it came to your BLESSING..a horrible stuart of my finances last still haunts me to this very moment.

  89. Peter Sampson says:

    I WOULD CRY. I am not feeling well. IT WOULD BE A MIRACLE.

  90. Lopez Nice says:


  91. veronique thomas says:

    Amen and Amen in the mighty name of Jesus Christ thank you Lord ! Not fear only believe ! Yes Lord ! You are the Almighty ! The only God ! Thank you to show your divine power through my breakthroughs for your Glory and Kingdom ! Thank you Lord ! All茅luia !!! Thank you fir this prayer ! God bless you too ! Amen,

  92. Melissa Sa says:

    Urgent help needed. Standing in agreement in the name of Jesus. Be blessed everyone!

  93. Glenn Gleason says:

    I do need a financial blessing praise God amen

  94. john hicks says:

    I agree with you Lord Jesus please help me amen

  95. Ethel Bentancourt says:

    Amen to that my father in Jesus name

  96. Caroline Selvajayanthi K says:

    I need financial immediately as I have put my tithes as I promise please me beyond wat I expect…

  97. Lakisha Porch says:

    I receive this in Jesus Christ name, Amen!

  98. Elvira Ogahayon says:

    Amen, thank You Jesus my Lord and my Savior. I agree and receive this prayer, Oh God arise and rebuke the evil human being who's blocking my breakthrough In Jesus Mighty Name

  99. Lakesha Harris says:

    Hallelujah I agree believe and receive by faith today Amen Hallelujah馃摉馃挴馃敟馃挜馃檹鉂も潳馃挵馃挵馃挵馃捀馃捀馃捀

  100. Vicci Kirkendoll says:

    I agree and I am in immediate need for money, Amen

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