(PRE REBALANCE) Here’s a build to try: The Free Build. [PAYDAY 2]

Here’s a build to try: The Free Build. Previously, I made a build called The Good Build, that was designed to carry you and your team to victory using very meta weapons and perks. However, that build required the use of a nice bit of DLC. I know there are plenty of players out there who—for one reason or another—don’t own any DLC. So I think it’s only fair that I make a variant on The Good Build that doesn’t require the use of any DLC. This was actually much harder to do than I expected. However, I believe this build will serve any player looking to beat any heist—on most difficulties, that is—quite well. Let’s check it out! In Mastermind, at the Medic tree, I get basic Combat Medic, and then ace Quick Fix, Combat Doctor, and Inspire. Just like before, Inspire is a very powerful skill that any team oriented build must have. Moving over to Enforcer, under Tank, I’ve aced Resilience, Transporter, Shock and Awe, and Iron Man. The usual armor stuff, and aced Shock and Awe will allow me to deal with shields easily, considering I can’t have a grenade launcher in this build. After that, I drop by Ammo Specialist, and get basic Scavenger, and then ace Bulletstorm, Extra Lead, and Fully Loaded. While this build won’t be getting Jack Of All Trades, I still want both deployables aced so I can bring what the team needs. And besides, Fully Loaded aced means I can indefinitely refresh my throwables, which will be quite useful. In Technichian, under Oppressor, I get basic Steady Grip, Fire Control, and Surefire. Those extra 15 bullets are absolutely crucial when considering what weapons I’ll bring in this build. In Ghost, under Artful Dodger, I—of course—get basic Duck And Cover and Parkour. Also in Ghost, in Silent Killer, I get basic Second Wind and The Professional, and aced Specialized Killing. I won’t be needing the extra accuracy from aced Professional, I just wanted the 30% damage bonus. Finally, in Fugitive, under Revenant, I spend the minimum amount of points to get aced Swan Song. This skill has pretty much become a staple of any good build, hasn’t it? 9 seconds of infinite ammo and a chance to get into cover every time you die sounds good to me. For perks, I’ll be using Armorer. I did a lot of back-and-forth, considering if this build should use Muscle for the HP regen, or Armorer for the big defense boost. In the end, especially considering using silenced weapons negates the effect of Muscle’s Disturbing the Peace, I decided Armorer was for the best. Moving on to weapons, for my primary I’ll be using the M308. This is a very powerful weapon, with or without DLC, and I’ve modded it as such: The Bigger the Better Supressor A stability boost The LED Combo Any sight of choice The Jaegar Body and a Scope Mount. Technically, since the accuracy is already maxed out, the Scope Mount is optional, but I think it makes the sights on this weapon far better. For my secondary, I’m using the Krinkov, modded like this: The Bigger the Better Suppressor An accuracy boost The Moscow Special Rail The LED Combo Any sight of choice and the Wooden Sniper Stock. Infuriatingly enough, most of the good mods for the Krinkov are locked behind DLC. Still, the damage is pretty high, and thanks to Fully Loaded aced, the ammo efficiency is quite servicable. For melee, I’m bringing the Electrical Brass Knuckles to stun enemies. And finally, for throwables, I’m using the HEF Grenade. So, how does this build work? Well, unlike the variant of this build that uses DLC, you’re going to have to be quite cautious. Without Kingpin to save you from dying out in the open, you’ll need to stick to cover most of the time. The Krinkov works fine on full auto to deal with weaker enemies, just be cautious around Tasers. Once you notice more special enemies in the area, swap to the M308 and start popping heads in single fire mode. The only times I’d recommend swapping to full auto for the M308 is to kill Dozers up close or in Swan Song. If Shields are giving you trouble, you can simply shoot them a few times to stagger them and get a clean shot. Don’t be afraid to throw the occasional grenade too, as with Fully Loaded aced, you can pick them back up from ammo boxes. Although, it will usually take quite a few. Captain Winters can be a little bit of a challenge, hopefully your grenades should be enough to deal with him. If you’re low on health, unfortunately this build doesn’t have any health regen, so you’ll be looking to find a First Aid Kit. Speaking of, when a heist is starting, be sure to check what deployables your team has, and bring either Doctor Bags or Ammo Bags respectively. This build will work on all difficulties, except One Down. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to spare the points for aced Nine Lives, and besides, this build’s skills are already stretched pretty thin. In the future, I’ll be making builds designed specifically for One Down, and—just like I did with The Good Build— There will a version with, and one without DLC. Regardless, this build can carry you and your team to victory, even without DLC. Thanks for watching, and take it easy. i hope you as a viewer/reader are thankful for these captions if not thats fine its just that I would appreciate at least a light pat on the back if you could spare one, maybe a sticker if you really think i deserve it, but anyways, i believe that they should have never changed Hitman, i loved having less armor, very deathwish viable, now it is trash, being able to regen armor in 1.5 seconds pssssh thats lame, now Crew Chief is the absolute best perk deck, lets hope it doesnt get ruined like Hitman did, stop reading this it is very pointless

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  1. Addison Gao says:


  2. Krebs Fish says:

    since we have the 5/7 now

    swap secondary to 5/7 to dealing with shields

  3. memes for dreams says:

    screw hef nades, bring incendiarys now that they are free, you get 6 of em and they are better than the hefs

  4. spark_fanfreind432 says:

    Will it work on Xbox one plzz I am crimewave

  5. Peri says:

    Theres always Ex President

  6. Okay_Kiri_Kiri says:

    Then the ultimate edition came out.

