Promessas Políticas Desastrosas – John Stossel’s Top 10 Politicians’ Promises Gone Wrong

Politicians are good at making promisses. Strong and reliable protections
for our consumers. Our nation has made a promise
to America’s seniors. But don’t the central planners see the
unintended consequences of their laws? Like cash for clunkers. Does this make sense? Sure! It will stimulate
the auto business! Stimulate! Stimulate! Stimulate! $9.50 an hour. Politicians often say “we need
a higher minimum wage”. It’s a fairness issue. But it would kill her job. I think I was making a
good amount of money. Empower women. Title IX was meant to create equality. What it ends up doing is lessening
the opportunities for men. We don’t need you lawyer tyrants. The politicians’ laws led protesters
bully banks into giving risky loans. Isn’t that kind of like extortion? It’s the law. Politicians promisse new
stadiums will create jobs. But do they? It’s handing money from your
right hand to your left, and declaring “I’m rich!” Don’t you have some
place else to go? Did you know that the government
wants you in the alpaca business? And in a house you can’t afford. Honey, there’s $8,000 in here. And what’s the dumbest boondoggle? Ethanol? …has been a case study in
the law of unintended consequences. You’re a parasite,
feeding off the taxpayers. Maybe the biggest boondoggle is… Health care for all americans. Tonight, my top 10 list of… politicians’ good intentions gone wrong. And now, reporting from our
nation’s capital, John Stossel. The politicians always
say they’ll fix things. But their laws have
unintended consequences. Let’s count them down. We begin with promisse number 10. Government can, and should,
help the car makers. How? I know! Let’s destroy some cars! Does this make sense? Sure! It will stimulate
the auto business! That was the idea
behind cash for clunkers. Cash for clunkers?
We will pass cash for clunkers. Democrats and some
republicans voted for it. Words are wrote to be a part
of jump starting the economy. For two months, last summer,
the administration paid people… $3,000 if they had their older car
crushed and buy a new one. They say that stimulates
the economy. That program was good for automakers,
it was good for consumers… …good for the suppliers,
it is good for workers… Gee, I guess I should
destroy more stuff! “Cash for clunkers” may be
the dumbest policy ever. The Cato Institute’s David Boaz and CEO Jeremy Anwyl… are among many who point out… the increase in cars sold during
the cash for clunker month… simply stole sales from
months before and after. What’s missing is that most of the
cars that were sold in all the program… would have been sold anyway. Oh, it was successful. Progressives, like Christian Dorsey,
of the Economic Policy Institute… point out that cash for clunkers
did increase car sales. But that just steals it
from future years. Well, it does, to a certain degree. That’s what stimulus, in
some ways, is all about. To get free money
to get a new car. Of course there were the usual
government screw-ups. Federal government can’t
process a simple rebate. Then cash for clunkers
ran out of money. …the Department of Transportation
telling law makers that… they may need to
suspend the program. Instead, Congress just appropriated
more of your money. We are not discontinuing
the program. And more cars
were destroyed. More success! How far can I carry
this principle? The guitar business is struggling. I know what to do. Let’s destroy some guitars! The economy is struggling. Sales are down. We need to stimulate
the economy! This will do it! By destroying some things, then
they’ll have to make new ones! That will create jobs. Stimulate! Stimulate! Stimulate! Why is it good to
destroy usable stuff? Well… yes, cars that were taken
out of the road were still drivable. But, at the same time, they are
not leading America forward. When you look at a
couple of cars like these… you would never think these are
gonna be cash for clunkers cars. You know I hate to crush some up. Some of them are better than
some that I drive sometimes. Yet the politicians still
say it was a good idea. Breathing life back into the automobile
sector of the american economy. So if destroying cars is
good for the auto business, wonder how much wealth
I could create if I… could just cause
an earthquake! This is a Fox News alert. A strong
earthquake has rocked Haiti. Seems crazy to imagine a disaster
like this could help an economy, but… some people think it can. I think that this can be an opportunity
for a real boom economy in Haiti. She thinks that, because she
can see the jobs created for… clean-up workers, and
building new buildings. – Are you ok?
