Private Prisons Purchase Politicians For Profit & It Works!

oklahoma is looking to reform their
prison system and they did manage to pass some
legislation but then they decided to hold actually implementing some other
provision in that legislation and the reason why they did that was
because all of a sudden it turns out that for-profit prisons wanted a little piece of the pie of
course they did they had a profit motive right now up because the Freedom of
Information Act %uh the governor Oklahoma had to release %uh documents indicating how much these
private prisons donated to her and her a cronies
basically now Avalon Correctional Services GEO
Group and Corrections Corporation of America are the three major prison companies
that work in the oklahoma as well as other states
in the US as you guys know and I want to tell you exactly how much
they gave in terms of campaign donations now when it came it comes to private
corrections and their political donations since 2004 they’ve donated 4 100 thousand dollars now of course keep in mind you guys
already know there’s politicians can be bought very very cheap so that’s a pretty significant amount of
money considering how cheap they really are up they’ve also donated fifty thousand
seven hundred fifty dollars in contributions for incumbents 2014
reelection campaigns and also if you look at the top
recipients up this money governor mary Fallin I received about
thirty eight thousand two hundred fifty dollars House Speaker TW Shannon received thirty
five thousand nine hundred fifty dollars senator Clark jolly receive 29301
dollars and also treasurer Ken Miller receive
17,500 double its goals on an on and on and I we were gonna ride
everyone we are not having read every one of them
but this is obviously problematic because you don’t want to have a prison
system in place that has a profit motive and there are
many reasons why you don’t want them to fund a politician so they passed
tough on crime legislation to lock up non-violent drug offenders
for instance right to keep up pushing this war on drugs that we so
desperately want to end but that’s just one of many things that
they’ve done %uh that’s been very very negative a for the US yet oh yeah I mean all the the legislation that they that they want
to pass that would increase that sentences make it more likely that
you get put in jail in the first place all this horrible but I mean this can be
appalling even without going to that level I mean the simple fact that they’re
donating all this money like why do we talk ever in this country about the free
market why would these private prisons put any real pepper into being the best private
prison they can be so they can we now in the market when you can just give four hundred
thousand dollars and just get a contract given to you by the government and they
have these contracts there are incredible for instance they have to I make sure the government has to make
sure that they have in ninety percent occupancy rate which means that we have to keep finally
inmates right so that means that we have to make sure
that we keep arresting and detaining as many people
as possible so these companies can make as much money as possible at the same time there private lol you
know they’re funny they’re funded by taxpayers the only
difference is they don’t have unions okay and Bay basically have these
contracts that insure that they make as much money as possible now shareholders net you know it’s
disgusting that this is allowed to happen SB 1070 in Arizona was supported by for-profit prisons you know what they
wanted to take a min as many undocumented immigrants as
possible before deporting them if little counter productive we don’t
want to spend our tax payer dollars on undocumented immigrants right do we want to deport them
immediately no we want to make sure that companies corporations make as much
money as possible although that and then we depart that gap and it’s
been well documented in stories you’ve done that they end up costing far more
than the state’s than the public prisons that they were place they end up costing more both because
they actually have to make a profit and they skew the numbers by selectively
choosing prisoners who don’t have any health problems making it so the public
prisons have to take care for people who were the sickest in the most in need about
Melinda being a lot of money from the state and so it’s just that it’s a big mess
and people don’t seem to care and it’s hurting the state’s and then the states have to divert money
from other things and so you have things like we’re talk about later on where teachers are now taking a personal
loans to pay for school supplies maybe we’ll be OK or maybe would be cool
if we had the money at the state level 2 fun that stuff instead of putting it into the the private prison system we
live in a police state right now and I’m not saying that because I’m trying to
fear monger we have numbers to prove it okay when you look at the number of
people they get arrested by the time they’re 23 it’s shocking and it’s disgusting we
imprison more people than any other country in the world let me
give you a few examples so when you look at the number of people
that get arrested by the aid aged 18 and we’re looking specifically at males it’s about 30 percent of black males 26
percent of Hispanic males 22 percent white males by aged 18 that so many people get arrested
slightly more numbers by the time they’re 23 years old Dharam 49 percent a black males 44
percent of Hispanic males 38 percent of white males %uh when it
comes to women of course for females yet the numbers are much lower about 12
percent for white females eleven-point percent for Hispanic females an eleven point nine percent for
black females but of course by the age of 23 the number jumps to twenty percent
for white females 18 percent for Hispanic and 16 percent
for black we lived in a police state this is
ridiculous know what I love those numbers is this
is one of the cases where I think the conservative sites are actually to be
interested in the product to science they’re gonna take those numbers for the
males and say look at this is black males are getting
arrested away high-rate rates than white males you should distrust and based on
that and I think that the gloss over the huge
difference between males and females and say well maybe you should distrust males because all of them regardless of race
are getting arrested extremely high rates i know i i granted the the thing is
again you can misinterpret this by by assuming that what they’re getting
arrested it must be for something serious in many cases know it’s like truancy or things like that their
excluding any sort of traffic-related offensive that offenses there but I think that those numbers are gonna
be used by things that the private prisons and Republican candidates for
office tend to give you this idea that we live
in an incredibly unsafe world when the exact opposite is true yup braids a violent crime rate to rate
them things like that murder are at all time lows nationally but you’ll hear that from the news
outside a bus because they don’t talk about it no they want to focus on how were all awful will get locked up in a
specially minority of the end they especially get locked up for nonviolent
drug offenses that with the reality is it well