  7. Delta Kagura says:

    Sicario perk deck get the skill build and the castigo weapons done perfect dodge build for even one down lol best of all ITS FREE

  8. Adam Bergeron says:

    The Hacked Build:

    -All perks
    -Maxed Out 'Muscle'
    -Any fully modified weapon
    -Slow-Motion using mouse 4
    -Godmode and infinite ammo (in numpad 1 menu) if you're really terrible at the game

    (of course this is a joke, I don't recommend hacking the game)

  9. Leward Wong says:

    9 seconds of immortal doesn't sound like running to cover to me it's more for rushing into the captain jump on him and RAIN DOWN GRENADES!!

  10. Delta Kagura says:

    Well you can use the muscle perk deck, I mean depends on if your making dodge or armour

  11. Annoyingnerds says:

    why dont give em a dodge build? why? why?

  12. Guilherme Viana says:

    I need to use Armorer deck or i can chance to another thing ?

  13. iTz2EaZy says:

    Thank you very much! I am subbed

  14. pat lmao says:

    Where can I get the bigger the better suppressor?

  15. Aldrin Fernandez says:

    ohhh your using a cheat

  16. Sir Doge says:

    I don't get it. can you guys help me? I can't reach tier 4 with this build. How come he can reach it with few less skill points?

  17. Hemoptysis says:

    It says I need more points, for skill trees? 🙁

  18. Weeb says:

    The good, The bad and… the free?

  19. ISR4EL1 says:

    They made the max need 18 now it doesn't work

  20. ThatRandomName says:

    Surprised this doesn't have a million views now

  21. Ne0n1c says:

    I dont have a lot of the mods 🙁

  22. JT_ says:

    for combat doctor u have to ahve 18 points to unlock the last skill set

  23. Jonst says:

    How come when I ace quick fix and combat doctor, I cant get to inspire?

  24. Vik Vik says:

    Er No Infamy Link won't work

  25. LotOfDamage boi says:

    Lol, now we no DLC players dont need to spend the money for the game, it is free.

    EDIT: I know its not free anymore.

  26. Дима Травматов says:

    Armorer? B-but, Ex-President…?

  27. ViperX says:

    what armor do you choose?

  28. Rami Mecha says:

    Nice vid mate , sub coming your way and keep it up

  29. DBurner9 says:

    This specific build requires infamy 3 from the looks of it.

  30. Chromix says:

    How can he have tier 4 skills for 16 points but I have tier 4 skills for 18 points ? Could someon explain it to me ?

  31. Thomas Thieu says:


    You always just use gambler

  32. Need a Medic bag says:

    England is my city .its everyday bro

  33. Silvestr3 says:

    Is this still availiable? Because when I do 1 basic and 2 aced still need 2 points to unlock tier 4

  34. Duy Nguyễn Đức says:

    do a low fps build

  35. foomaster says:

    how dare you not get uppers aced
    how DARE you

  36. Alex EatDonut says:

    Not everyone have boosts.

  37. Josh Day says:

    The LED combo is DLC

  38. sbeven says:

    Why i have only 10 ammo in magazine in M308?

  39. tazeem nobeebux says:

    One thing i fuckin love about connor is that he only uses weapons that are on console but i don't know if he is doing this unintentionally xD

  40. Shark says:

    you do not use armor?

  41. Mark Richard Kilminster says:

    i dont got dlc cause iv got a mum

  42. Dániel Vérten says:

    What if I only have the Wolf Pack DLC? So I can use a grenade launcher.

  43. Daniel Catano says:

    i dont even have half of this shit, so i guess im the level 50 free build

  44. MoeMazing Mason says:

    why infamy

  45. Bloxxer says:

    Abraham Body works for me tho

  46. DX kondor says:

    not works

  47. NAman SWAG says:

    How do I get that Hitmarker?

  48. ZaTTy! says:

    my friend is saying to me while we play PD2 together; you dont know how to be a f2p. And i say: no, i dont know how to be f2p bcause i bought the ultimate edition pack before lvl 0-50! XD

  49. Pikachu says:

    just say armor build in your video title

  50. Don says:

    what armor to use doe

  51. Jayden McBeth says:

    brings a dlc melee

  52. supernorm says:

    m308 is very good after update 100. even compared to dlc like eagle heavy.

  53. Nucleus says:

    Pls use different skill/Loadout profiles next time because you said skill points are stretched pretty thin so make a profile for each deployable, ez.

  54. Zeyo ,gizmo,Ruveyda Freinds says:

    Could you please consider console players when tou make these or make a sepetate build for console

  55. Kemaro Gordon says:

    How do you get all the modification for the gun without dlcs ?