– Yeah. Likewise, after September 11th,
Paul Krugman said… “The attack could do
some economic good” “… rebuilding will increase
business spending”. People think that, because
they can see the rebuilding. Just as they can see the extra
car sales of cash for clunkers. You can see the people
going in to buy cars… because the government is subsidizing
the purchase of cars. What you can’t see is what
people would have bought… if the government wasn’t
subsidizing the purchase of cars. Maybe they would have
bought computers. Maybe they would have added
a room on to their house. Maybe they would have put the
money into their savings account… to save for college. It’s very hard to see
what isn’t done. And there were other
unintended consequences. The cash for clunkers program
may hurt you if you… if you want to buy a used car. Used car prices went up
an avarage $1,800. Because used cars that
would have been sold… were crushed. Those of you hope for a
bargain on used car? Too bad! And one more
unintended consequence: Charities that rely on used
car donations were hurt. The phone stopped ringing. We’ve gotten like 2 cars donated
in the last 2 weeks. Yeah… it’s tough. So, we raise the price
of used cars, we reduced the number
of cars given to charity, we barely affected
the environment… and we spent several
billion dollars on it. …is more successful than
we ever imagined… Why doesn’t the government
just butt out? You can’t create a program that’s
gonna make everybody happy. There’re always
gonna be trade-offs. When I think the larger goals of
cash for clunkers were honorable… and some of the trade-offs…
I can live with. He can live with that! But can taxpayers? On to promisse number 9: Congress must guarantee
Americans a living wage. It’s only fair! Protestors and politicians agree. Wages should be higher. It’s a fairness issue. For years, America’s minimum
wage was $5.15 an hour. Last year, Congress raised it to $7.25. 14 states have gone further. Washington state, for example,
guarantee workers $8.55 an hour. Progressives say it
should be higher. Absolutely. What would that be about? It would be about $9.00 an hour. Well, it’s a nice idea. Economist Russ Roberts
points out… setting minimums has
unintended consequences. First reaction is: – “Great, I get a raise!”
– “Yay!” “This is fantastic! I’m finally gonna be
able to buy this, that, and that”. “Take care of my kids”. That, of course, is part of the political
appeal of the minimum wage. – That’s the seen benefit.
– That’s the seen benefit… if you keep your job. What would happen if the government
forced my company to increase wages? You guys happy?
You want that? Aren’t you guys… aren’t you…
aren’t you underpaid? Come on! So… absolutely! I mean,
there’s no doubt about it. So let’s give them a 50% raise.
Your first thought is: “That’s awesome! 50%!”
Your second thought is: “Wonder if they’re gonna keep as many
camera people as they had before”. We quit hiring people
without experience. Merv Christ runs The Prime Cut, a combination meat counter and
bar in Bakersfield, California. Minimum wage jobs are
an entry level job… to get someone inexperienced
to do something. You raise that high enough, you cut those
people out of the market. Completely. When California’s minimum wage
rose to $8.00 an hour, he stopped hiring new people. Low wage jobs used to be a way
for kids and the unskilled… to get into the labour force,
to prove themselves. Most every gas station used to
offer free window cleaning. Not anymore. The construction industry
used to be a place… teens could get
a foot in the door. Learn the discipline
of regular work. But the minimum wage left
many teens out of jobs. No wonder teen
unemployment is 26%. If they were to get rid of
the minimum wage, we could easily hire
more people. Warren Meyer manage public parks. When the minimum wage went up,
he replaced workers with machines. We’re trying them out now, trying out
various automatic gate solutions. I must prefer having a person,
because that person can be friendly… and provide a smile, and they can
provide informations about the park… and they can answer questions,
and where are the bathrooms, but… …with a higher minimum wage, he
switched to automated, ticket machines. Fewer people,
more unemployment. In fact, unemployment
has risen more… in states that raised
their minimum wage. What would happen if we
threw out the minimum wage? Oh my goodness! What that leaves is an
employer in a catbird seat… to drive that wages
low as possible. But wait a second. These businesses would like to pay
their employees as little as possible. But they must pay more
than minimum wage. Because good workers
have choices. At this bowling alley restaurant, most workers make more
than the minimum. But they didn’t start there. …have minimum wage as
dishwasher, which was like… $3.75, $4.00, somewhere.