100 comments on “Private Prisons Purchase Politicians For Profit & It Works!”

  1. Ajmolali82 says:

    welcome to usa the land of the free and home of the brave.

  2. psycicmindpowers says:

    I hope the people who run these prisons die in a long painful series of "accidents"

  3. Krogoth04 says:

    Dat alliteration doe.

  4. eyeseethroughyou says:

    Look at all the right wing vermin in here defending the for-profit prison system. No surprise there: the obsession with punishment and authority is the defining characteristic of the tyrant and fascist.

  5. T.J. Vliet says:

    females are let go way more often then males. yes males do more shit but those numbers do not show reality. flash some titty see what happens.

  6. marlonious76 says:

    5% of the worlds population. 25% of the worlds prison population.

  7. Brane Storm says:

    Fucking disgusting….then they pick on minor offences for simple possession or jay walking, slap on a manditory sentence and you have no compassion or mercy from a Lobbyist Police State. The American people are awesome but their government is a bunch of Tyrant Profiteers.

  8. Matt G. says:

    America has the best politicians money can buy! and the worst politicians the People can get! 

  9. BushidoBrownSama says:

    Wow I wonder why a bigger % of white women get arrested then black or latina women? Is it a less fear of the law type thing? What are conviction rates like?

  10. Jose Lopez says:

    well im glad black female arent at the top

  11. iippo says:

    Privatized totalitarian hell.

  12. H00Dby4ir says:

    Kanye was right after all…

  13. Tooth Picks says:

    400000 dollars… say it aint so

  14. Orcen222 says:

    Every politician that has ever taken money from a Multi Mullionere, Billionere or Corporation should be arrested and go to prison for 25-30 years for Corruption!!!!!!

  15. H00Dby4ir says:

    See they'll confuse us with some bullshit like the New World Order
    Meanwhile the DEA
    Teamed up with the CCA
    They tryna lock ni**as up
    They tryna make new slaves
    See that's that private owned prison
    Get your piece today
    They probably all in the Hamptons
    Braggin' 'bout what they made
    Fu*k you and your Hampton house
    I'll fu*k your Hampton spouse
    Came on her Hampton blouse
    And in her Hampton mouth
    Y'all 'bout to turn shit up
    I'm 'bout to tear shit down
    I'm 'bout to air shit out
    Now what the fu*k they gon' say now?

  16. Ashley J says:

    Black men are the most arrested of any race and black women are the least arrested of any race. This would be an interesting video topic..

  17. skyhookman says:

    Until we start shooting government stooges, nothing will change. Voting does nothing. 

  18. Liolar43 says:

    How is this NOT illegal?!

