(PRE REBALANCE) Here’s a build to try: The Good Build. [PAYDAY 2]

Here’s a build to try: The Good Build. Otherwise known as the ‘Tryhard Build’, ‘The Meta Build’ or ‘The No-Fun Build’, whatever you want to call it. This is a great way to give you and your team the best chance of beating the heist. Whenever you feel like being a meta conformist, this is the build for you. Let’s check out my skill points. In Mastermind under Medic I get basic ‘Combat Medic’ and then Ace ‘Quick Fix’, ‘Combat Doctor’ and ‘Inspire’. These are pretty basic skills for any good try-hard build. Doctor Bags are a necessity for any heist longer than around 10 minutes, and ‘Inspire’ is practically mandatory for one or more players to have on any difficulty above Overkill. In Sharpshooter, I grab basic ‘Stable Shot’ and ‘Marksman’. These are just to improve the stats on my weapons. Moving on to Enforcer, under Tank, I Ace ‘Resilience’ and ‘Transporter’, get basic ‘Shock and Awe and ‘Bullseye’ and Ace ‘Iron Man’. Fairly standard Armor Build stuff. In Ammo Specialist, I get basic ‘Scavenger’, and then Ace ‘Portable Saw’ and ‘Extra Lead’ and get basic ‘Fully Loaded. A saw can speed up a lot of heists and ‘Fully Loaded’ helps the ammo efficiency of my weapons of choice. It may seem a bit strange to get Ammo Bags after I already got Doctor Bags earlier but it’ll make sense. When I move on to Technician, under Engineer, I spend the minimum amount of points to get Aced ‘Jack of All Trades’. Now I can bring both Doctor Bags and Ammo in whichever order benefits the team. While here, I’ll quickly stop off at Oppressor and get basic ‘Steady Grip’. A small but important accuracy bonus. In Ghost, under Artful Dodger I grab basic ‘Duck and Cover’ and ‘Parkour’, as I do in every build. I also swing over to Silent Killer, getting basic ‘Second Wind’, ‘The Professional’, and Aced ‘Specialized Killing’. Silencer skills can make most weapons viable on higher difficulties. Finally, in Fugitive, under Revenant, I nab Aced ‘Nine Lives’ and ‘Swan Song’. If a build is meant to be One Down viable, these skills are a must. For perks, I’ll be using Kingpin from the Scarface Character Pack DLC. Pressing a button to become immortal is understandably quite powerful. If you don’t have the DLC then Muscle or Armorer could also work. Now, for the weapons, I’ll be using the following DLCs: The Gage Mod Courier Pack, The Butcher’s AK/Car Mod Pack and The Gage Spec Ops Pack. In the future, I’ll make a version of this build that does not use any DLC, if you’re interested. Anyways, for my primary weapon, I’ll use the AK with the following mods: the DMR Kit, the Bigger The Better Suppressor, an Accuracy Boost, the Keymod Rail, the LED Combo, the AK Wood Grip, the Speed Pull Mag, a sight of choice, the Classic Stock and the Scope Mount. This’ll put me at ninety-two accuracy and stability. While it is possible to make both of these stats max out at 100 with skill points, I’ve already spread my skill points a bit too thin. Plus, thanks to the ‘Marksman’ skill, whenever I’m in single-fire mode, I’ll have maxed out accuracy anyways. For my secondary, I’ll be using the Arbiter Grenade Launcher. It doesn’t really matter how I mod it, so long as I use the default ammo type. For melee, I’ll be bringing the Electrical Brass Knuckles to stun enemies. So, how does this builld work? Very boringly. Use the single-fire mode on the AK to pop heads, and swap to the auto-fire mode to deal with Dozers up close. Use the Arbiter to kill Shields and groups of cops, Inspire your teammates when they’re down and well, that’s really it. If you’re using Kingpin, be sure to pop it pretty much any time your armor breaks or you exit cover. It’s also worth mentioning that you can heal yourself by activating the Injector at full armor and shooting the Arbiter at your feet. This build will work on pretty much any difficulty, even One Down! Although there are specialized builds that could work better on One Down, this build will cover you for pretty much any crew, heist and difficulty. Be sure to bring two deployables, prioritizing bringing Ammo or Doctor Bags as your primary depending on the rest of your crew’s gear, and feel free to bring a Saw as a secondary if the heist calls for it. Even if it’s not a very Interesting build, it will make beating heists much easier in general and can’t argue with that. Thanks for watching, and take it easy. Subtitles brought to you by: Caio Gamer
Revised and edited by: Rose

100 comments on “(PRE REBALANCE) Here’s a build to try: The Good Build. [PAYDAY 2]”

  1. FatalOnPC says:

    When I tried using this build I needed to use more skill points to get to the top? Explanation please?