It’s been a while back. Now he makes $10.00 an hour. Why is it that only 5% or less
of the american workforce… earns the minimum wage? The other 95-97% that earn more…
why are they being paid so much? Is it because their employers just
feel guilty paying them less? No, it’s because employers
have to pay them extra… to keep good workers. Kelsey started working here
when she was just 13. For being only 13, I think I was
making a good amount of money. So… Minimum wage is fine. Now, Kelsey makes as
much as $20.00 an hour. If you work hard,
you can make more. It’s just… you have to
prove yourself. But had the minimum wage been
what senator Kennedy wanted… …increasing the minimum
wage to $9.30 an hour. Kelsey may have never
had that chance. Her job might
have disappeared. Some business at
the margin says: “I can make money paying
people $6.00 an hour, I can’t make it paying
$7.25. I won’t expand”. If the cost of expanding workers
is too much for you to absorb, then you probably don’t have
the best business model going. Wow! That’s harsh.
Then you deserve to fail? How does that help workers? What could be more cruel than
to raise your wage artificially… and having no wage? Higher unemployment, thanks
to government good intentions. If you work, you should
not live in poverty. I’m against sexism.
Aren’t you? Men and women should
be treated equally. That just seems fair. But it’s a new idea. Our culture used to say: “We men are the breadwinners,
women do housework”. Flying high, oh my freedom
got a brand new rap. Then came the
women’s movement. President Nixon signed
Title IX, which says: “No person… shall, on the basis of sex…
be subjected to discrimination…” Government can create equality. Empower, empower,
empower… women. Vice president Biden says:
“Title IX changed civilization”. We made a significant
advance in civilization. Title IX did that? No. By the time Title IX passed in
1972, life had already changed. Three years before, when
I graduated in college, my college didn’t
even admit women. But by the Time title IX passed,
it was already co-ed. And today, there are more
women in college than men. Parents demand soccer
leagues for their girls, and they get them, because institutions
respond to consumer demand. But that’s not good enough,
say the Title IX lawyers. The Women’s Sports
Foundation has conducted… The Women’s Sports Foundation
is led by athletes like… law professor Nancy
Hogshead-Makar. Makar won Olympic gold
medals in swimming and a… college scholarship only,
she says, because of Title IX. Duke University would not have
given me that scholarship… had it not been
for that statute. Maybe back then you
needed to force it. But now, colleges want to
appeal to women. Everyday, I’m on the
phone with people… who are having a hard time
with their athletic programs. Under Title IX, athletic participation is
supposed to be sex proportional. So if 50% of the students are women,
50% of the athletes better be women, or a school may get sued. So schools protect themselves
by cutting boys teams. The MAC was yanked out from
underwater last summer, when the university cut the
wrestling program over Title IX. Jay Hamill no longer
has a swim team. It’s one of 10 teams
the school is cutting. The USA, who brought
the collegiate champions… Cal Berkeley were national
rugby champions last year. But this year, the school told them:
“They are no longer a varsity sport”. Today, the university gathered student
athletes together to announce the news… Pretty much all were in shock. Coach Jack Clark says
it’s all about Title IX. We have 60 males. We’ve
ended up… you know, demoted out of Intercollegiate Athletics
because of male headcount. If you’re trying to even out the
number of men and women, a team with 60 players
is a fat target. Even if they’re
national champions. Right now we have 4 players
on the national team, 12 won american’s last year. The school told them the team
was cut to save money, but… get this: this team
is self sufficient. They raise enough money
to pay for themselves. They even offered to help pay
for some women’s teams. Proposed helping to fund women’s
lacrosse and women’s gymnastics. But that wasn’t enough. Oh, yeah, much better! That’s something that also
shocked Cal’s gymnastics coach. I asked the athletic director if I
handed her a check right now, for millions of dollars
would we be reinstated? And she just said no. No? Why? Because under Title IX, even if the
athletes raise their own money… and pay for a team themselves,
it doesn’t matter. The head counts
must be even. I think we got the
short end of the stick. The schools are competing
for students, if there’s demand,
they’ll give it to ’em. When the culture changed, a million girls soccer
teams appeared. It’ll happen if there’s demand. We don’t need you
lawyer tyrants. Anyway that you can measure it,
women are behind. Men and women are different. Well… No, no, really… they may have
different interest in different sports, they may wanna play… They’re equally
interested in sports? Girls are more likely work
on the yearbook, boys wanna smash
into each other. We are just different. So, maybe boys do wanna smash
into each other and girls don’t. But girls wanna flip
around on the floor. And girls wanna swim
back and forth. When Title IX was passed, men’s gymnastics had more
than 100 division I teams. Today there are just 17. 16, after Cal finishes
its last season. It will have a huge impact on
the success of the USA program. McNeil is now training
for the Olympics, since Title IX will kill
the US Olympic program. Men’s gymnastics program can
have a max of 6.3 scholarships. Women can have 12. Women do 4 events,
men do 6 events. How can any person look at
that and say “yeah, that’s fair”? It isn’t fair. It’s just one of many unintended
consequences of Title IX. It tries to create equal opportunities
for men and women… and what it ends up doing is lessening
the opportunities for men. Continuing our countdown.