  19. Sour Diesel says:

    “The drug war is a total scam, prescription drugs kill 300K a year, while marijuana kills no one, but they spend billions/year 'fighting' it, because pot heads make for good little slaves to put into private prisons, owned by the banks who launder the drug money, and it's ALL DOCUMENTED.” 
    ― Alex E. Jones

  20. Alpha Rabbit says:

    you know..none of this could happen if we just kill the criminals. duh

  21. INTPeanut says:

    OMFG, that's obscene.

    When the arrest rate > none arrest rate then clearly the law of that country does not represent the majority view.
    A few more years of this and something's going to snap and snap damn hard.

  22. LordOfDaCyborgMOOSE says:

    Violent is at an all time low in Canada as well

  23. g13iceman says:

    I'm white in an upper-middle class family in a nice suburb. However, my father and brother have been arrested in the last two years over bs. This is not just a problem for poor people, so maybe conservatives (my father is a Republican) will start to care (not politicians, of course)

  24. Johnny Farmfield says:

    20x the people per capita incarcerated in the US compared to Sweden and still it's safer here..? You guy's got such a broken society… 

  25. Peter Wexler says:

    Corporate Form + Government = Fascism

    Get it?
    Got it?

  26. Greg E. says:

    It's interesting that arrests by race completely change when it comes to the breakdown by gender. Goes to show gender plays a big role in (racial) stereotypes.

  27. Jake Preston says:

    Privatized law enforcement in any form is the worst possible form of corruption, even when it's "legal." All of a sudden there's a profit-incentive to arrest frame people and to apply extended sentences to people in contractor-prisons. Look what happened in Pennsylvania.

  28. Höri says:

    Hispanic is not a race

  29. Drew G says:

    There should be a massive organizing effort against any politician found taking from any for-profit prison system.  

  30. ThE DuCk says:

    Private Prisons.. The New Slavery..

    Makes me think of all the kids in prisons for smoking pot and that idiot the Cocaine Congressman   not only not in jail but still in congress.

  31. Cockcheese Maghee says:

    Why is it that we have to retroactively make bribery of politicians illegal?  It is time to start killing the real criminals who we call politicians.

  32. Cockcheese Maghee says:

    What's so bad is most of you morons think there is a peaceful political solution to these problems.

  33. victrola13 says:

    "We can cherry pick a crime for twice the busts in half the time, all for the corporate bottom line, Just Trust Us!"…Annie Ominous (youtube). Right-O, Annie O.! Time to get your heads out of the sand! Remember what the DEA was doing with the SOD, according to Snowden? Put the facts in this story together with Snowden's facts and it paints a sad, sad picture of a grim, hopeless, dystopian police state.

  34. Shak says:

    Making profit for keeping people in jail. No one seems the huge issue here?

  35. Prue Dense says:

    Private Prisons are not much different than Government Prisons.
    Government is used by the same lobbyists to enforce more arrests.

    Ever hear of a Quota?   Public Police have to arrest at a high rate or they lose their job.  The Corporations sneak the same Laws into Government regardless of Private Prisons.  There are over 4,000 Federal Laws, private prisons did not create them.

  36. totallyunmotivated says:


  37. Mr. McGoo says:

    nice alliteration in the title 

  38. Adaptive Rider says:

    The fact that they must stay 90% full, means that there is a fucking QUOTA.  You guys should bring this up Turks!

  39. Jerid Rockhold says:

    I live in Oklahoma and I am completely against the privatization of any state ran entity they have been trying to do this for years with the Oklahoma Department Of Transportation (ODOT)  and cant get it done and its sickening the way that they spun this to the constituents here in OK also the war on drugs needs to end no incumbent re-elected  

  40. Adaptive Rider says:

    You know we live in a police state Ana, however you will still sit there with Cenk and talk about more and more gun control?  Also keep in mind how many stories you guys do about wrongful police shootings.  What do you think the US will look like in 2 years? 5 YEARS???  DO you honestly see it getting better, or gun control and having the only thing we have to defend ourselves from a corrupt police state government?  I dont understand, when the hell are you guys gonna wake up???

  41. ptango101 says:

    Private prisons should be a crime within themselves. If you have someone who owns a prison and makes money out of how many people are in it then the problems you create are legion. When in incarcerating someone one thing that should never be considered is how much some douche bag is going to make out of it. I can just see the prison CEO's and local officials making dodgy deals under the table now.