  56. Cheesy says:

    "the free build" i thought the butcher mod pack was dlc?

  57. Hugo Maia says:

    You can take the 5/7 AP pistol (It only requires joining the comunity), and then replace shock and awe with the skill for regenning armor with headshots.

  58. Bulldozer says:

    cant i just use the good buil with a m308 or m1 garand and muscle?

  59. cyber bullyer says:

    yuo said that this is dlc free build and the mods yuo put on the gubs were dlc mods lul and not crying have all the dlc and got 2kh

  60. Bulldozer says:

    cant i just use the good build with free weapon and muscle?

  61. bop god says:

    M E T A

  62. Leontii Maksimov says:

    No nine lives aced? What a build without it?

  63. p4nc4k3 says:

    ive been told this game gets repetitive and is only fun for about 30 hours… i wanna do only standard game for now and buy dlcs later (maybe) ^^

  64. Victor Skånberg says:

    Why ace Iron Man if you're not gonna use the improved combined tactical vest?

  65. Davzviet says:

    Here's how I would make it One down viable I would get basic shock and awe and basic bullseye because I could use the 57 AP pistol and we also have aced fully loaded I think the 57 was not out at this time but yeah and aced nine lives

  66. [YT] NovaBound says:

    Make a medieval build… with all medieval weapons

  67. [YT] NovaBound says:

    Xbox 360 has Leaked free DLCs for almost all games ;3

  68. Austin's Corner says:


  69. Americunt says:

    says no DLC immediately applies something from the Butcher Mod Pack

  70. DaniDay22 says:

    "The Free Build, No DLC needed!" However he DOES uses mods from the Butchers AK/CAR mod pack… (Spotted it when the weapons were becoming moded)

  71. Boye says:

    "The Free Build!" Uses DLC Attatchments

  72. furry fury says:

    There is an saw easteregg on the potablesaw is writen ove9000 then you have an anime dragonbals Z and theres the same thing were a character shouts out loud: my powers are. Over 9000 so thats pretty wierd

  73. Василий Яковлев says:

    can we have 2.0 version? there is more free stuff and buffs that can help on high dificulties

  74. Felix The Great says:

    The ending, tho

  75. Алексей Кадыров says:

    Hello. I heard that OVKL has added brand new gredane laucher FOR FREE, so what do you think about it? Will it free points from Shock and Awe to Nine Lives aced? try it at some time and wrie back, id you read it.

  76. feverflowinacacoon says:

    I'm planning to use this build once I get enought skill points.

    (Also, I have to aced Combat Medic so I can get aced Inspire)

  77. Gorun Nova says:

    As it is a year later, several patches, and the full release of PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition. Would you mind updating The Stealth build, a newer version of this build, and your Sniper build please. Thanks CS ^.^

  78. MrDeun says:

    Well, now we have FREE Grenade Launcher for secondary, so i prefer aced bullseye

  79. Bandit says:

    The scope mount and the LED combo are DLC, you can even see it in the vid. Still nice vid tho

  80. Alex & Ben Gaming says:

    Pls make a build for crime spree like a speed build

  81. SparkyTheFox says:

    There is no point acing 2 deployables if ur not getting joat. just change the skillset, and spend the skill points on something else.

  82. Hudra says:

    How the fuck do you even buy Payday 2 with no dlc on Steam? (After Ultimate Edition btw)

  83. rische says:

    Try the AMR, but only use it semi automatic. Mod it right and use the right skills, you can get 104 damage on the AMR with a fairly high accuracy. Fully Loaded recommended because the ammo pickup is terrible.

  84. david6412 says:

    free grenade launcher.

  85. Sondey_ says:

    what armor do you have?

  86. Fake Aztrosist says:

    rip specialized killing
    gone but never forgotten

  87. Slim Rhyno says:

    You are epic. This vid is sublime. Thank you, sincerely, for posting this! 🤙💯

  88. Big A says:

    Here's a build to try: the stop starting every video with the same thing build!

  89. Mat says:

    so now that the difficulty rebalance exists get jack of all trades and some favorites skills

  90. StardustBreaker_ says:

    We need a version of these for console heisters since specialized kills doesn't exist

  91. orangeapples says:

    i cant believe i got the same weapons with me before using this build (im new payday player so i dont know much)

  92. JJ Condit says:

    can you make a D E M O B U I L D???

  93. The Zewp 22 says:

    Please do build you dont need lvl 100 for.

  94. alantheamazing 5 says:

    How about for xbox 360

  95. Doge Slayer says:

    Is it good for 10k. Crime Spree?

  96. Music and Game says:

    Can be use for AK-47 ???

  97. dalton_1204 says:

    Great video I use this build alot without the led combo bc butcher mod pack😂😂

  98. The Zewp 22 says:

    This build works for one down. No silenca skills and nine lives.

  99. xx dragen breather says:

    Who still play payday 2 in 2019?

  100. alex vu says:

    led combo comes from a dlc

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