Now promisse number 7. If politicians take your money and
use it to buid fancy stadiums… like this one to host big events,
that will boost the economy. It’s why America fought
to get the Olympics. The Olympic Games brought hundreds
of thousands of tourists to China. It’s a reason cities bend over
backwards to get the next Olympics. We want these Games. The president wanted the Olympics
in his hometown so much… that he and his wife
personally campaigned for it. I never dreamed that
the Olympic flame… might one day light up lives
in my neighbourhood. Rio de Janeiro. But they lost. Brazil won. This cheering suggests that
America missed out. After all, Olympic
boosters always say: The Olympic Games,
you know, have the ability, singularly, to transform an
entire nation and a city. The job contracts
and opportunity. Thousands and thousands
of construction jobs. But economist
J.C. Bradbury says… most of that construction
ends up as waste. In China, they built the
Bird’s Nest Stadium, which was a beautiful
architectural feat. There’s no need for it anymore.
It seats virtually empty. People remember
the big crouds. They’re less likely to
remember the waste. They always tell me
this will be good. “Oh, it’s gonna put us
on the map, we’re gonna have people
coming from out of town, spending their money. Then
we’re gonna take that money… and spend it and spread
the wealth around”. They ever live up
to their promisses? Never. But politicians repeatedly claim… building lavish new stadiums,
like this one planned for Miami, “will provide economic stimulus”,
“unleash thousands of jobs”, “revitalize the economy”. Build it, and they will come. Always it sounds good and the
prognosticators are always pretty thin. “This is gonna be hundreds of
millions of dollars in benefits”. The only problem is… when economists go back and
look what actually happened, the benefits aren’t there. One reason is that stadiums are
not in use most of the year. Baseball teams had
only 81 home games. Basketball teams just 41. Football, just 8. But they do other things
in those stadiums. Oh, yeah, you wanna say…
maybe there’re a few concerts, there’re a few festivals,
here and there… Again, ok, let’s say you’re
having a 100 events there, still that’s basically a third of the
year you’re only having it open. Yes, on game days,
stadiums do provide jobs… for people like ushers and
stadium food vendors. But those are just
the seen benefits. The unseed cost is that those
people would otherwise… be spending their money
elsewhere in the local communities. At the local bar there’s
one less bartender. There was one less waitress
hired in other restaurant. A movie theater that
had one less theater full. It’s handing money from your right hand
to your left and declaring “I’m rich!” You can’t see the person
who doesn’t get hired? Absolutely, it’s the classic
seen versus the unseen. And we’re always
gonna favor the seen. The unseen, like
the grocery store, doesn’t have a politician
in it’s pocket. The grocery store isn’t asking for
big subsidies from government. We’re taking from people
we patronize every day… and asking them to
pay more to subsidize… of already wealthily baseball team
and honor the football team owner. So what do you do when the
team says “we’re gonna leave”? Do what San Francisco did.
When the giant said: “we’re gonna leave if you
don’t build us a new stadium”, the city said “we’re
not gonna do it”. The owner realised “ok, you got me,
I’ll build a stadium for you”. They don’t need government welfare
in to help build these things for them. Let them do it. The latest event that was supposed
to revitalize the city was the G20. Everybody, say cheese! Leaders, bureaucrats
from 20 nations… come together in one city to
talk about the economy. When they chose Pittsburgh,
the mayor was excited. They see our beautiful skyline,
they see our great three rivers… Senator Bob Casey told residents the
event would be an economic boom. Local businesses were told G20
would bring in thousands of visitors. Tim Tobisch and Megan Lindsey
own Franktuary, a hot-dog shop that stayed
open late for those… thousands of new custumers…
but they never came. It was just completely dead.