  42. Still A says:

    what if you put all the money spent on locking people up into other social programs. Maybe you could even rehabilitate the prisoners so they don't go back.

  43. biscoito1r says:

    Pass a law saying that they must hold 1% of corrupt politicians in their prison.

  44. Mike Marvel says:

    Prison's are one of the oldest forms of making money for the US and nobody that's in power will ever fix this problem which is one of the biggest issues they will ever have.

  45. CckBlckPro says:

    Ohh oklahoma. Gotta love ya

  46. christian hunter says:

    Who thought the corrections department of the Justice System should be privately run? Are politicians really that stupid, did they not see the conflict of interest?

  47. The Progress Report says:

    For-profit prisons are the main reason we have the highest prison population in all of the first world. This is turning human lives into a profit margin on non-violent crimes. This is insane! For-Profit prison should be outlawed.

  48. gixxar6 says:

    Ana, make a porno.

  49. Zachary Gonzalez says:

    Has anyone seen the Private Prisons? I saw a video introducing it and those bastards get LUXURY! They don't deserve that!

  50. Edward E says:

    If “anti-racists” are so unconcerned with race, how come they only have a problem with White Countries, White Cities, White Neighborhoods, White Workplaces, White schools?
    I’ve never seen any “anti-racist” complain that any place is too brown and it has to become LESS brown to combat racism.
    Who do they think they are kidding?
    “Multiculturalism” = White GeNOcide
    Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White.

  51. romanmir01 says:

    Prisons need to be private, what shouldn't happen is gov't shouldn't have power to destroy individual freedoms. 90% of people in prisons are there for nonsense, like drug nonsense, they shouldn't be in prisons at all, it shouldn't be a crime in the first place. Of-course there shouldn't be gov't money in private prisons, it all should be covered by insurance and/or by retributions and maybe charity.

  52. romanmir01 says:

    Funny to see TYT collectivists COMPLAIN about huge gov't, all this destruction of individual rights. That's the RESULT of YOUR collectivist ideology – destroying the private property rights, destroying free market, destroying capitalism, creating huge gov't, welfare state, cronyism, destroying the rule of law, the process that is supposed to provide good governance. Destroying the rule of the law and setting up the rule of the men.  That's collectivism, TYT is collectivist, what are they complaining about? They are complaining because they are STUPID and can't see their own ideology and policies creating the very situation that they don't like apparently.

  53. AJ Ace A-N says:

    A Social-Democracy Government would fix all these issues just like Sweden has done.

  54. Russell Wattie says:

    In Australia we have the third highest reoffending rate in the world, no one can beat America on anything to do with imprisonment until you look at success rates. To me a successful prison system is one with a low reoffending rate, The Nordic countries are the ones winning this round big time.
    The rates of imprisonment in Australia are 20% for Males & 4% for Females I imagine America can only dream of these figures, and so long as for profit prisons exist your prisoner rate will remain worlds highest.
    The unfortunate thing is at least one of your corporate prison companies has a foothold here in Australia CCA. No doubt using the same dubious tactics to boost profit here as in USA

  55. John Stoner For Life says:

    Dammit USA seems more and more fuckd up place, more I follow news from US……

  56. John Stoner For Life says:

    Dammit USA seems more and more fuckd up place, more I follow news from US……

  57. siddf88 says:

    Has anyone noticed that in most vids where Ana appears, the first frame of the video is actually Ana having a funny face?

  58. Ecosystem says:

    John Iadarola totally downplayed the racial discrimination inherent in this issue and that's not ok. Anna got it right.

  59. Artoofeva says:

    For-profit prisons piss me off more than anything. I wish I could literally rip apart those companies share by share and disintegrate all their money.

  60. goodfella21f says:

    Asian is not a race.

  61. SolariEcho says:

    Will be interesting to see how many prisons go out of business in Colorado now.

