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– Hi, I’m Rocky Butani,
founder of Private Lender Link. We operate an online directory of private mortgage lenders, that offer short-term financing secured by residential and commercial real estate, throughout the United States and Canada. is a great resource, where people can find private money and hard money bridge lenders that offer loans which banks and traditional financial institutions are unable to provide. The site’s really easy to use, you don’t have to register
or create an account. Simply go to the website,
enter a state or major city. You’ll see a list of lenders. Click on each lender and
you’ll see a profile page with their lending
guidelines and their terms. You can contact each
lender directly by phone, email, or by filling
out a loan request form. You communicate with each lender directly, without our involvement, and you can contact as
many lenders as you’d like. The lenders on our site
provide fast funding for a variety of real estate deals, including a property acquisition, refinance, equity cash out, rehab, fix and flip, land
development, construction, a reverse 1031 exchange, a line of credit, and several other loan types. Some of the commercial bridge lenders provide junior liens, such as mezzanine, preferred equity, and
equity joint venture. A number of private lenders on our site focus on residential
investment properties, while others provide loans
only for commercial properties. On the residential side,
you’ll find that most lenders only consider investment properties, such as rental homes, and
small apartment buildings. We do have a few lenders on the site that fund owner-occupied
homes, but that is rare. On the commercial side,
you’ll find many lenders that provide loans for the
core commercial property types, which are multifamily, office,
retail, and industrial. However, we do have
lenders that provide loans for specialty property types, like hotels, self-storage facilities, mobile home parks, care facilities, and several others. And then, we also have lenders on the site that consider raw land. While that is rare, we do have a number of
them in our network, for raw land and even
agricultural properties. I built in 2010 for my apartment in San Francisco. My goal was to create
a really nice website, which would become a valuable resource to find private mortgage
lenders throughout the country. I started off with just five lenders, but the site’s come a long way since then, and we’re adding several
lenders every week. And we’re also starting to
list investment opportunities and industry service providers. So check out If you have any questions
or need any assistance, we’re here to help, and we’re happy to provide
any recommendations. Thank you.

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