Nobody was here. Certainly the fewest
custumers we’ve ever had. I thought it was gonna
be a good thing at first, even though I’d like to think
that I should know better. So where were all those
guests the city promissed? Oh, here are some! Move out of the street. A thousand state troopers. I here by declare this to
be an unlawful assembly. No one sees a tank and thinks:
“Oh, I’ll go downtown for lunch”. Next year’s G20 will
be in Cannes, France. Good luck to them. Next, Uncle Sam wants to
help you buy some of these. When we come back,
I’ll explain. Wanna get rich? Uncle Sam will give you
a break on one of these. That’s politicians’ promise
gone wrong number 6. We have got to support and strengthen
family based agriculture… Supporting family based agriculture
is the good intention. And America is
sure doing that. Ready, big man? Come on. In New Jersey, the most
densely populated state, Rose Mogerman raises alpacas. I’ll be honest. The reason I got in…
I was looking for a tax shelter. So was this woman. The tax benefits are great. There are so many tax benefits
for livestock breeding, and alpacas are relatively easy to raise,
that one website even advertises: Have Uncle Sam help you
buy your alpacas. – Have Uncle Sam…
– Help buy your alpacas. So, who ends up paying
for your alpacas? Uncle Sam. Lot’s of people are
getting in on it. …tractors and stuff that
I’ve always played with, but I could never write if off.
But after purchasing the alpacas, they… all of my toys, all of a sudden
became tax trade-offs. The Alpaca Breeders Association
asked it’s members, “on a scale of 1 to 10, what
motivated you to buy?” More than half rated
tax benefits a 10. We’ve got into it
for the tax reasons. They make all themselves farmers,
but they sound like accountants. Take a section 179 deduction. Depreciated over 5 to 7 years. There’s something called CAUV. Alpacas are also valued
for their fleece. Excelent grade fleece. But selling fleece doesn’t explain
the growth in alpaca raising. 25 years ago, there
were 150 in America. Now, there are
150 thousand. Sold! $10,000! She has a pedigree that
is solid, solid grey. At alpaca auctions,
prices have gotten high. …it’s only money, don’t be
so uptight about it. Just recently, an animal was sold
at auction for over $600,000. Wow! But this is not necessarily
a good thing. Do you have some
place else to go? This llama may not like me
talking about this, but… economists at the University
of California, Davis, warned: “The industry is a bubble”. Government is good
at creating bubbles. Last year I reported how Congress’s
ridiculous tax credits… created a bubble
in golf cart sales. It is endless the possibilities
that this bill will pursue… encouraging energy efficient products,
such as plug-in hybrid cars. Unfortunately, the plugs are
connected to coal plants. The National Research Council says electric
cars may be worse for the environment. No matter: The jobs that are going
to be created… This car dealer advertised
free electric cars. Buy one for $6,000 and take
the $6,000 tax credit. Governor Mike Huckabee got one.
A friend of his got 7. I got this one.
Totally free. Free for me, anyway…
you taxpayers paid for it! The deal sure helped
the golf cart industry. My dealer sold 10,000 carts. At least golf cart
credit expired. But most governmet
giveaways don’t. I fell in love with them. But first you fell in love
with the tax breaks? Yes! Yes, I have
to be honest. I might have had two.
I wouldn’t have had 100. Next, have you got some
of these in your wallets? Be careful, I hear those evil credit
card companies wanna rip us off. But don’t worry, government says
it will stop credit card abuse. That’s promisse gone
wrong number 5. Enough is enough. It’s time for strong,
reliable protections for our consumers. Protection. Finally! Congress passed the Card Act,
and a new bureaucracy… that will stop credit card companies
from unfairly penalizing you. And it won’t threaten
the credit business. Unless your business model
depends on cutting corners… or bilking your custumers, you’ve got
nothing to fear from the reform. Yes, you do. Say economists
like Todd Zywicki. Once credit card companies
couldn’t penalize late payers, they simply raised interest rates
across the board for everybody. Credit card interests rose
from 13% to nearly 15%. Morgage rates actually
dropped a little. So did treasury bill rates. But credit card
interests went up. Also, banks stopped offering
credit to some people. JPMorgan Chase cut off
15% of it’s custumers. Hundreds of thousands of people can’t get
cards who used to be able have cards… and all the rest of us now have
to pay more for credit. Maybe they’re better off
not having credits. Because they couldn’t handle it. Just to say that they don’t
have a credit card… doesn’t mean that they
don’t have credit. They’ll just go to more
expensive places. They’re gonna go to the
local payday lender, or the local pawn shop to
get the money that you… …and really get ripped off! And, how much did you
wanna loan today? Payday lenders are businesses that
make small short term loans. Often just till payday. A bill came in and it was a little
higher then I anticipated. I borrowed $150.