  2. Mikela296 says:

    I'm I'm going to use armour then kingpin because I did not do anything with it

  3. FoxandFANGS says:

    Wtf. These video showed me just how different pc is from Xbox

  4. 5ir FIGHTf0rApr1ce Kisteninia Lebronu says:

    how does one get the arbiter grenade launcher plz explain

  5. Ryona Gogh says:

    My skill points feel glitched, everything you did i had to add two more to ace the final skill on that column

  6. Ed Pursey says:

    Console had this update and so happy to try these builds now thanks a lot!

  7. Extermiraptor says:

    Who here actually has the AK DMR kit? I can't complete 'Here comes the pain train' as nobody wants to do it with me. This might be a stretch but if anyone is reading this and is willing to do the achievement then please add me on steam, right now my name is 'The Entire Russian Army. Thank you.

  8. Qwertyuiopkl556 says:

    But seriously though, do you think I could replace the Arbiter Grenade Launcher with the China Lake (Puff) and the KingPin perk deck with the Anarchist? I don't have access to the Gage Spec Ops pack or the Scarface Character pack.

  9. hater haterov says:

    i have a problem.i cant get inspire without gettign another one or acing combat medic..

  10. DuaLeaD says:

    This build should be called the "No One Will Play With Me" build since you can be mediocre at everything and exceptional at nothing due to not having a specialized team with good group composition. Boring fucking build for conformists that don't know how to play the game.

  11. Amaresh Bhaskaran says:

    So my question is even if you have this build you can tackle stealth missions right? Assuming you have others that have stealth builds?

  12. DeltasGame says:

    Skills don't work anymore

  13. instinctdrakez says:

    what lvl to unlock the DMR kit?

  14. Loli Raviolli says:

    does someone wanna team up to do pain train to get the ak dmr?

  15. Reiji Kasugano says:

    Why not use a DMR AMR-16 with the DLC included in the video? I've been able to mod an DMR AMR-16 with the mods in addition to the skills you've provided in this video:

    DMR Barrel
    The Bigger the Better Suppressor
    +4 Accuracy Boost
    Tactical Handguard or Long Ergo Foregrip (for that +8 Stability)
    LED Combo
    Pro Grip or Rubber Grip (since both add up 4 points of Stability and Accuracy)
    THRUST Lower Receiver
    Speed Pull Magazine
    Any sight (though I personally recommend a sight which has more zoom like the Acough or the Milspec Sight)
    War-Torn Stock
    THRUST Upper Receiver

    With the skills you've provided, it makes a modded AMR-16 (mods shown above) reach 96 Accuracy, as well as having the benefit of making the rifle's damage reach above 214 (which it reaches up to 220).

    Beneficially, it grants slightly more ammo in reserve (90 with Fully Loaded Basic) than the DMR AK-Rifle's 75 in reserve (with Fully Loaded Basic) as well as the AMR-16's slightly high ROF (857) than the AK-Rifle's 652 ROF.

    However, consequently, the modded DMR AMR-16's stability is rather subpar (reaching up to 56 Stability with skills).

    In conclusion, I'd say go for the DMR AMR-16 with the mods above if you wanna go overboard with the Damage, but want to blow a Bulldozer's face off slightly faster. But here I am, nit-picking a video that was published 6 months ago. Oh well!

  16. JT_ says:

    combat medic u needa ace the first one now

  17. Dragos Gheorghiu says:

    what would be another good enough secondary? i don't have the greande launcher..,

  18. BlueCrowN says:

    damn i thought my healer build was good. turns out it is shit

  19. davis says:

    What to build instead of the grenade launcher if I don't have it ? but have every thing else

  20. binkvideo says:

    You could switch out the AK Rifle for the Little Friend get basically the same stats and have a grenade launcher.