  62. USEXPAT says:

    that money is actaully US tax money, which was funneled to the prisons to keep more people in prison then kicked back to the politicians to pass more laws to push more people into the prisons to continue the profit train. Politicains and prisons see the US people, especially the poor minorities as livestock. Modern day slavery

  63. TheWolfHowling says:

    There was a county in Pennsylvania that privatised its juvenile prison and that private company shut down the old public prison and built a new prison that cost $8m which they charged back to the county for a $58m lease. And then the company bribed judges to step up conviction rates to fill their cells, and then kept the children detained after then unjust prison sentences

  64. Allan Kallman says:

    The echo is quite distracting.

  65. HiRoader11 says:

    Just like our politicians the judges are pay to play….

  66. Charles Stewart says:

    Great subject focus; but, please, little girl, take that shrill tone out ofyour voice.  It rattles my teeth.

  67. skeptikai says:

    I just… don't understand how this can exist in a first-world country. Let alone the 'greatest country in the world.'

  68. MadDeuceJuice says:

    Man if its just about profit, pretty soon they'll just start making up crimes. And remember kids, the thirteenth amendment prohibits slavery unless you are in prison! 

  69. eprahs says:

    I know someone who recently was put in a detention center, not even a prison. And i was surprised how expensive it is. for food, and basic necessities, such as soap and tooth paste. And medical care is all paid for out of their or their family's pocket. And these phone companies specifically made for jail are making huge profits. Then when you get out, you have to pay out of pocket for that to.
    When u see 6 black men line up with their hands behind their head, in some apparent drug bust, about to get about to be put away. Thats money being made right there.

  70. Halfcentaur says:

    anna poops

  71. a24396 says:

    It's worse than they describe… The problem is not how a prisoner ends up in the system, the problem is that once in the system it might be possible to be trapped, never to "escape."

    Most states have parole rules that describe "good behavior" as a requirement to be released earlier than the full term of the sentence.

    Who decides if "good behavior" was exhibited? The jailers, right? Imagine how motivated a for-profit prison will be to release any of the revenue generating prisoners. Now imagine what that prison will do if they are the ones that get to characterize the nature of the inmates behavior.

    And, what about prisoners that offend while incarcerated? The numbers on prisoners that commit offenses while incarcerated are much different between private for-profit institutions and public institutions. So, the reality is a prisoner may be charged with "re-offending" while in prison and receive additional time on his/her sentence. Offenses can include failing to follow instructions of the prison staff and being "belligerent" – for this a prisoner could be tried and convicted again… Receiving additional prison time…

    I can agree with a non government run system but a for profit system is just asking for abuse… 

  72. Jb NikasJr says:

    Privately owned prisons for profit should be outlawed.  The reasons for it are apparent.

  73. Torontopia says:

    Are you saying that half of all black men will get arrested in their life time? That sounds alarmingly high. I find that very, very hard to believe.
    And 38% of white males will get arrested? Come on, that sounds crazy. How can any society operate with those crazy high figures? That's just unbelievable to believe. If that's true, it just blows my mind. 

  74. R3sistance says:

    Here in the UK there has been a few recent issues with HMP Oakwood which funnily enough is a private run prison by a company who's reputation has been going down hill in the past few years called G4S. G4S don't want to comment of any of the "rumours" around a riot that has been confirmed to happen and required police to get involved. 

    Needless to say whatever happened is so embarrassing that G4S would like to pretend the incident didn't even happen.

  75. Tim Horton says:

    Why would prisons for profit be a bad idea? Yes money, (a lot of money) is involved and what could possibly go wrong? 

  76. hassan palomo says:

    What is the Jewish and Asian rate? Ohhh the other 3 races are significantly higher I wonder what happened there. Ohh and good job Latino women.

  77. darkashtar says:

    Maybe it's just me but private prisons make me think they'll eventually end up like Deadman Wonderland. I'm just saying for profit prisons leads to even more criminals. It is a travesty… But then again justice is a lie and in all honesty the united states legal system needs to be razed to the ground and rebuilt evenif many law enforcement officers die, it is what is needed, burn it all to the ground and plant again in the ashes.

  78. Toast ghost says:

    Anyone thinking of deadman wonderland?

  79. 20cricket09 says:

    Don't break the law and you can fight back…lol..seems simple enough doesn't it!!!!