That was good for me. But the annual interest… This place posted clearly 521%. Some places charge more. 800% interest is legal? Maybe not, once consumer
protectors get Congress… to ban those abusive
payday loans. But what elites call abuse,
some consumers call a way out. I know people say
“predatory landing… blablabla…” “high interest rate”… but if you
have an emergency… For many people, payday
lenders are the only way… they can avoid missing
a bill payment. It’s not just a matter
sometimes of saving money, it’s a matter of saving
yourself grief. Why don’t they
get a credit card? Oh, I forgot! These men
made that tougher. Everytime I apply, you know,
they turn me down. People who have limited choices
when it comes to credit… are not likely to have their situations
improved by taking away… some of those limited
options that they have. The political class promissed
to fix credit card penalties. But the penalties equal less
than 7% of banks earnings. Banks make much more
charging interest. Politicians say they
rip us off there too. If they could get away with charge
you 1,000% interest, they would. Certainly they would.
The problem is they can’t. This is one of the most
competitive markets in America. I’ve got 4 credit
cards in my wallet. As I sit here talking to you, my credit
cards are competing for my business. If one credit card tries to rip
me off, or charge me too much… or even… if they don’t talk
to me nice on the phone, I’ll switch to another
credit card. And caps on rates have
unintended effects. Arkansas wants
cap interests at 10%. Very few people can get a credit
card in Arkansas as a result. Arkansas was also known as the
pawn shop capital of America. Pawn shop interest
is often 250%. In the 1960’s, the second
biggest revenue source, above organized crime,
was illegal lending. Is that the world we
wanna go back to? Where we get rid
of payday lending? And we’re so morally outraged
that we’re gonna put people… in the hands of the leg breakers
and the loan sharks? They charged an interest rate
that was well over 1,000%. And their collection techniques were a lot
tougher than your local pawn shops. Now, promisse gone
wrong number 4. Government will give everyone
health insurance, but for less money. That was a big one! This was the triumphant
signing ceremony. And then… Happy birthday to you! They gave the speaker
a birthday celebration. Look at the big smiles. They were thrilled that
their Affordable Care Act… would give insurance to many
more people for less money. Can you imagine a more
important birthday privilege… than to be signing health
care for all americans? Speaker Pelosi wouldn’t talk
to us about health care. Nor would anyone from
the administration. They told us to talk
to Ron Pollack, of Families USA. A group that fought
for Obamacare. Giving people all these things, doesn’t that
create some unintended consequences? Some bad stuff? I don’t think it creates bad stuff. It means that people
can get preventive care. No unintended consequences
coming up now? No, I don’t believe… I don’t
believe that for a moment. But I keep hearing
about problems. What we’ve got
is rising premiums, we’ve got people being dropped
from their health insurance plans, we’ve got health insurance
companies fleeing the market. The president told us: If you like your health care plan… …you’ll be able to keep
your health care plan… I’ma repeat that: if you like your
plan, you’ll be able to keep it. But Principal Financial has completely
left the health insurance market. Their 1 million custumers will have
to find insurance elsewhere. Also, three insurance companies are
dropping stand-alone child policies. WellPoint, Humana, CIGNA… have gotten out of the
child-only business. Well, the child-only business
is less than 1% of those… Principal Financial Group got
out of the whole business. The fact that some marginal company
drops out of the market… It’s a million custumers,
not that marginal. But, let them go out of
business, not a problem. – Not a problem?