  21. Timeward says:

    I run this with anarchist and t still carries me the fuck through deathwish

  22. Change says:

    What dlc is the dmr kit because I have the ak car pack gage courir and spec ops pack and I can't get it

  23. Francis Au Jing Xi says:

    why when i unlock combat medic ace quick fix and ace combat medic i cannot unlock inspire

  24. Double Games says:

    The 100 Skill point Build, only 100 skill points. ONLY

  25. Axquirix says:

    Wouldn't it make more sense to have two profile/skill sets set up, on e for primary Doctor Bags and one for primary Ammo Bags? You's have six skill points to spend elsewhere, maybe ace Steady Grip to more than max out the stability on the AK and open up for some other mod options, and still have three points left.

  26. soltar7 says:

    What armor do you use you dont say?

  27. Norious says:

    what armor

  28. David Gonzalez says:

    Problem: I can only reach 52 dam with my AK! How the hell do you break 200?

    Edit: Wait, I'm a fucking idiot. I forgot to add the DMR kit.

  29. Mousa Murry says:

    i cant use my points on inspire I need to spend more points before I do

  30. Olive garden says:

    WHAT ARMOR!!!!????

  31. sunsteel_ guardian says:

    can i use skins on weapons? or is that too fun.

  32. Slightly Unusual Penguin says:

    This build is shit. how does anyone play one down with it?

  33. Vex Vex says:

    I have a problem: some how i cant get inspire with out getting another skill?

  34. ZeR0 says:

    Why the fuck you call this build boring it is so good.

  35. Daniel Catano says:

    Does Xbox have these doc?

  36. TheBobMonster 70 says:

    How do i get scarface on xbox

  37. Geoffrey Kwon says:

    Your modded AK is really good but it looks so ugly

  38. Gogsley says:

    Why cant I access the top tier like ironman even if I did what u did?

  39. Shit Owl says:

    Wanted dead or alive<3

  40. rascalpod833 says:

    don't give a fuck if it's boring. just care if it works

  41. Dickhead says:

    "No fun build"
    Error 404: no heavy crossbow found

  42. Kenway2059 says:

    The Falcon from the Big Bank DLC could work here too right?

  43. [BOT] skrub says:

    Will china puff be a good substitute for the arbiter?

  44. Stromorph says:

    Another reason to love kingpin. Infinite Dallas screaming for a medic bag.

  45. TryZoid says:

    How about the little friend?

  46. Aidan Mills says:

    it's 18 now not 16

  47. Insert Name here says:

    I have a feeling i need to be XXV-100 to use this.

  48. dalles says:

    if i no ak dlc ,i can useing what?

  49. Voodoo Man says:

    Need an update to this build.

  50. TerribilisScriptor says:

    people who run "the meta" in any game have no integrity.

  51. Shin Agami says:

    But can this build STORE ALL MY CAR-4s?

  52. Tsotso Donchev says:

    This build sucks even on Mayhem.

  53. Undertale oyuncusu says:

    how do you reset you skill tree and get that much point?

  54. Davzviet says:

    Zeal team = North Korea

  55. Markquaad E says:

    Well, i've done a little change in the skills. Don't know if you're interested, but here i go:
    If you put the PBS Suppressor instead of TBTB suppressor, you'll have 216 damage, but you WON'T be needing aced Specialized Killing.
    You see, when we have the 2nd card on any perk deck, our headshot damage will increase in 25%. And while the headshot multiplier in Mayhem and above is mostly x3, we'll have a x3.75 multiplier when headshoting.
    In game, a single headshot with x3.75 multiplier with the PBS suppresor and basic Specialized Killing (192 Damage) would make 720 damage, which is the EXACT HP for common units and Shields. And 2 headshots would do 1440 damage, which is also the exact HP for heavy units.
    This means, if we equip the suppresor and remove aced SK, we'll have six skillpoints. I likely use them on aced Stable Shot (With this, we can reach maximum accuracy while standing still, no need to switch to semi-auto mode), and basic Bulletstorm and Underdog. Leave me your comments 🙂

  56. LukeTheDuke says:

    Everyone who is worse than you at a game: lol casual..
    Everyone who is better than you at a game: OMG F*&%3NG TRYHARD

  57. knuckles says:


  58. Samurai K says:

    For DLC I'll be using the Payday Ultimate Edition

  59. 07kilswitch says:

    Kinda have a some what alike build laying around but instead off ak and arbirter i use m16 and china puff also for perk i use armorer

  60. Douglas Dolphin says:

    Instead of that GL can i use the China Puff? Please respond

  61. Subscribe to Gavitronicks says:

    Yeah but is it normal jewelry store viable?