  80. tlaniganschmidt says:

    US Constitution,Amendment 13{ratified December 6 1865:neither SLAVERY nor involuntary servitude,except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party SHALL HAVE BEEN DULY CONVICTED,shall exist within the United States,or any place subject to their jurisdiction.{in other words,Slavery still exists in Prison..therefore a private prison actually owns slaves in 2014 in the USA…think about it….this is pretty awful…&'s all legal according to the US Constitution…OMG!

  81. Travis Moss says:

    For profit prisons creates a demand for prisoners.

  82. wessiderider187 says:

    white girls be hangin out with too many black dudes lol

  83. Mojosbigstick says:

    'Murica, you are crazy.

  84. HipHopKush2001 says:

    Check out the KIDS FOR CASH Scandal in Pennslyvania so you can see how fucked up the system really is!!

  85. saprissa9 says:

    Why do white women have those numbers? Is it because of prostitution? I'm sorry for generalizing but I just don't get it.

  86. Jortiz says:

    If this doesn't stop, most Americans will find themselves behind bars for petty stuff… Oh, never mind, this is already happening.

  87. Jortiz says:

    What about the traffic cameras? Who's idea was that? People are getting really tired of them too. When is this hitting the fan?

  88. habadashery2009 says:

    This is what happens when we use money. When there is any way to make more money and live better than someone else there will be sociopaths that will exploit and harm other people to make more money. 

  89. jk147a says:

    Ana is dead right. This is simply a transfer of wealth from tax payers and from a public SERVICE into the private hands of shareholders. It's disgusting.
    I love Ana's passion on this subject.

  90. Blankname101 says:

    Smh well this is what is expected as long as you have a money based economy

  91. oddfoxx says:

    Prisons for PROFIT?are you kidding me?if crime is supposedly going down,why do we have more people in prison than ANY other country in the world?WHO is all this $$$ going to?WHY are we allowing this?

  92. shadowdance4666 says:

    The US political system is broken. This is a travesty! Time to end the war on drugs people! Just say no to prohibition!
    You're entitled to have your views. What your are not entitled to do in our society is to impose your views on someone else.
    It's substance censorship. Certain people want to be the ultimate authority on what you & I can & can't do with your own body & life. Bollocks!

  93. Myxril says:

    This is, once again, a shining example of why privatizing PUBLIC services is bad. If it's not a socialized public program, the only other option is a capitalist program; this entails higher rates for everyone to make up for that profit margin (rather than tax payers paying a little more than cost for said service).
    This is why we should never privatize things like libraries, police, fire, city services, etc.

    Now you understand why 'socialism' is so fucking evil here in the USA, eh?

  94. Sultschiem says:

    You… even have "profit-oriented" Prisons?
    Are you shitting me?

    I can't even begin to…..and wha……

    Are you completely mental?……

  95. dakippins says:

    Private prisons are the among scariest things ever dreamed up.

  96. exexpat11 says:

    United Way supports FOR PROFIT Oklahoma Halfway House.  The sole purpose of this facility is to grift of Federal, State, and Charity dollars to support the Director´s Car Collection and his 20 year old wife (he is 67 years old, can you say legal pedo?).  Zero dollars are seen on site.  The food is terrible, the staff abusive, and there is a $35K incentive to violate inmates to recycle inmates to Grady County Corrections Center.  Drug use is so high there the staff brings in drugs to supplement their low incomes.  No new employee stays there long as the tenured staff members fire the newer staff members so they can up their overtime or they usually can not stand watching the abuses that go on there.  I am sure this Hellhole is paying off Oklahoma Lawmakers to stay open.  So many Federal and State Laws broken there there a Third World Country would be ashamed of operating such a place.

  97. JustThnkn says:

    Consider it the cost of institutional bias against the poor and racism…pricey isn't it?

  98. Pamala Harrison says:

    destroying lives   for  what ??? so they make money  

  99. TheVoiceofReason 1 says:

    america is a despicable country. pointe blanke, end of story!

  100. Holly Wilborn says:

    We Okies have Mary Fallin to thank for the worst education system in the entire country due to her obsession with prisons and oil companies. Now all of our teachers are losing work and students are having to purchase their own supplies, and in some cases schools are dropping 1 day a week, because we can't afford it. This is what happens when you let corrupt republican officials in office.

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