– No, not a problem. When there are what the
administration considers problems, they make exceptions. 100 plus employers have obtained
waivers from the administration, which allows their workers
to opt out of the new law. So far, they’ve given out
more than 100 free passes. The biggest single waiver
by the federal government… was for the United
Federation of Teachers. But if this is such a good law, why do the politicians give waivers
to those who kiss their ring? It sounds like cronism. The administration is taking a look
at individual circumstances… where a major change
needs to be made by 2014. – And…
– More than 100 already? A third of them to
unions in New York City? – Eh… you know…
– Sounds like a scam. Eh… well… that… I think that’s a misinterpretation
of what is happening. And then, there’s
the cost problem. My proposal would bring down
the cost of health care… Not so far!
Prices are up. …facing rate increases of 1 to 9%. Obamacare is just faith
based policy making. This idea that we can give
people all sorts of benefits… and there aren’t going
to be no other costs. Of course, maybe the problems
were not unintended. Maybe Obamacare’s supporters meant to
kill off private insurance companies… and leave us with government
run health insurance. But if that was their intent, there was still one
unintended consequence. The Republicans have gained control
of the House of the Representatives. Next, politicians
promise number 3. They’re gonna solve
our energy problem. You know, we’re
running out of this. Or, we buy too much
of it from arab sheikhs. Their solution: take your money and
give it to americans who make ethanol. Renewable, home grown fuels… Ethanol subsidies bring
both parties together. After all, americans can
grow it and create… …a nation that is stronger,
cleaner and more secure. One that protects our national security, safeguards our environment and
promotes economic growth. Ethanol, now is the time. No, it’s not! Corn based ethanol
has been a case study… in the law of
unintended consequences. Oh my gosh! Something I can agree
with senator McCain about. He could not see the
unintended consequences… of things like McCain-Feingold. But at least he sees
them for ethanol subsidies. We should not be
subsidizing ethanol. We’re trying to change american’s
fuel consumption pattern. General Wesley Clark
now fights for ethanol. In 2008, we paid
over 50 billion dollars… to the Saudi government
for imported oil. And we’re still doing it, even though
we’re paying you guys a ton. The point is that the money
that’s paid on ethanol… is money that stays within
the american economy. It does, but at what cost? The Congressional Budget Office says for
each gallon of gas replaced with ethanol, we pay $1.78 in subsidy. But at least our money
stays in the country. It makes me feel good. I’m keeping
the money in America. All these programs are designed
to make people feel good. We’re gonna help the farmers… and we’re gonna hurt the foreign
oil producers with ethanol. And we don’t look at what is not seen
which is the rising price of milk… and the excessive
amount of fertilizer… and fuel that was used to
produce this additional corn. Oh, yeah, food
prices are higher. Because so much farmland now
goes to corn used for ethanol. And we consume lots of corn. Corn syrup sweetens
thousands of foods. It helps create
the meat we eat. Corns are our biggest item. Steve Fogelsong, who raises cattle,
is mad that feed cost more now, because ethanol is both
mandated and subsidized. If you wanna do the same thing for me
that you’re doing for the ethanol guy, than you have to mandate that
absolutely every man, woman and child… in America has to eat 50 lbs of beef
and then you’re gonna turn around… and give me $2.00 a hundred
weight on the steers. Then we’re at the same place. But the ethanol industry wants more
subsidies while talking about free markets. You should have free
market competition. A free market
means no subsidies. Exactly, but it also means… But you’ve been getting
subsidies for years, stop! It’s… we’re ready to transition
out of the subsidies, but… – Ok, tomorrow?
– Well, it depends. Can you give us a chance
so that americans… can have a choice as to what
they put in their pumps? By choice, he means
government should now pay… to have gas stations intall
these special ethanol pumps. But government didn’t
install gasoline pumps. Entrepreneurs did. If the public wants it,
service stations will do it. Why does the tax payer
have to pay $75,000? Because it’s like anything else,
you gotta get it started. You’re a parasite
feeding off the tax payer. Stand on your own feet. We’re ready to stand
on our own feet. To do that, it needs
a fair playing field. Fair? They want more subsidy when ethanol
already gets 50 billion of your dollars? Increases the cost of food… and, as it turns out, isn’t even better
for the environment than gasoline. Corn ethanol is responsable for
incredible environmental harm. Ben Schreiber works for the
environmental group Friends of the Earth. The green lobby once supported
ethanol, but now they say: The environmental consequences
of corn ethanol are worse… than the environmental
consequences of gasoline. But this makes no sense, it was picked on because of you
environmental groups saying: “Oh, don’t use oil!