  62. Lief Ericson says:

    Actually, the Car-4…

  63. Waleegee e says:

    When you realize this was your exact build without noticing but instead you have the falcon and judge

  64. Branko Lucassen says:

    Lol it's so hard to hear if he says 'meta conformist' or 'medic informist'

  65. Alucard_ 5715 says:

    What if you don't have the Arbitor?

  66. Karzak says:

    Its a good build, but not a "try hard" build or "meta" build. For it to be "try hard" or "meta" you'd need to have it as a dodge build, because that's literally what every person who doesn't enjoy having any fun at all in game and only wants to win uses.

  67. TDay2K says:

    He pronounces primary as p-rim-air-ree
    Everyone else pronounces it pr-eye-Mary

  68. Ekmek Tr says:

    dodge wins against this build

  69. LuvTEA XD says:

    hardest part on getting this build isnt the dlc or even the horror at silencer skills.

    Its getting all dem crates and keys to get the arbiter

  70. Eleutheria says:

    Not sure if DMR is as viable now since they dropped the ammo pickup to 1 per box

  71. Joe the thug says:

    Now take silencer skills away any use it on like accuracy, drill skills, cable ties, KEEP SECOND WIND(Optional but I kept it) If you re in beta and after the beta

  72. Greedy Gamer says:

    Fuckin PC, being able to get any mod you want. On consoles we have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on cards to get a chance of getting a good mod. Fuck consoles. It’s bullshit. We don’t even get skins.

  73. Radec says:

    Question whats youre opinion on the ex president perk deck

  74. Jack Andy says:


  75. LizardKing says:

    My skill tree dosent climd so i nead to use more skills

  76. Bacon Volcano says:

    I think this is outdated

  77. Hudra says:

    I find it weird that when I watched the skill part, it was basically my Armor tank build.

  78. Sum Fagit says:

    Rip Professional Killing

  79. Dray says:

    Is this still viable after patch?

  80. Yasar Birgül says:

    Very nice and helpfull video 👍🏼

  81. Mohammad Fatih says:

    connor shaw nice vid but i need the weapon without using any dlc

  82. Assassin1250 says:

    This is pretty much my crime spree build but i add Drill skillz and c4 to the Deployable arsenal. Its just so that i can quickly finish a hiest no matter what the crew is running.

  83. JustPlaying says:

    Why can't I get the inspire?

  84. Toucanish says:

    i am pretty sure they got rid of the "specialized killing" skill.

  85. EPICWHITE says:

    how u use to call friend back from down
    fast use what butten?

  86. Zachary Steinhauser says:

    So I tried making this build but whenever I did it it would say I didn’t have enough points to get to indoor or fully loaded. Wtf

  87. Sondey_ says:

    Ty for help!

  88. DatOne Guy says:

    trying to get the dmr kit on the ak is annoying

  89. Le Cloud Child says:

    make a remake without silencer skills, since they are removed

  90. Karl-Henry Kütt says:

    What do i put if i havent got the ak/car mod pack???

  91. Carlos Garcia says:

    Wouldnt’t crew chief be a better? perk deck?

  92. Varga Márk says:

    The boring armor build

  93. Hello, I'm normal right? says:

    I don't WANT to be a slave to the META ,okay

  94. Blue Skull Games says:

    Did he update it for after rebalance

  95. bruno says:

    the gage ass assault pack>

  96. chiken says:

    3:42 this is what happens when I try to use a dodge set for one down and I use dallas

  97. Craig Tucker says:

    I call it the medic bag build

  98. Cloaker says:

    Even the good build can’t stop me

  99. Charles Thomas says:

    What if I'm playing solo and I am playing a heist that can bot buy a extra ammo or doctor bag

  100. Some Guy says:

    This build may be no fun, but at least it’s viable for leveling up.

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