Oil is bad!” But now that we studied
ethanol more fully, we realized that it actually has worse
consequences than gasoline. So… oops! We were wrong!
But now, we can’t undo it? We’re fighting to undo it. But government programs
are almost never undone. Boondoggles live forever. You know, I said clash for clunkers
was the dumbest program ever… but it’s a lot smaller than ethanol. So ethanol might be pound for pound
the dumbest program ever. Promisse gone
wrong number 2. Government can increase
home ownership. We want more people
owning their own home. Some politicians even promissed… Our home ownership strategy will not
cost the tax payers one extra cent. It hasn’t worked out
that way. These experts in the
housing bubble point out… not only did our policy cost
tax payers billions, it also… Killed neighborhoods,
it’s ruined people’s lives, it gave people an illusion they could
afford something they couldn’t afford, rich and poor. I’m told greedy bankers
caused the bubble. Government exaggerates
rather than minimizes… the age old impulse to greed. The government made it harder… for bankers who wanted
to do the right thing. Because if a banker stayed with
safe loans, he missed out on profit… he could make selling lots of high risk
loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If he was making good loans he might
only be earning 8% rather than 20%. Maybe he loses
his job as CEO. The most damage was done
through the bundling… of bad loans to
Fannie and Freddie. But some was done by a law that requires
banks to lend to disadvantaged people. Make the goal of affordable housing a goal
that is obtainable for all americans. So Congress told banks:
“Make loans in poor neighbourhoods… or we may not let you
merge with other banks”. Phyllis Salowe-Kaye runs an
advocacy group that uses the law… to demand that banks
make more loans. We said to banks, you have
to make special products… that are affordable to low
and moderate income people, particularly women and minorities. Any bank merging knows they
have to come and talk to us. A bank that wants to merge
has to talk to you? They don’t want us standing
in front of their bank picketing. Whether we stand up dressed
as turkey at thanksgiving… and saying this bank is a turkey… Sounds like you’re running
an extortion racket. Give us money or I will
stop your merger. We say “lend money”. Isn’t that kind of
like extortion? It’s the law. The law gives
us the right to do it. Even worse, government
push morgages that require… down payments
of just 3% or less. This chart shows how those
loans gradually increased. Having everyone own a home
is not the american dream. It’s the dream of the
National Association of Realtors. The National Association of Realtors
wants you to take advantage… of the $8,000 first time
home by your tax credit. So, given all the foreclosures, did the
government stop subsidizing housing? No. Honey, there’s $8,000 in here. We haven’t learned the
simplest lesson, which is: We ought to stop fiddling
with the housing market. No, we haven’t
learned that lesson. Nor have we learned not to fiddle
with the automotive market. And the livestock market,
and college sports, and health care, and fuel,
and stadiums, and credit cards, and all the things that government
promisses to make better. While really making them worse. And that’s the number one
promisse gone wrong. These guys say they’ll
be fiscally responsible. And then we elect them,
and they spend more. They’re spending us
into bankrupcy. There must be 10,000 harmful programs
and yet they keep creating more. Why can’t we cut them? Every one of those 10,000 programs
have a lobbyist in Washington. And each lobbyist will spend
big to preserve his program. They’ve got these TV
commercials with a soft music… and rugged farmers
producing these products… And those lobbyists… They always know when
the bill is up before Congress… and they send political contributions,
they send people to Washington to lobby, but the rest of us don’t do that. Look at the Tea Party,
they say don’t spend so much money. But they don’t have signs out there saying
“stop the clash for clunkers program”, “stop the ethanol program”,
“stop the Title IX subsidy program”… You could do a whole show on
people should be more engaged, people should be better citizens. But the fact is we have lives and
there’s no way that any normal person… can know about the 10,000
programs that make up… the 3.5 trillion dollars
federal budget. And so the programs
keep growing. And we must pay for their costs and
their unintended consequences forever. Unless… there’s a new
wind blowing in America. A new attitude, a new expectation that
maybe Washington should do less. I hear there is.
I sure hope so. That’s our program for tonight.
I’m John Stossel, hoping for a restoration
of freedom. Good night.

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